The best shows with a culturally diverse cast

jul 06, 2020

Isn’t it great when your favorite TV show has characters from all over the world? A lovely Spanish or a funny Indian accent can always make a show interesting but cultural presentation is what brings awe to the viewers life. I am presenting you with the three best TV shows that will add colors to your to-watch list!

The Neighborhood

It starts with when Dave Johnson, a male white, moves to a black neighborhood with his family and reminded that racism is real. Ironically its him facing the white prejudice in an effort to get closer with his neighbor Calvin Butler. The show comes with light humor as the two families evolve together. Small details of black household culture become visible as the series continue. The age gap doesn’t seem to matter as Grover, an elementary school student bonds with his neighbors Marty and Malcolm. Same goes with the female protagonists Gemma and Tina.

Four Weddings and Funeral

Based on a novel with the same name, the story describes how an American girl falls in love with a Pakistani-British man while visiting her best friend in London. The cast portrays a pretty diverse group including white, black, and brown people of different origins. The cultural mix is well-highlighted as the show presents British, Pakistani, and American ethnicities of the characters. The tension caused by Maya and Kash’s romantic encounter breaks the friends and then brings them closer. Get ready to hop on an emotional roller coaster!

The Big Bang Theory

An iconic sitcom and also my all time favorite TV show is a barrel of laughs. I dare you to watch one episode and not laugh all the way through it. Although majorly focused on American characters, one of the lead character and the cast, Raj, hails from India. The influence of parents and the culture of typical Indian family is quite dominant in his life. The show also brings some guest characters as part of Raj’s life or not to forget Sheldon’s another best friend of Vietnamese origin. The show ended with twelve seasons last year leaving its fans in tears but can still be enjoyed as much as when it was first aired.

Enjoy these shows and let me know about your favorite scenes!


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