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Fuji TV 2011

Toriko is a hunter of precious foods regularly hired by restaurants and the rich. A man with superior skills to capture the ferocious, evasive and rare animals that complete the ultimate dinner courses. Komatsu, his current accomplice, is a timid chef inspired by Toriko's greatness. Together, Toriko and Komatsu, journey on the quest for the course of their lives.

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    Somebody knows about if series will continue or not? And why?


    Toriko is a nicely animated, extremely naive, scientifically inaccurate, superstitious, poorly written anime. Have fun pointing out the numerous plot mistakes and frustrating character actions. Create a drinking game based around the number of times the writers fell prey to the naturalistic fallacy. Writing simple enough for a child to understand isn't the same as writing something stupid. Your plot can still be realistic or make internal sense and still be simple enough for a child to understand. An anime like Toriko is what is produced when you actually employ children to write for you. The plots consistently fail to make sense. The characters either act without thinking or stand around talking while they should be acting. The ecology of the world of Toriko is an insult to elementary school teachers. The author of the original manga obviously failed to pay attention in class: ignoring the fact that animals over a certain size would collapse under their own weight; their bones simply unable to support a creature of that mass. With so many ferocious animals capable of wiping out large ecosystems, written into the story, how is it possible there are enough calories to support a single one of those ... let alone the minimum of a viable breeding population (~1,000)? Even forgiving these unforgivable facts; Toriko has a serious basic flaw it will never be able to overcome. Toriko glorifies gorging, and in a culture where the hungry homeless are seen as less than human, giving another generation of children justification for violence against the homeless is irresponsible.


    Great OAV !!


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