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In Plain Sight

In Plain Sight

USA Network 2008

In Plain Sight revolves around Mary Shannon, a Deputy United States Marshal attached to the Albuquerque, NM, office of the Federal Witness Security Program, more commonly known as the Federal Witness Protection Program. Shannon must find ways to balance her professional life of protecting witnesses, her professional relationship with her partner, Marshall Mann, and her problematic personal life.

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Die 10 Beste Folgen von In Plain Sight

In Plain Sight - S4E13

#1 - Something Borrowed, Something Blew Up


Staffel 4 - Folge 13

Mary must protect her least favorite witnesses on the day of her sister's wedding.

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In Plain Sight - S5E8

#2 - All's Well That Ends


Staffel 5 - Folge 8

Series Finale: Drastic changes take place at the Albuquerque WITSEC office. Mary finds herself caught between a witness and an unexpected family reunion.

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In Plain Sight - S4E5

#3 - Second Crime Around


Staffel 4 - Folge 5

Mary works with an unapologetic con artist.

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In Plain Sight - S2E4

#4 - Rubble with a Cause


Staffel 2 - Folge 4

A building collapses on one of Mary's witnesses, leaving him exposed to outside threats, so Mary has to risk her life in order to keep her witness safe.

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In Plain Sight - S5E7

#5 - Sacrificial Lam


Staffel 5 - Folge 7

Having slipped through the fingers of the FBI, James Shannon is on the run again and heading for the border, but first he must stop to take care of a little unfinished business. Agent O'Connor, convinced that she was somehow involved in James' escape, places Mary under investigation, but when he refuses to listen to her suggestions about the possible whereabouts of her father.

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In Plain Sight - S4E1
#6 - The Art of the Steal
Staffel 4 - Folge 1

Mary uses a thief to catch a thief when she asks a witness to consult on a crime in order to exonerate Brandi of grand theft auto.

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In Plain Sight - S5E6
#7 - The Medal of Mary
Staffel 5 - Folge 6

Mary is still reeling from the flood of emotions stirred-up after having to arrest her father, James, when he unexpectedly shows up on her doorstep after being AWOL for 30 years. Bad goes to worse when Special Agent Robert O'Connor, Mary's "favorite" FBI agent, demands her assistance to get James to provide critical information regarding his old partner-in-crime, Cormack “Sully” Sullivan, one of the FBI's 10 Most Wanted.

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In Plain Sight - S2E7
#8 - Duplicate Bridge
Staffel 2 - Folge 7

An engineer blamed for a bridge collapse enters the program after being targeted by angry family members of the victims who died in the tragedy.

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In Plain Sight - S4E6
#9 - Something's A-mish
Staffel 4 - Folge 6

An Amish witness comes into the program and must learn to adapt.

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In Plain Sight - S5E3
#10 - Reservations, I've Got a Few
Staffel 5 - Folge 3

When Marshall's witness escapes from the WITSEC offices and disappears on an Indian Reservation, Mary and Marshall will need the help of a Native American detective to track him down.

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They have it listed wrong....the UK show comes on instead and repeats the same show over and over


The UK show comes up every time I go to watch this...


I can't believe I'm not gonna see Mary again!


Such a chick show... It was hard for me to sit through a couple episodes and deleted the rest.

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