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Touched by an Angel

Touched by an Angel

CBS 1994

Tess and Monica are two angels sent to earth to help people with their problems. Helping them are Andrew and the new angel, Gloria.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Touched by an Angel

Touched by an Angel - S6E1

#1 - Such a Time as This


Season 6 - Episode 1

In the middle of the African desert, Andrew snaps photographs of Sudanese slaves in the hot sun. Back in the United States, young Thomas Cooper is upset that his mother, Senator Katherine Cooper, has to return to Washington D.C. Monica is horrified to see the pictures that Andrew took, and wonders why the angels aren't in the Sudan. Tess indicates that Thomas is the little child that will lead them there. In Washington, Dr. Joseph Akot, working with Andrew and Monica, approach Kate about the problem of slavery in the Sudan, but Kate, espousing the Sudanese government's position, denies its existence. They persuade her, however, to keep the pictures and reads Dr. Joe's letter, which says that slaves can be bought and sold for fifty American dollars. Thomas is moved by one of the pictures in particular, of a small Sudanese boy, who Thomas names Sam after his older brother who died before Thomas was born. Thomas pleads with his mother to rescue Sam, but tells him that the issue is

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Touched by an Angel - S5E10

#2 - The Peacemaker


Season 5 - Episode 10

As a part of his application to New York University, 17 year-old Mark Tanner videotapes the morning coffee ritual that his parents, Scott and Michelle, began during his recovery from a recent drug addiction. Although all appears well, Andrew warns Tess and Monica not to waste any time with this case. Scott arrives at the police precinct where he is a hostage negotiator to meet his new partner, Monica and invites her to dinner. When Scott is paged by the precinct dinner, Michelle lashes out, blaming Scott for always choosing his work over his family. Later, as Michelle rifles through her "Memory Box," Mark enters. She shows him the wrist watch Scott gave her for their first anniversary but adds that he meant to have it engraved. When Mark asks if they are going to be okay after he goes off to college, she reassures him but her face registers doubt. As she exits, Mark finds divorce papers in the memory box and becomes angry with his mother. Later, while painting a portrait of her

The episode was rated from 15 votes.

Touched by an Angel - S9E1

#3 - A Rock and a Hard Place


Season 9 - Episode 1

In the middle of the wilderness, at the base of a mountain a ways from the road, Monica and Tess discuss the derfect decor for a remote hotel. Meanwhile, in Glendale, Joe Collette arrive at his former home to pick up his 16 year old son Ricky, for a weekend camping trip. Joe's separation from his wife, Sandra, has had a negative effect on the whole family, but mostly Ricky, who acquired a drug problem and then spent sixteen weeks in rehab. The two of them hit the road despite Ricky's enthusiasm. Several hours into the trip. Joe stops the car to stretch his legs and check his map. As he and his son stand outside of their vehicle, a tiny asteroid, smashes through their windshield of their SUV cutting a hole straight through the seat and floor. Andrew shows up, with a tow truck, but even he is surprised by the reason for the breakdown. He offers to take their car to the nearest town, and drop them off at a little hotel that he knows. Tess and Monica check them in and settle them

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Touched by an Angel - S5E7

#4 - I Do


Season 5 - Episode 7

Monica tries to determine God's greatest gift to humans and hypothesizes that it might be marriage, the wedding of two people. Tess reminds her that a marriage is much more than a wedding ceremony. Stephanie and Michael are planning to elope with Michael's younger brother, Eddie, in tow, when Nancy, Michael's mother, finds out and demands that they have a traditional wedding. Stephanie and Michael relents and Monica and Tess note that this family runs like a dictatorship. While Stephanie is trying on dresses at Tess' dress shop, Eddie gives Michael a special gift, their deceased father's favorite tie, reworked as a bowtie so Michael can wear it at the wedding. At the bachelor party, Monica pops out of a cake, and befriends Eddie, who asks her to be his date for the wedding. On the day of the wedding, Stephanie and Nancy receive news that Michael and Eddie have been in a car accident. They rush to the hospital, Stephanie still in her wedding dress, to find Eddie fine, but Michael

The episode was rated from 12 votes.

Touched by an Angel - S9E2

#5 - The Sixteenth Minute


Season 9 - Episode 2

Ed Gold is an under appreciated underwriter for Brewster Financial Services, and he's in a rut. His bills are behind, his paperboy keeps throwing the morning edition into the sprinklers, and he feels like a nobody. To top it all off, his wife, Gwen wants him to ask for a raise. He knows he won't get it, but he's revolved himself to asking. His boss, Mr. Norris, is even less eager to help him, than he is to remember Ed's name. But with a little angelic intervention, in the form of Monica as the PR person, Norris is only too eager to show his willingness to invest in his employees. And as his boss goes off to put in a request with payroll, Ed feels like a new man. To celebrate, heads home to spend his lunch hour with Gwen. Near the side of the road, and deep in the earth, a silver mine is set to collapse. As its support buckle, a dog breaks away from tis owner, chasing the sound off the stressed supports once he's in the mine, his owner Marla has no choice but go in after him, c

The episode was rated from 13 votes.

Touched by an Angel - S3E25

#6 - Full Moon


Season 3 - Episode 25

As Ed Bingham prepares for a ceremony to honor his heroic efforts as a fireman, his wife, Sarah receives a terrifying letter. Carl Atwater, the man who raped her six years ago is eligible for parole. Frightened of Ed's reaction if he found out, Sarah conceals the letter from him. Instead she visits a Crisis Center and meets Tess, the receptionist, and Monica, a counselor. Although Monica fails to draw Sarah out, the distraught mother invites her to attend the parole hearing. There Sarah is crushed when Carl, who apparently found God in prison, is released. Despite a briefing by Andrew, his parole officer, Carl violates the most important condition of his parole by making contact with Sarah. Although he merely seeks her forgiveness, she panics, threatening him with garden clippers. Monica urges her to report Carl, but Sarah refuses. Monica does, however, convince her to confide in her husband. Meanwhile, Andrew witnesses Carl's simmering anger that his ex-wife, Emily will not

The episode was rated from 10 votes.

Touched by an Angel - S5E8

#7 - The Wind Beneath Our Wings


Season 5 - Episode 8

When Andrew arrives in the court of Judge Dorrie Chapin to notify her that she is the governor's first choice to fill a vacant Supreme Court seat, Dorrie and her ever-dependable mother, Emma, are overjoyed. Having met Tess while sitting in the gallery of her daughter's courtroom, Emma invites Tess and Monica over for dinner to celebrate. Later that afternoon, Emma is the subject of show and tell in the classroom of Dorrie's daughter, Jenny, and tells of her days as one of the only female pilots, the Lady Tigerettes, during World War II. When Emma and Jenny get lost on the way home after leaving Jenny's school. it is apparent that Emma is beginning to show the first signs of aging. The angels attempt to tell Dorrie that her mother is simply getting older but Dorrie is unwilling to accept that her steadfest mother is faltering. Dorrie tries to rationalize the situation suggesting that her mother will be fine with the lifestyle changes and vitamins until Emma falls asleep in the cour

The episode was rated from 11 votes.

Touched by an Angel - S3E6

#8 - Secret Service


Season 3 - Episode 6

Marty Dillard, an overachieving Secret Service agent, is at odds with Monica, assigned as an agent to protect a Presidential candidate. While off duty, Marty enjoys fishing and befriends Ulysses Dodd, an older gentlemen who teaches her to enjoy the sport for its own sake rather for sheer competitiveness. Baffled by a series of death threats to Senator Hammond, Marty begrudgingly accepts help from Monica and Andrew, who's posing as a forensics specialist. Working together, they manage to apprehend the would-be assassin and save the senator's life. However, the assailant's wayward bullet strikes Ulysses, whom Marty had invited to the campaign rally. She visits him in the hospital and begins to suspect his diabetes may be more serious than he let on. Hammond, impressed with Marty's savvy, asks her to head up his presidential detail. Yet she doesn't feel like celebrating when she returns to the riverbank and finds that Ulysses is still in the hospital. There Tess, attending nurse,

The episode was rated from 12 votes.

Touched by an Angel - S3E21

#9 - Have You Seen Me?


Season 3 - Episode 21

After observing, with Monica and Andrew, respectively, the Monroe family at a breakfast and two businessmen who work in the same office building, Tess tells her changes their assignment will be difficult because it involves six intertwined human lives. The case kicks into gear when Hank Monroe sees a picture resembling his younger brother, Noah on the back of a milk carton. Perplexed, he looks through family albums but can't find any baby pictures of his brother. Andrew, meanwhile, fails to engage Grant Abbott in conversation but does befriend the talkative Ray. The angel starts to reveal himself, but Ray flees after Andrew's admonition that "the truth will set you free." Tess warns Andrew that time is running out. Visiting Grant at home, he sees that he is contemplating suicide. Monica, posing as a waitress at a 50's diner, counsels a confused Hank to ask his parents about the missing baby photos. But when their stories contradict, the youth realizes something is amiss. Inves

The episode was rated from 11 votes.

Touched by an Angel - S5E12

#10 - Fool For Love


Season 5 - Episode 12

Sara Parker, a successful big city District Attorney, is forced to some to terms with her past when an ex-boyfriend, Jesse, is arrested and she must interrogate him. Rather than face Jesse, who still has some strange kind of hold over her, Sara retreats to a pub for some sanctuary. Monica who is waiting tables at the bar while Tess serves drinks, offers to listen to Sara's story. Sara is reluctant at first, but then proceeds to tell Monica her story of ten years ago. As 17 year-old high schooler, Sara meets Jesse, a handsome troublemaker. Much to her mother's disdain, Sara and Jesse fall in love and, when he suggests they move to California to start a new life, Sara agrees. Sara is worried when she finds a gun in Jesse's glove compartment, but when Jesse says it's for protection she's too blinded by love to disagree. Soon, however, their money runs out, their relationship sours, and to take matters worse Sara learns she is four months pregnant. In order to get some money Jesse

The episode was rated from 10 votes.

Touched by an Angel - S5E1
#11 - Miles to Go Before I Sleep
Season 5 - Episode 1

When Andrew arrives at the hospital to escort an elderly Mr. Richards to heaven, he makes Andrew promise to help someone else in the hospital, someone whose soul is dying. Mr. Richards directs Andrew to the bible he is leaving behind which, he insists, will answer Andrew's questions. Andrew meets up with Monica and Tess who are at the hospital to minister to the patients, but no one knows the whereabouts of Mr. Richards bible. Complicating matters, Rita Lasky, a terminally ill woman with no will to live, claims to have seen the Angel of Death and that it told her to "hurry up and die." Monica tells Rita God would never someone to give up, and that if an angel says something that is not from God, then it's not an angel. Meanwhile, Andrew is caring for John Monroe, a young man with brain cancer, who has faith that he will be miraculously healed. Arthur Bowers, a kind hearted orderly, tells John about Rita's angel-sighting and insists that there is an angel in the hospital. When Ri

The episode was rated from 11 votes.
Touched by an Angel - S2E6
#12 - In the Name of God
Season 2 - Episode 6

Tess returns to the town of a previous assignment and she and Monica help Joanna open an Aids hospice. Joanna is injured in a bomb blast and Tess is brought face to face with a white supremacy group headed by her previous assignment Tim. Tess's anger causes her to be replaced by another angel, Sam. Monica is able to enlist the help of a nosey neighbor Jerry, and the angels do battle with Satan, who's posing as a politician. Tess and Monica reveal themselves to Tim and show him that he was motivated by fears stretching back to childhood. together they drive Satan out of the community.

The episode was rated from 23 votes.
Touched by an Angel - S6E2
#13 - The Compass
Season 6 - Episode 2

In July of 1944, a month after D-Day, a small squad of American soldiers make their way through the deadly battlefields of Normandy, part of the attempt by the Allied forces to re-claim France. Led by Sergeant Walker, the men are weary, and anything but unified. Cynical Private Joe Farady takes bets in how many casualties there will be at the end of each day. Private Eddie Rourke, full of optimism, is constantly at odds with Joe. Privates Nick Dante and Homer Stucky comprise the rest of the squad. Monica, on a Search and Rescue mission, watches over the man unseen. Through a flashback, we learn that the feud between Eddie and Joe began several months earlier, in an Allied canteen. Joe is upset to find Eddie dancing with Stella, a USO hostess whom Joe considers his girl. Stella isn't interested in Joe and tries to let him down easy. Tess, a USO singer, tells Monica that she is assigned to Joe, that she must help him decide to become a hero. Back on the battlefield as the comba

The episode was rated from 10 votes.
Touched by an Angel - S2E16
#14 - Jacob's Ladder
Season 2 - Episode 16

As Monica studies a sleeping man in a run-down apartment, Tess appears and informs her she's in the wrong place, 801 Cedar Street Jacksonville, Florida rather than Jacksonville, Illinois. After using her angelic powers to tidy the apartment, Monica stoops to pick up a bag under the bed when the police burst in. The bag she's holding is full of cocaine, and the police arrest her. During interrogation, her claim that she's an angel makes her a candidate for a mental hospiptal. At her arraignment, Monica alone can see Sam, the angel from special services. He tells her the simple mistake of going to the wrong address has set events in motion that have to play out, but no matter what happens God will never laeve you of forsake her. Monica is assigned a court-appointed attorney, Jake Stone, a Vietnam veteran and hardened cynic. He tries to convince her to plead guilty but mentally ill. She refuses, however, and insists on a competency hearing. In the meantime, Monica is remanded to

The episode was rated from 21 votes.
Touched by an Angel - S2E15
#15 - The Indigo Angel
Season 2 - Episode 15

Club Indigo, once St. Louis' premier blues and jazz club, has fallen hard times. It's owner, Sam, is getting on and his grandson Zach arrives to convince his grandfather to sell the club and move into a nursing home. Sam resists. He's always told Zach that "The Countess" told him "do nothing, til you hear from me" and he's sticking to those words. Zach assumesthat Sam has embriodered the past greatness of the club, and that he's made up stories of all the jazz greats who played there and were friends. Especially that story about "The Countess", the mysterious singer who arrived in the sixties and put the club back on the map. Whether these stories are true or not, it's apparent that Sam should really be in a nursing home, he's losing his memory as well as his well-being. But Sam has always had an open-mike night on Mondays, and despite his grandson's protests, proceeds to hire Monica to M.C. the event. Zach tricks his grandfather into signing a power of attorney agreement so th

The episode was rated from 17 votes.
Touched by an Angel - S3E7
#16 - Groundrush
Season 3 - Episode 7

To Monica, Scott Walden seems like a perfect assignment. the charming owner of a small aviation company, he performs numerous charitable deeds and has been a wonderful surrogate father to his fiancee's pre-teen son. what Monica doesn't know is "Mr. Wonderful" has a secretive past, which comes to light after an employee borrows a plane to make a humanitarian, albeit illegal smuggling mission. FBI agents arrive and apprehend Scott, charging him with an eighteen-year-old murder committed by one William Grunwald. Insisting the man is innocent, Monica defends him to his fiancee, Jocelyn and his lawyer, Andrew. Unsure what tot make of these events, Scott's future stepson, Jeremy is comforted by Tess. Monica decides, though, to take matters into her own hands and uses her angelic powers to Scott escape. Andrew is confounded by her actions, especially since he has discovered Scott Walden is William Grumwald. Despite this knowledge, Monica continues to insist the man is innocent. Tess,

The episode was rated from 11 votes.
Touched by an Angel - S5E9
#17 - Psalm 151
Season 5 - Episode 9

Monica, Tess, and Andrew celebrate Monica's 100th assignment with a cake in a park. In the same park Audrey, a single mother who writes commercial jingles, celebrates her son Petey's birthday. Petey tries to blow out the candles but is racked with coughing, an effect of his disease, Cystic Fibrosis. Monica arrives at Petey and Audrey's home as a prospective border she meets Celine, Petey's best friend who is Celine Dion's number one fan. Celine introduces Monica to Audrey and Monica moves into their home. Petey plays a song for Monica on tape that Audrey began to write when Petey was born but has since been unable to finish. When he collapses on his way home from school, Petey is rushed to the hospital where, upon his release, he and Celine overhear some nurses saying he doesn't have much time left to live. Petey tells his mother, who is having trouble accepting the fate of her little boy, that when he dies, he wants to die at home. Petey, with Monica's help, begins to compile

The episode was rated from 11 votes.
Touched by an Angel - S1E10
#18 - There, But For the Grace of God
Season 1 - Episode 10

Monica is stripped of her angelic powers to help a proud, homeless man named Pete. She also befriends Sophie and Zack a Desert Storm vet. Monica realizes that she has stood judgement on homeless people and after a prayer she washes Pete's feet. Sophis is reunited with her family. Zack trades his Marine corp rine for Pete's wifes ashes and a quarter to call home. With God's help Pete is able to go to colorado to spread his wifes ashes.

The episode was rated from 27 votes.
Touched by an Angel - S1E2
#19 - Show Me the Way Home
Season 1 - Episode 2

Monica is assigned to Earl Rowley, a crusty baseball coach. Bitter because his Vietnam War injury prevented him from pursuing a major league career, he pushes his high school players hard, especially Peter Enloe, the star player whose own father died. Earl is less than thrilled to have a female assistant coach but is told that Monica was the only substitute teacher who had a strong credentials in both history and baseball. Tess, in the meantime, accepts a position working in a sports bar run by Peter's mother, Laura. A few days before a crucial game, Earl appoints the young man team captain and tells him a college scout will be watching the game tp see if Peter is worthy of a baseball scholarship. However, the coach also expects Peter to lead the team with his authoritarian leadership style. Prompted by Monica's history lesson that sometimes a person must stand up to a bully, the teamcaptain takes a stand against Earl, which results ini a fistfight and Peter's suspension from the

The episode was rated from 68 votes.
Touched by an Angel - S2E20
#20 - Portrait of Mrs. Campbell
Season 2 - Episode 20

The women in Naval officer, Neil Campbell's life do not get along. His mother Marian and his pregnant wife April seem to be competing fir his love. After he goes out to sea, Monica enters their life as an artist commissioned to paint a "portrait of Mrs. Campbell". We learn that Marian is desperately in need of a bone marrow transplant and Neil cannot return home from sea. As the situation worsens, April volunteers to donate marrow despite her pregnancy. At this point we come to know the secret that Marian has been hiding for entire life, that she has a mentally challenged son, Tommy, who has been raised in facilities all of his life. Although Marian has always loved and cared for her son, she was encouraged by her parents to give him up as punishment for the sinful behavior that conceived him. As Marian's health worsens, Tommy emerges as the only viable bone marrow donor and, with the help of Andrew, the operation is arranged and is successful. April gives birth to a healthy b

The episode was rated from 17 votes.

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