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Wet Hot American Summer

Wet Hot American Summer

Netflix 2015

Season 1 tells the story of the first day of Camp Firewood's famous summer season, now fourteen years after the film's debut.Season 2 - A decade after their wild summer as junior counselors, the gang reunites for a weekend of bonding, hanky-panky and hair-raising adventures.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Wet Hot American Summer

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    basically as insane and ridiculous as the film, in the best way!


    This show will make you roll your eyes more than laugh. But on the occasion it does make you laugh, it is well worth it. The laughs are scarce but great, don't pass this show up.


    I must say that the show is more funnier than the movie but don't watch the show without watching the movie first. Seriously. Also, PAUL RUDD AND CHRISTOPHER MELONI NEVER AGES GOSHHHHH


    You know, I was planning on letting this one go... just willingly forget all about it but it's been bothering me since I finished _TEN YEARS LATER_ and I've been talking to some people about it so here I am. I guess I'll start by saying that I actually enjoyed the movie and _FIRST DAY OF CAMP_ so this isn't a case of me just simply not appreciating nor getting the humour in this. In fact, I enjoyed the absurdity of both those instalments and in a way they've blended somewhat together in my mind. _TEN YEARS LATER_ however, is exactly the opposite and as much as I try to enjoy it and find it fun I couldn't, it just isn't truly there. So what exactly is my problem with _TEN YEARS LATER_? Well, mainly that it isn't as clever as it think it is. Someone recently told me that if I didn't enjoy it is because I "probably didn't get that they're making fun of and deconstructing the clichés we constantly see in TV and movies; it is mocking the American way of writing shows/movies." And let me tell you, NO. I get it, this is a show that believes it is doing something really clever and different; that it is so subversive it is deconstructing everything: "lmao, look at us! we're so self-aware! this whole thing it's a big joke!" as if that was an excuse for poor writing. This is supposedly a comedy but it is so ridiculous and trying too hard to be ridiculous and absurd that it stops being a comedy; it is just something that's there and exists. The characters are mostly wasted, they're nothing but little pathetic shadows of what they were. There are too many storylines and a lot of them just exist to justify why certain actors are there and barely a couple of them are interesting and/or fun to see. But who cares, I'm so self-aware, I'm just mocking everything else! Right? I'm not trying to figure out everything or make sense of this because I get that it is supposedly satire and that it is supposed to be absurd, but I just can't see it. Someone else told me that "this wasn't brainless entertainment" but really it is, the difference is that it is dressed as something clever when it really isn't. That same person said that the point of this series is that there isn't one, it's just supposed to be absurd. But still, I can't find any justifiable reason why this exists. I don't know, I guess you do have a couple of laughs with this show but ultimately I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, let alone revisit it, ever.


    An absurdly great series with an all-star comedy cast. SEE ALSO: Comedy Bang Bang, Portlandia, They Came Together, Childrens Hospital


    Not nearly enough Chris Pine.


    This is definitely not funnier than the movie. This is kind of painful to even make it through season 1. Eye rolls way more than laughs for sure


    Season 2 is somehow even more insane and hilarious


    this show is sooooo stupid, why am i in love with it?! XD


    i think i really needed to see the film. i didn't got into the show spirit, not a single laugh in 2 episodes ...

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