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Ultimate Beastmaster

Ultimate Beastmaster

Netflix 2017

In this intense obstacle course series, elite athletes from the U.S. and other countries compete for cash prizes, individual glory and national pride.

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    Great show overall, very entertaining, but they should change the obstacles throughout the season, sometimes it get a little boring like: "oh, this thing again...". And just one other thing: [spoiler]VAI BRASIL!!!!!!!![/spoiler]


    There was no way I wasn't going to watch this. I loved WipeOut and Takeshis Castle and all the similar shows. And I got exactly what I wanted. It's fun and entertaining. Plus I really love the concept with the hosts from 6 different nations altough I have to say the german ones are really bad. Think I'll just continue with the american version. EDIT: After finishing the entire show I have to point out some flaws that just keep the show from beingas entertaining as other similar shows. Stuff like the fake cheering when there is obviously now crowd at all, the commentary and candidate interviews seemed kinda scripted instead of honest and genuine, the course kept on changing small stuff in between episodes which seems really unfair. And the course was really favoring rock climbers.


    fun to watch but not spectacular, sometimes it felt fake like Hwlr pointed out


    It used to be a great show. However, after watching the first episode of season 2, I have to admit that I lost my interest. This has primarily to do with the flaws that were there in season 1 being justifiable because of it being just that, the first season. However, as season 2 is here, a lot of these flaws remain, like the already overly named "fake cheering". But on top of that comes the changing of countries and commentators, and while Charissa Thompson and Terry Crews had clear chemistry that made the comments a joy to hear, Chris Distefano and Tiki Barber are rather... well... they are there, but don't truly add anything. Also, the Italian commentator Bianca Balti is so emotionless that it is plain annoying; she could take an example of the Chinese Qinyi Du. As for the countries, I actually wonder why they don't change the countries every episode, as it would make the finals far more interesting to watch, as it would have actually to do with the countries, and the one winning would actually be the ultimate beastmaster. Now the one winning season 2 will be ultimate beastmaster of the USA, India, China, France, Italy and Spain, while the one of season 1 is the one of the USA, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, South Korea, and Japan; They are not true ultimate beastmasters, only of a few countries... Regardless, if you don't mind the faking, are able to look beyond the countries, and think the commentating doesn't have to be good, than it is worth the watch, but if you are like me, you will probably have an aching feeling of annoyance... It's too bad, as the idea is great, but the execution just really lacks...


    Great series, i've just got the final to watch which i will do later. Would have been better if they released it one or two episodes per week as i doubt anyone could watch all of the episodes in 1 sitting, most i have managed is 3 episodes as it gets too repetitive.


    This show is fun. The commentators are hilarious.

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