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A four-part docu-series exploring our fascination with unidentified flying objects, and what clandestine influence the American government, lucrative private companies and the military may have in shielding the truth behind extraterrestrial phenomena to further their own agendas

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The 10 Best Episodes of UFO

UFO - S1E1

#1 - Episode 1


Season 1 - Episode 1

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Last updated: nov 20, 2021



This series is no different from the drek that the History Channel brought us with it's "Ancient Aliens" show. like about 99.9% of all UFO documentaries, it is from the perspective of the True Believer, and absolutely ZERO scientific or skeptical voices are heard. Heck, there aren't even any interviews with people who have actually proven conclusively that many of the stories that this series examines are either fake, exaggerated, mistakenly identified by "self proclaimed" experts, or that a lot of what true believers present as evidence is bullshit. Yeah. Bullshit. I call Bullshit on this series. In the first episode, for example, it studies the 1997 Phoenix lights, which anyone who has ever watched a lot of air combat videos will know by now were mistakenly identified defensive flares, which military jets shoot out behind them to attract heat-seeking missiles. They are bright because they burn very hot, and seem to hover after deployed. Actual reporters looked into this and concluded that the witnesses mistook how close the lights were -- they all thought because of the brightness, that the lights were closer than they were. They were, in fact, over 20 miles away, beyond a mountain range that you can't see, because it was at night. One investigator found the guy who shot the video (of course, we never talk to that guy in this episode) and was taken to the exact spot where the video was taken. In the daylight, you can clearly see the mountain range on the far side of Phoenix, and they actually shot the video from almost exactly the same exact spot (I think they found the tripod marks in the dirt, too). On the daylight video, they traced the lines of the mountain range, then superimposed it over the original night footage. When the lights start disappearing, they disappear just as they pass behind the lines of the mountains, which proves that they were beyond the mountains. The witnesses who claimed that they "saw" a structure behind the lights -- a triangular ship, for example, were doing what humans always do when they see patterns -- they connected the dots, just like ancient astronomers connected stars in the sky to invent constellations. There was nothing behind the lights. Phoenix is home to Luke Air Force Base, and Tucson, 120 miles to the south, is home to Davis Monthan AFB. With 2 close air force bases, ranges where they train fighter pilots, people get to see a lot more of this stuff there than other parts of the country. Then they start showing the fuzzy video that shows "triangular UFOs", with their red and green strobes exactly where one would expect them on an airplane. Ever notice that about 99.9% of aircraft light form a triangle, with green and red strobes? Yeah -- when i see that pattern, I cross UFO off of my list of what it is. Episode 2 examines the Roswell incident. What never gets mentioned is that the farmer who started the flying saucer and aliens part of that story, never said a thing until the 1960s -- the time when space aliens and a flying saucer craze was sweeping the nation, some 20 years after it happened. Sure -- make up a story about government agents threatening you, and that explains your silence for the last 20 years. But let's not forget how many times the same people CHANGED THE STORY. Every 5 or 6 years, the Roswell family whose farm had something crash on it invents new never-before heard details about it. They also cashed in on it -- charging people to be given a tour of the place. These kinds of "true believer" documentaries NEVER mention that. I suppose later on in the series, we'll get the Betty and Barney Hill story -- which will completely omit the fact that the psychologist who broke the story in his book didn't believe them, and that Betty Hill ended up as a kook, charging people money to be taken on tours of the place where it allegedly happened, and telling people that she often has communications with the aliens when visiting the sight. She would point up at passing airplane's lights in the sky, and go "There's one! Look there's an alien!" I am willing to bet that none of that will make it into this series, because it's just trash, cashing in on the same morons who make up the UFO nut community.


I can only repeat what I said on multiple similar shows before: I am a firm believer that there are other intelligent cultures somewhere in the universe but I don't think even one has ever been here. This is just another docu where people claim to have evidence that is ultimately circumstancial and inconclusive. Most of the time they say it's unexplainable (to which I can agree) and therefore it has to be from outer space (to which I don't agree). Now, I am not ruling out the possibility but for me there isn't hard, undeniable proof. Plus the style, like almost every documentary I've seen on this topic, is leaning very much towards over dramatizing, conducting interviews in abandoned warehouses f.e., which ultimately is another thing that makes me doubt many things. Maybe one day we'll have proof one way or the other. And I for one are very much looking forward for that happen. That there'll be a day where there is no shred of doubt left. And I would accept it even if we could proof nothing of it was from another world. But we are not there yet.


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