The Best New Documentaries On Netflix

nov 23, 2020

Because I’m watching so many imaginary scenarios, it’s nice to take a look at things that actually happened every once in a while. The drama from documentaries really feels a lot different than those from series you just know didn’t happen. I love being aware of everything that is or has been going on and Netflix is really great at helping us with that.

Lenox Hill

Lenox Hill gave us a look into one of the Manhattan’s hospitals and brought four real life doctors into the spotlight. If you have a problem with blood or something similar, be prepared to look away for a few minutes of every episode. This documentary is really amazing and so powerful to see. The emotions you’ll feel after watching are everything, from bliss to sorrow. If you’re into doctor series, you’ll definitely like this even more.

Unsolved Mysteries

I have to say, even though the title is unsolved mysteries, some of the mysteries I’ve seen look pretty solvable to me. Either way, I really enjoyed playing a little bit of a detective and trying to figure out what happened in each of the episodes. It just goes to show that sometimes the missing evidence or proof is enough to not be able to close the case properly. There will be more seasons and people can apply for their own stories to be filmed via Netflix’s webpage.

The Last Dance

Whether you like sports or not, everyone is amazed by Michael Jordan. You don’t need to be a fan of basketball to watch this documentary. Taking a look at this extraordinary human and his mindset is really appealing. Hearing what other people, who know him, have to say about him is very intriguing as well. The path to greatness is almost never easy and this way we can see exactly what it looks like for this one man.

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