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Turbulent Skies

Turbulent Skies


A chronicle of KLM Dutch Royal Airlines founder Albert Plesman and pioneering aircraft manufacturer Anthony Fokker's symbiotic but tempestuous bond as they struggle to establish the interwar Netherlands' role in global civil aviation.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Turbulent Skies

Turbulent Skies - S1E1

#1 - The Future


Season 1 - Episode 1

By organizing the First Aviation Exhibition Amsterdam Albert Plesman wants to introduce the Netherlands to civil aviation. Plesman meets airplane manufacturer Anthony Fokker. The men will have to work together, despite their differences.

The episode was rated from 12 votes.

Turbulent Skies - S1E2

#2 - Pioneers


Season 1 - Episode 2

KLM is losing money and Plesman argues with his Board about changing course. Fokker struggles with a huge tax debt and he convinces Plesman to buy new planes from him. It seems like they are on the same side, but can Plesman trust Fokker?

The episode was rated from 10 votes.

Last updated: sep 24, 2021



As a Dutch person, I never actually knew the story behind Fokker and the KLM, so that got me interested combined with the preview I saw. In that preview they mentioned this was one of the highest budget Dutch television series ever made, with lots of actual footage, models and CGI where needed. Without spoiling anything from the storyline itself, I can say that not once I noticed I was watching a CGI enhanced scene. Of course, once you know that CGI is being used you can easily guess the scenes in which it was used, but nonetheless it was extremely well made. The most important part is actually the acting and that's absolutely perfect. [spoiler]The fact they used a younger and older Anthony Fokker and Albert Plesman (and their wives) was the stroke of a genius. Not only that, in one case the older actor adjusted to the younger and in the other case vice versa, either way they were so well cast and even better how it smoothly went from one to the other. It's a miracle that in such a small country (compared to the UK or US) the young and old Anthony Fokker look so much alike and also share the same traits both on and off camera.[/spoiler] [spoiler]The storyline isn't always true to reality, but it doesn't detract from it otherwise. Being a limited series, I can understand that they had to simplify the death of one of Plesman's sons Jan. In the series he simply just died during a flight, while in reality he died in 1944 while fighting in his Spitfire during WWII. I can see that some people will not consider this to be a good thing, but I do see the burden of explaining the whole WWII phase and as it's not about Jan, but rather his father, I get the fact they did want to show his grief upon losing two sons, but not wanting to extend a couple of episodes just for that.[/spoiler] Fun fact: Albert Plesman's son Jan had the nickname De Vliegende Hollander (The Flying Dutchman) which coincidentally is where the name of this tv series came from, though in this case they called it Vliegende Hollanders (plural, Flying Dutchmen), obviously meaning Anthony Fokker and Albert Plesman. Great tv show and although I don't often watch Dutch productions because of bad experiences in the past, this one was well worth it and has shown me that we can deliver production quality comparative to UK or US productions.

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