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American astronaut Emma Green must leave her husband and teenage daughter behind to command an international space crew embarking upon a treacherous mission. A series about hope, humanity and how we need one another if we are to achieve impossible things.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Away

Away - S1E10

#1 - Home


Season 1 - Episode 10

With only hours to go before Atlas' planned touchdown on Mars, Emma is confronted with everything that could go wrong, while Lu receives new orders.

The episode was rated from 378 votes.

Away - S1E9

#2 - Spektr


Season 1 - Episode 9

Emotions run high as rapidly dwindling water rations on the Atlas leave the crew and Mission Control scrambling to find a fix before time runs out.

The episode was rated from 359 votes.

Away - S1E8

#3 - Vital Signs


Season 1 - Episode 8

A problem with Atlas' supply ship jeopardizes the mission and sparks questions about Emma's commitment to landing on Mars.

The episode was rated from 357 votes.

Away - S1E6

#4 - A Little Faith


Season 1 - Episode 6

Tempers flare on the Atlas over a water-system glitch and an act of betrayal. As Matt works on the ship's issue, he accidentally meets Lex's new friend.

The episode was rated from 372 votes.

Away - S1E5

#5 - Space Dogs


Season 1 - Episode 5

As Christmas approaches, the crew prepares to make their final calls home before communication grows spotty. Matt and Lex adjust to their new normal.

The episode was rated from 394 votes.

Away - S1E7
#6 - Goodnight Mars
Season 1 - Episode 7

Emma's behavior becomes a cause for concern, Kwesi and Lu team up on a plant mystery, and Lex makes an impulsive decision with far-reaching consequences.

The episode was rated from 377 votes.
Away - S1E1
#7 - Go
Season 1 - Episode 1

As the mission launches, Emma finds her mettle as commander tested by an onboard accident, a divided crew and a family emergency back on Earth.

The episode was rated from 564 votes.
Away - S1E2
#8 - Negative Return
Season 1 - Episode 2

When a ship malfunction threatens the voyage before it's barely begun, Emma works with a wary Misha on a high-risk repair operation.

The episode was rated from 474 votes.
Away - S1E3
#9 - Half the Sky
Season 1 - Episode 3

A staff change at Mission Control upsets the usually unflappable Lu, and the fallout undermines Emma's command. Matt encourages Lex to return to school.

The episode was rated from 431 votes.
Away - S1E4
#10 - Excellent Chariots
Season 1 - Episode 4

Emma puts herself in harm's way when Ram unwittingly endangers the lives of everyone on the Atlas. Matt must make a wrenching decision about his future.

The episode was rated from 408 votes.

Last updated: aug 24, 2021



This is a very disappointing show. From the outset the premise is fantastic, a journey to Mars! Imagine the thrills and drama involved in such a story! it should be no trouble, right? Wrong (apparently!) The characters in this production are so overburdened with dramatic personal events and so lacking in the stoic behaviour we recognise in real life astronauts that you rapidly lose interest in them as characters and then lose interest in the whole premise. No issue is to small in this production that it cannot needlessly be blown into a full on crisis with emotionally unstable characters who couldn't be trusted to sit the right way on a toilet, let alone land on Mars. I can only assume the reason this crew was sent 'Away' was in the reverent hope they would stay there! SFX is good though!


Below average quality drama which just happens to be in space. I don't like this type of drama. It tries to work towards feel good moments but it feels unnatural and artificial, and I'm asuming that cycle of feel good feel bad will be repeated throughout the show. I won't know cause I'm stopping after 2 episodes. It's shallow and stupid. I feel like I wasted precious time I could have spend watching something else. And it's not realistic at all, which I feel like it's trying to be. [spoiler]I'm pretty sure they have procedures for everything up there and the commander won't take impulsive actions when she has an actual expert in the field right next to her. And even if she did I'm sure there will be an issue with that commander. And I'm sure the psychologist or whoever that was wouldn't encourage her by telling her she did the right thing cause she tried to save her colleagues. I mean, again, it's dumb drama. And there's no way austronauts would even start that journey with so much hostility. It just seems impossible. [/spoiler]


not sure how they could have made this anymore woke


The first five episodes are useless, boring, soapy, unrealistic drama about the life of each crew’s member of the first mission to Mars. To make things worse they even allow real time communication at millions of kilometres of distance, keeping the useless, boring, soapy, unrealistic drama, not considering the lag caused by the speed of light, the maximum achievable. On the second half of the season it switches completely. Suddenly (literally) it isn’t possible to have interactive communications. The lag, which would have always been there, increasing from seconds to minutes, has been turned on. And thanks to this the focus has been finally moved principally to the mission and we can watch a decent SciFi show, although not brilliant. I’d suggest to skip the first 5 episodes altogether, if it wasn’t unreasonable. Just swallow them and enjoy the second half.


This time the people working for NASA and the crew, unlike most of sci-fi out there, are almost competent people, unlucky for the sake of the drama, but not stupid on purpose. Most of the drama on the technical side revolves around one single water recycle system that was built with an useless backup system. I feel that they could improve on that, giving the crew more variety of problems, with more clever and creative way to resolve them. The worst part of the story is how much those people are emotionally and psychologically unfit for a mission like that. They are overburdened by past traumas, unresolved conflits, family problems, internal struggles and professional jealousy. Away is a perfect example of why i love the odd-man hypotesis introduced in The Andromeda Strain so much. If you skip trough all the unnecessary sentimental stuff is still watchable.


This is NOT an action show as many might expect and hope for. This show is very heavy on the Drama. But that doesn't mean it is not good...it is. It is probably a slightly more realistic look at a "mission to Mars" flight and all the physical and emotional burdens and risks that come along for the ride.


It’s not really my preferred choice of viewing, but it’s actually ok. Despite the Sci-fi genre, it’s really more about relationships and family and can be a bit depressing in my opinion. Some people like emotional, tear jurker films/programmes, but it’s not my thing. However, I did enjoy it a certain amount, more the sci-fi parts. It has some great actors and it’s well done.


It might not be the best show ever, but it was okay. It's definitely more drama than action.


I quite got the fact that the commander is missing her family. Redundancy in the scenario is quite impressive unlike the water thing. A fully automated mission movie couldn't be more annoying.


Its about a dysfunctional crew you wouldn't want flying you on an airliner flight let alone picked for mankind's biggest achievement of flying to Mars, who miss their dysfunctional loved ones back home on earth who are somehow able to make mobile phone calls or facetime between them 17million plus miles away (as at episode 4) when I can't even get a signal in the countryside. There is nothing plausible or credible in this series to make any of it believable. Utter crap. Don't waste your time.

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