13 Reasons Why

10 Best Episodes of 13 Reasons Why

After a teenage girl's perplexing suicide, a classmate receives a series of tapes that unravel the mystery of her tragic choice.

Written by Sophie and last updated on jan 26, 2023.

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13 Reasons Why - S1E5

#15 - Tape 3, Side A (Season 1 - Episode 5)

Hannah and Clay connect at the school dance, but a crass rumor ruins the mood. Clay takes Courtney to visit Hannah's grave.

The episode was rated 7.73 from 3610 votes.

13 Reasons Why - S1E4

#14 - Tape 2, Side B (Season 1 - Episode 4)


Hannah thinks someone is stalking her and sets a trap. Hannah's mother confronts the principal, and Clay strikes back at someone who wronged Hannah.

The episode was rated 7.74 from 3684 votes.

13 Reasons Why - S1E1

#13 - Tape 1, Side A (Season 1 - Episode 1)

As the school mourns the death of Hannah Baker, her friend Clay receives a box of tapes with messages she recorded before she committed suicide.

The episode was rated 7.75 from 4781 votes.

13 Reasons Why - S2E10

#12 - Smile, Bitches (Season 2 - Episode 10)


Tony opens up about his past. Sheri devises a plan to get into the clubhouse. Mr. Porter tries to help Justin. Zach and Bryce butt heads.

The episode was rated 7.75 from 1197 votes.

13 Reasons Why - S1E8

#11 - Tape 4, Side B (Season 1 - Episode 8)

Inspired by a friend's poetry reading, Hannah pours her heart out. Tony confides in Clay about the night of Hannah's death.

The episode was rated 7.82 from 3509 votes.

13 Reasons Why - S2E9

#10 - The Missing Page (Season 2 - Episode 9)


Tyler goes out with Cyrus's sister. Chloe confronts Bryce about the tapes. Jess wonders if she's ready to date again. Mr. Porter wrestles with regret.

The episode was rated 7.84 from 1228 votes.

13 Reasons Why - S1E7

#9 - Tape 4, Side A (Season 1 - Episode 7)

Another student sabotages Hannah during a class project. Clay's nightmares about Hannah spill over into the daytime.

The episode was rated 7.85 from 3486 votes.

13 Reasons Why - S3E12

#8 - And Then the Hurricane Hit (Season 3 - Episode 12)


The pressure of Clay’s arrest leads his friends to make risky decisions, and the full story of the brawl that erupted at homecoming emerges.

The episode was rated 7.88 from 601 votes.

13 Reasons Why - S2E12

#7 - The Box of Polaroids (Season 2 - Episode 12)

Threats against Clay and the others escalate. Tyler faces disciplinary action. Justin testifies about Bryce, putting his own future at risk.

The episode was rated 7.94 from 1214 votes.

13 Reasons Why - S2E11

#6 - Bryce and Chloe (Season 2 - Episode 11)


Chaos erupts at school in the aftermath of Bryce's testimony. Jessica tells Chloe about the clubhouse. Alex's memories come rushing back.

The episode was rated 7.96 from 1242 votes.

13 Reasons Why - S1E9

#5 - Tape 5, Side A (Season 1 - Episode 9)

Hannah witnesses a traumatic event at a summertime party. Clay tries to reason with Justin, and Marcus warns him that the worst is yet to come.

The episode was rated 7.96 from 3410 votes.

13 Reasons Why - S1E10

#4 - Tape 5, Side B (Season 1 - Episode 10)


A distraught Hannah gets a ride home from the party. Jessica's behavior grows increasingly erratic, and Clay learns the truth behind a tragedy.

The episode was rated 8.00 from 3398 votes.

13 Reasons Why - S1E12

#3 - Tape 6, Side B (Season 1 - Episode 12)

Hannah winds up at a party after an argument with her parents. The students are served with subpoenas, and Justin wrestles with conflicting loyalties.

The episode was rated 8.18 from 3419 votes.

13 Reasons Why - S1E11

#2 - Tape 6, Side A (Season 1 - Episode 11)


Clay and Hannah grow closer. While Clay spends a heartbreaking night listening to his tape with Tony, tensions boil over at Bryce's house.

The episode was rated 8.18 from 3574 votes.

13 Reasons Why - S1E13

#1 - Tape 7, Side A (Season 1 - Episode 13)

Hannah seeks help from Mr. Porter, the school counselor. Clay plays the new tape for Tony and weighs what to do next.

The episode was rated 8.39 from 3662 votes.

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