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Explore the high-pressure experiences of police officers, paramedics and firefighters who are thrust into the most frightening, shocking and heart-stopping situations. These emergency responders must try to balance saving those who are at their most vulnerable with solving the problems in their own lives.

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The 10 Worst Episodes of 9-1-1

9-1-1 - S5E9

#1 - Past is Prologue


Season 5 - Episode 9

Bobby and the 118 race to the rescue when an abandoned oil well erupts and causes a massive sinkhole in downtown LA. Athena investigates a 30-year-old cold case involving a casino robbery. Buck fears his relationship with Taylor might be ending, and Hen meets a man from her mother, Toni's, past.

The episode was rated from 181 votes.

9-1-1 - S3E12

#2 - Fools


Season 3 - Episode 12

The 118 responds to a viral stunt gone haywire, a disaster at a couple’s fishing trip and an epic first date fail. Meanwhile, Athena investigates a woman who doesn’t remember being shot in the head and Eddie is forced to have a difficult conversation with Christopher.

The episode was rated from 799 votes.

9-1-1 - S3E11

#3 - Seize the day


Season 3 - Episode 11

The 118 responds to a skydiving trip gone wrong, a bank rep injured in a home repossession and a lovestruck assistant whose lunch run ends in disaster. Meanwhile, Athena and the family come to terms with Michael’s difficult health decision and Chimney’s half-brother from Korea unexpectedly shows up at his doorstep.

The episode was rated from 811 votes.

9-1-1 - S5E5

#4 - Peer Pressure


Season 5 - Episode 5

A man over-exerts himself exercising; a groundskeeper is cut by his chainsaw. An explosion occurs at a retirement community. May gets an emergency call from a suicidal teen.

The episode was rated from 391 votes.

9-1-1 - S4E7

#5 - There Goes the Neighborhood


Season 4 - Episode 7

The 118 rush to save a man pinned under a Humvee, and a garage band that rocks out too hard. Enlisting Bobby and Athena's help, Michael installs a new "rear window," and turns into an amateur detective after noticing strange behavior at a nearby apartment. Meanwhile, Hen's mother unexpectedly arrives and announces she is moving to LA, and Buck's re-entry into the dating pool ends in disaster.

The episode was rated from 571 votes.

9-1-1 - S3E4
#6 - Triggers
Season 3 - Episode 4

The team races to save workers in a high-rise during a fire drill, car accident victims, and siblings fighting over a family heirloom. Buck gives Bobby surprising news. Eddie helps Christopher deal with the trauma caused by the tsunami.

The episode was rated from 961 votes.
9-1-1 - S1E1
#7 - Pilot
Season 1 - Episode 1

It takes a team of people to help answer the famous question, "911, what's your emergency?" Detective Athena Grant works as a member of the police force, handling cases that require her sharp mind and expertise, while also trying to juggle her own family drama. Bobby Nash and his team of firefighters help execute the daring rescues that often come along with these life-threatening situations. Meanwhile, Abby Clark spends her days taking and fielding emergency calls at the 911 call center, but constantly desires to know what happens after she sends help.

The episode was rated from 2233 votes.
9-1-1 - S2E7
#8 - Haunted
Season 2 - Episode 7

Halloween finds the first responders racing to the rescue at a cemetery, a haunted hayride and a spooky Hollywood parade; Meanwhile Maddie thinks she has received a "ghost" call from a missing hiker; Hen finds herself facing with a life or death situation with the father who abandoned her; Eddie reconnects with his estranged wife.

The episode was rated from 1128 votes.
9-1-1 - S4E12
#9 - Treasure Hunt
Season 4 - Episode 12

When a famous mystery writer dies, Athena, Bobby and the 118 respond to the chaos caused by a city-wide manhunt for buried treasure the author left behind.

The episode was rated from 516 votes.
9-1-1 - S3E9
#10 - Fallout
Season 3 - Episode 9

The 118 responds to debris from a meteor shower crashing into an apartment building and a deadly fire caused by a hazardous waste truck crash inside a tunnel. Meanwhile, Hen struggles with guilt over her ambulance accident, Bobby introduces Eddie to an old friend to help with his anger and Maddie receives an urgent call for help.

The episode was rated from 878 votes.

Last updated: dec 02, 2021



I honestly thought this was going to fail, but it is entertaining as hell. The balance between Drama and Action is just about perfect. Keeping the cast small works really well. Not to mention it has some of the most insane emergencies every week. Oh, and Angela Bassett as a badass cop is just pure gold.


I did not think I would be into this show like I am. I watched the first 2 episodes together, The 2nd is super thrilling! I hardly ever watch a weekly show each week, I prefer to watch them all at once. This show is just too good to wait till there all finished. Great cast, Angela Bassett & Peter Krause are just Superb! The whole cast fits well together. Peter Krause plays a fire chef with a haunting past. We see calls from the LA Fire dept., along with the paramedics. Angela Bassett is LAPD with a new found gay husband (Rockmond Dunbar - Prisión Break) who is trying to keep her family together while chasing the crazies in the city of Angles!


ok so I saw the cast and thought that is pretty impressive and wondered if that was going to be it's downfall. Just watched the first episode and oh my freakin god, this has drama, intensity, action, depth and feeling!! It's a show that seems to have it all, will definitely be watching the rest of the season. Characters feel formed after one episode and I am angaged to find out more about them. definitely recommend a watch!


Is it just me who thinks this should have a comedy genre attached to it. very few programs nowadays have the ability to make you laugh and then make you cry, and sometimes cry laughing. It's worth staying up until the early hours of a Tuesday morning to watch the latest episode


Season 1 was a rocky start for me because it felt a bit overly melodramatic or slightly cringe/corny at times, but it has settled into a must watch. Season 1 improved in later episodes but the show really hit it's stride in season 2. I enjoy how they keep majority of emergencies/incidents within a small chunk of the episode - usually tied up before the next commercial break - which keeps the pace flowing nicely. It breaks up the interpersonal drama but doesn't take focus of the whole episode (a few excluded). There are about 2-3 per episode and the writers do a great job providing just enough backstory leading up to the 911 call. They are usually a good mix of serious calls, related to the theme of the episode, and light-hearted ones that keep it all feeling fresh and entertaining. No shade to Connie Brixton, but the show felt infinitely lighter once Abby left after season 1. The character as an individual/stand alone was probably okay but the way they were forcing the chemistry between Abby and Buck felt clunky and painful. In my eyes, they had 0% chemistry and the age difference had nothing to do with it - Abby is a uptight character and gives more of a motherly (maybe too harsh) feel to her early relationship with Buck - when they would talk on the phone a lot - and it felt awkward and never really smoothed out. Overall, Abby felt dull and lifeless, which could be/kind of understandable with her exhaustive role as sole caretaker for her mother + juggling work and private life, that she doesn't have many moments for her unburdened personality to shine through - especially when those moments were usually interrupted with an emergency at home. We weren't given time to see or feel the chemistry between Abby and Buck - it felt like they went from uncomfortable, interrupted dates to serious/monogamous dating (which was huge leap for Buck who, in the first scene of season 1, drove a fire truck to meet a hook-up and had several other similar encounters). For me, this relationship and it's development - which was a huge storyline - was the weakest part of season 1 and season 1 would have been more enjoyable without it. I enjoy all of the characters and love how they even show care in fleshing out side characters; I love Athena's ex-husband and his side storylines feel substantial/important and not throw-away filler. The "Begins" episodes that focus on one character were surprisingly among my top ranked episodes. It is surprising because those episodes are totally withdrawn from current storyline and usually don't involve many of the main cast but I love getting that more intimate look and are engaging. In closing, the main reason I wrote this comment is to say that Angela Basset is a queen and owns this show. It feels like this character was tailor made for her because it doesn't feel like she's an actor playing a part and no one else could come close to her performance.


How unlucky do you have to be, to be hit by a falling, burning, space rock


As a retired police Captain, I am shocked that I actual enjoy this show! I have enjoyed the work of Angela Bassett ever since "What's Love Got To Do With It". I think Peter Krause is a good actor as well. The content can cheesy at times, but for the most part - it is on target as far as going to work and running into a total sh$t-storm. Of course, it's not as often, in real life as on TV, but it does happen. As for JLH, she portrays the unspoken heroes that NEVER get closure, so I understand why they wrote the part in that sense. All-in-all, it's a made for TV drama that is entertaining and can sometimes, hit the nail on the head. Nothing in real life is as simple as a 45 minute drama.


Just when I think the unbelievable stupidity of the writers and suspension of reality had already reached rock-bottom silliness, this show blasts its way even lower... I predict in season three we get JLH taking calls in a bikini top while firing a machine gun at terrorists, counter-hacking black hats and solving cold-cases which of course are all common tasks of 911 operators in this universe. Also a Sharknado at Santa Monica Pier seems plausible the way this show is headed. Oh and I’ll still be watching for some unknown reason!


I watch for Hen and Athena. Love those gals.


Spoilt by Ronda Rousey, just can't bring myself to watching with her in it now!!


9-1-1 (Season 4) could begin filming on October 5


Honestly, I don't know how they got this series renewed. I guess we have to chalk it up to star power (Angela Bassett and Peter Krause). Don't get me wrong, I'm a Peter Krause fan, but this series is poorly written, the premise is unrealistic, the dialogue is weak, the direction is poor and some of the acting is just bad. I rate this first episode of the third season a 4 (poor) out of 10. The good actors deserve a better vehicle. [Emergency Services Drama]

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