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Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight

TV Tokyo 2008

Yuki Cross, along with her best friend Zero, attempts to keep the peace between humans and vampires at Cross Academy, but personal issues soon threaten the situation.

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    **MY THOUGHTS ON VAMPIRE KNIGHT:** _**-WARNING: Spoilers Below-**_ How can one show have such potential but be so bad? Back when I was around 11 my friend would binge watch this daily and would recommend it to me because I had an obsession with all things Vampire related. For some reason younger me just couldn't get into the show whenever we watched it together and I never bothered to try and properly get into it. 10 years pass and I try and revisit it... I wish I didn't. Vampire Knight could have been so good but instead they went with the weird obsession trope that animes tend to do and it completely ruins the anime. The only likeable character was Zero and even he was one of the most poorly written characters in any anime that I have seen. There was nothing remotely interesting about the characters and I was never interested enough in them to actually want to sit back and focus that little bit more. The story is boring and predictable. There is nothing out of the ordinary with the Anime and if you're looking for something that's going to offer something fresh and new to the Vampire genre then this is 100% not it. In fact it takes everything that is bad about the Vampire genre and just covers it in Animation. The irritating obsession that Yuki has over Kaname is one of the worst things I have seen, I have no idea why Animes think its cute for a guy or girl to be obsessed over their love interest but I really wish they didn't. Overall I really don't want to write anymore about this boring Anime. There is nothing worth mentioning about it anymore and if you have any sense avoid it. The only **SOMEWHAT** good thing about it is the action can be good and the Vampires are designed well. I will never see the appeal to this. **Overall rating: 3/10**


    Saw this on Netflix while I was browsing for something vampire related as I'm currently reading a book series about vampires by Bella Forrest...so I figured, I was in the mood to watch them too! It's a cute anime that I'm so far enjoying. Some scenes are hilariously and so far out there, while others are pretty darn good. Give this show a chance if you enjoy the mix of anime & vampires.


    Lol your comment just made me not watch this


    The show is interesting but I hate the way Yuki was always obsessing over Kaname & how he was so possessive of her. It really annoyed me. Manga is better but I still don't like Kaname.

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