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Normal People

Normal People

BBC Three 2020

Marianne and Connell weave in and out of each other’s lives in this exploration of sex, power and the desire to love and be loved. Adaptation of Sally Rooney’s best-selling novel.

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Die 10 Beste Folgen von Normal People

Normal People - S1E5

#1 - Episode 5


Staffel 1 - Folge 5

Connell and Marianne start socializing as friends in Dublin. She introduces Connell to her group and one of her friends, Teresa is interested in him. Marianne is still dating Gareth. but her interest in the relationship is starting to fade. Marianne eventually finishes things with Gareth and makes a drunken pass at Connell.

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Normal People - S1E10

#2 - Episode 10


Staffel 1 - Folge 10

Connell and Helen are out celebrating New Year’s Eve in Dublin. Late that night, Connell receives a group text questioning the whereabouts of Rob. The next morning news comes through that Rob has died. Connell struggles with the emotional fallout of Rob’s death. After the funeral he is distant with Helen only showing signs of responsiveness when reunited with Marianne. His mental health deteriorates when he returns to college, struggling to drag himself to lectures and he ends his relationship with Helen. Eventually, at Niall’s suggestion he begins counseling. Marianne is still in Sweden and attempts to reassure him over Skype. Through the counseling and Marianne’s friendship Connell begins to see a way forward.

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Normal People - S1E12

#3 - Episode 12


Staffel 1 - Folge 12

Marianne and Connell are back in Dublin and together as a couple. Life is calm and they are at ease with each other. Then Connell receives news that he has been offered a place to study in New York. Neither of them know how to process the news and so they decide to let it sit. Life goes on. Marianne stays with Connell and Lorraine for the Christmas holidays, and is embraced by their extended family. During New Year’s celebrations, Marianne and Connell kiss in front of their old schoolmates. Back in Dublin, Marianne’s mother has asked her to take out the last of her things from the flat that she lived in at the start of college. Alone in the house together, they discuss the offer from the New York university once more.

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Normal People - S1E8

#4 - Episode 8


Staffel 1 - Folge 8

It’s the summer holidays and Connell and Niall arrive at Marianne’s family house in Italy. The obvious chemistry between Connell and Marianne causes friction with Jamie, despite Connell’s evident happiness with his girlfriend Helen, who he clearly misses. Peggy cooks the group a lavish meal but tensions run high. During dinner, Jamie drinks too much and picks a fight with Marianne. Connell breaks it up and attempts to soothe Marianne. Marianne stays in Connell’s room that night to get away from Jamie. They talk and almost kiss, but Marianne puts a stop to it before it goes any further.

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Normal People - S1E11

#5 - Episode 11


Staffel 1 - Folge 11

Marianne has returned to Carricklea for the summer. She and Connell spend their weekends together, even though he is still living in Dublin. After a night out together, they start to discuss their friendship and inevitably their attraction. When they end up in bed together, Marianne makes a request of Connell that upsets him. He refuses, and she leaves, ashamed. At home, Marianne is provoked by Alan. She tries to get away from him, but he tries to force open the door and it hits Marianne in the face. She calls Connell, who immediately drives over to pick her up. He threatens Alan and promises Marianne that he’ll never let anyone hurt her again.

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Normal People - S1E3
#6 - Episode 3
Staffel 1 - Folge 3

The night of the Debs is approaching and the girls at school have organised a fundraising event. Marianne has been asked to help and is out of her comfort zone. At the club, one of Connell’s friends Karen does her best to show Marianne some kindness but Rachel behaves coldly towards her. The evening turns sour, when one of the boys’ older friends gropes Marianne. She leaves the club, upset by the incident and Connell offers her a lift home. Marianne stays over at Connell’s house and bumps into Lorraine as she leaves the next day. Connell becomes anxious when his friends tease him about Marianne, suspecting they’ve guessed about their relationship. Fuelled by anxiety, Connell makes an unexpected decision that hurts Marianne and causes a rift between him and his mother, Lorraine. Marianne withdraws from school, causing Connell intense guilt.

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Normal People - S1E7
#7 - Episode 7
Staffel 1 - Folge 7

Connell bumps into Marianne back in Sligo. It’s the first time they have seen each other since they broke up. Connell asks Marianne how she is and tells her he has heard that she’s now seeing Jamie. Despite the awkwardness between them, Connell offers to attend Marianne’s father’s anniversary mass the next day and they agree to stay friends. Back in Dublin the two study hard for the Trinity Scholarship exams. On a night out after the scholarship results are announced Connell is mugged and turns to Marianne for help. On arriving at Marianne’s house, he sees that he has interrupted a get together, which includes Jamie. The party breaks up, as the rest of group go out. Connell and Marianne are left alone. He reveals that he’s seeing someone new and Marianne bursts into tears. They discuss the misunderstanding of their breakup, but it’s too late now.

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Normal People - S1E6
#8 - Episode 6
Staffel 1 - Folge 6

Connell and Marianne are back together. Connell has gained confidence in college; giving presentations in class and getting good grades but is reluctant to show Marianne affection in front of her friends. Will the two be able to admit that they are together? Things take a negative turn when Marianne goes home and argues with her brother Alan and Connell loses the part-time restaurant job that funds his life in Dublin. Connell is torn when Marianne returns to Dublin distant and distracted, and finds himself once again, unable to share his worries…

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Normal People - S1E4
#9 - Episode 4
Staffel 1 - Folge 4

Months later, school has finished and Connell arrives at Trinity College, Dublin. He has found a room in a house-share and meets his new housemate Niall. Despite his efforts, he feels out of place and struggles to articulate himself when surrounded by his eloquent and wealthy peers. Connell reluctantly accepts a party invite from new classmate Gareth. Feeling intimidated by the fashionable crowd in attendance, Gareth offers to introduce him to someone else he knows from Sligo and so he comes face-to-face with an unexpected guest.

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Normal People - S1E2
#10 - Episode 2
Staffel 1 - Folge 2

Connell and Marianne’s relationship continues in secret and they sleep together for the first time. At school, Connell makes excuses for why he didn’t see his friends at the weekend and evades questions on his mother’s job at Marianne’s house. A girl in his friendship group, Rachel, gets impatient with Connell’s lack of interest and tensions build for Connell. Meanwhile, Marianne must find a way to explain her unplanned absences to her prying brother Alan.

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Why tell stuff, when you can just show it? The most intimate, best-written and memorable moments of this masterpiece hardly use any words. The story presents itself with its characters, the brillant acting and just the ability to resonate with the viewer. So many moments are just real, they don't feel real, they are real because everyone of us has felt the same many many times in their lives. It's not just being able to see yourself in one or some of the characters, it's also the moments where you feel completely alienated by their actions, just as how sometimes everyone feels detached from themselves. Sometimes it's as if you look into a mirror that is steadily moving away from you - seeing yourself out of reach of yourself, but somehow it's still you. This show hurts in the right places and still is enjoyable. It shows you that everyone is surrounded by people that love them, that are affectionate. It shows you that when you're down and alone, you're in fact not alone in your feeling at least - albeit you might be lonely physically, loads of people feel the same way, all the time. It's awesome that they don't show the protagonists as perfect human beings, instead just as human beings - with their mistakes, intricacies, quirks, imperfections - frankly, just all the stuff that makes them, and us, human and relatable. This show is fuckign brillant. And I hate the fact that I can't watch it again for the first time. This show has made me miss the feeling of first being in love with someone. This show has made me miss the happy life when I lived every day carelessly in school with my friends, while also making me realise and acknowledge that life is fucking awesome and that I'm surrounded by amazing people. This show is definitely tailored to young adults that are doing their studies like me, but still. I think everyone might not regret giving it a fair chance. Really. I love it so much.


Unpopular opinion. I thought, from the hype of Twitter, the show would be great. I don’t want to shit on everyone’s parade but _Normal People_ is utterly boring. Predictable story about two of the most boring people on earth thinking their relationship is so scandalous when it really isn't. Their problems would be solved if either of the main characters could hold an adult conversation instead of assuming the worst about every situation. _Normal People_ is very repetitive - literally just the same concept in each episode - Connell and Marianne are with new people, then broke up with those people and hooked up, got into fighting …. repeat. Cut 12 half-hour episodes into a 2-hour movie and you won’t miss absolutely anything from the plot.


Heartfelt, warm, realistic and possibly very true to life if it were captured in just 12 episodes… an unexpected, but excellently executed piece of televisual drama.


Excellent characters, so honestly portrayed for most of this 12 part series. There were some character and plot developments that I didn’t like, and I think it is because I felt for these characters so much rather than a criticism. On reflection of this I think thats amazing writing! I’ve read some comments that the story was boring and didn’t go anywhere, this is a love story set around school kids and into graduating university. Its about life, mundanity and the cringe-worthiness and beauty therein.


Far from perfect, but the ending, fuck...


The characters are interesting but the story doesn't go anywhere interesting with them, it keeps going around and around in the same circle. I suppose the show is aimed at the hopeless romantics who don't need a decent narrative, just two people who are drawn towards one another and then the universe conspires to break them apart. I didn't dislike it but I wish the writing was better.

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