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Top Gear (US)

Top Gear (US)

History 2010

Hosts Tanner Foust, Adam Ferrara and Rutledge Wood embark on adventures as they test cars in extreme stunts, intense challenges and first-person reviews using their unique perspectives.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Top Gear (US)

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  • Last updated: may 14, 2021



    Why is it showing every recent episode at Season 6 and Season 8?


    I hope their acting gets better. They're obviously missing some chemestry. Is it because of the editing, I don't know. But it really seems as if they're trying to do one punchline after the other.


    This is so much better than the Chris Evans UK Top Gear


    This show gets good, when they dropped the Studio from the last Episode of the first Season onwards.


    Fault 1: Tanner foust is a Racing driver. So unfair in Challenges. They miss the chemistry of the UK top gear. No as funny as UK and bad acting


    With BBC Top Gear waning the US version is so much better, and the 3 presenters have hit it off just right now with season 3 the best yet..can't wait till season 4 and we still 2 episodes left of season three.


    They can't introduce 'The Stig' they lack the closeness that the UK guys have, still good to watch when UK is off season... Glad the scripts for season two are not carbon copies of the UK challenges, at least its not been dropped like Australia, with 5 cast changes in 3 seasons to be dropped on S03E04! Keep it up history channel. Script some stig intro's and show us more POWER!!!!


    Bad acting, Bad chemistry, bad special events except for the near exact copies of TopGear UK events. Why eat this hamburger when you have 16 seasons plus of filet mignon?


    Not as good as the original english version but ok


    well, honestly the only one i enjoy listening to about cars is tanner. i thought rutledge is supposed to be the jeremy clarkson type and i just don't think he filled the role. ferrara is alright, but i agree i'd rather watch carolla over either. then again, it's only 2 episodes deep. season 1 of bbc top gear was pretty bad, too. hopefully they hit their stride and create a show that is theirs rather than following the bbc show to the letter (aka evo X vs skiers == audi rs6 vs skiers on the bbc show).

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