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This long-running series follows the adventures of a team of lifeguards on the crowded beaches of Los Angeles County. Veteran lifeguard Mitch Buchannon watches over the younger lifeguards that come and go with each passing season as they keep the beaches safe for vacationers. Frequently he must take action to save them from the raging seas and from the raging tempers that sometimes flare up between the young guards in this stressful job.

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The 10 Worst Episodes of Baywatch

Baywatch - S7E8

#1 - Let the Games Begin


Season 7 - Episode 8

The International Ironman Competition is held at Baywatch and Neely sets off a battle of the sexes when she decides to enter the competition.

The episode was rated #1 Worst episode of Baywatch from 6 votes.

Baywatch - S2E16

#2 - Now, Sit Right Back and You'll Hear a Tale


Season 2 - Episode 16

Mitch is not pleased to find his Baywatch staff glued to re-runs of Gilligan's Island at headquarters. He shuts down the TV just as Captain Thorpe arrives. Mitch sends them off on their various assignments. While Eddie is making his way toward a couple of young lovers, he slips and hits his head on the tower ramp. Things begin to go very odd at this point. When Eddie and Shauni have helped a girl on a wave runner, the scarab won't start, and Eddie and Shauni find themselves stranded on an island. There they meet Gilligan and Mary Ann. They take them back to Baywatch, where they find out that Captain Thorpe has won $ 70 000 000 on a lottery ticket. Thorpe buys a boat and names the boat the Minnow II. On that boat, they are going to sail out and try to find the rest of Gilligan and Mary Ann's crew members. But the boat ends up in the middle of a storm, and the gang is stranded again. Then a man sings a song and introduces the people: Gilligan, the skipper (Garner), the millionaire (Thorp

The episode was rated #2 Worst episode of Baywatch from 21 votes.

Baywatch - S7E11

#3 - Heal the Bay


Season 7 - Episode 11

Mitch unknowingly swims in polluted waters after Baywatch is contaminated by toxic waste. After he falls ill, Neely, C.J. and Cody must come to his rescue and discover the source of the illegal dumping and the nature of the poison.

The episode was rated #3 Worst episode of Baywatch from 6 votes.

Baywatch - S4E6

#4 - Tentacles (Part 1)


Season 4 - Episode 6

Matt and Slade go surfing and the one who falls first backs off and lets the other one have Summer. Matt falls first, but his board falls into a cave. An octopus lives in the cave and it takes care of the board. Matt and Slade tell Mitch about it and he tells them about the cave. The cave is said to be a surfboard cemetery and Ben visited the cave once. When Mitch has told them that, Matt and Slade decide to explore the cave and Summer agrees to go with them. When they are in the cave, the octopus attacks Summer. Matt and Slade have to rescue her, and when Summer and Slade have swam out of the cave, Matt is still inside fighting with the octopus. When Matt doesn't come out, Summer becomes real worried and when he finally surfaces, she tells him she loves him. Then Slade decide to back off and he leaves for Australia. C.J. confronts Summer about her bulimia and in the end, she admits she have problems and go to a clinic with Matt. Meanwhile, Debra Harris helps her boyfriend Brady to esc

The episode was rated #4 Worst episode of Baywatch from 7 votes.

Baywatch - S7E17

#5 - Rendezvous


Season 7 - Episode 17

Cody encounters a mermaid during a rescue. Meanwhile, two teens form a suicide pact to be together when their disapproving parents try to keep them apart.

The episode was rated #5 Worst episode of Baywatch from 9 votes.

Baywatch - S6E13

#6 - Desperate Encounter


Season 6 - Episode 13

While vacationing in Mexico, Mitch and his new girlfriend witness an attempted murder and are then hunted by the killers. Country and Western singer Jesse Lee Harris helps Logan and the Baywatch lifeguards raise money to save a ranch that rescues endangered horses.

The episode was rated #6 Worst episode of Baywatch from 11 votes.

Baywatch - S11E20

#7 - Dead Reckoning


Season 11 - Episode 20

Sean, Jason and Zack are headed to the Big Island to participate in the Showdown 2001, a 12 mile course of natural obstacles. Leigh will be taking over supervisory duties while Sean is away. J.D. is tending to Kekoa, who has come down with the flu. Fortunately, J.D. has an iron constitution, despite the fact that he didn't have his annual flu shot. Jason has always wanted to participate in the Showdown 2001, and this looks to be his big chance. However, as part of their sponsorship by Trail Tracker magazine, they need to take along a reporter who will participate. It turns out to be none other than Jessie. This is her big chance to change her career and make something of herself. Sean reminds her that the team will still be playing by all the rules, and there will be no exceptions made to help sell her story. Jessie is agreeable to these terms. She, though, has already chosen who her partner will be: Jason. He is not happy with this, since he still holds a grudge based on the way she b

The episode was rated #7 Worst episode of Baywatch from 4 votes.

Baywatch - S5E8

#8 - K-GAS The Groove Yard of Solid Gold


Season 5 - Episode 8

A radio DJ leads a contest for hidden treasure on the beach, which brings a flood of treasure hunters to the beach- including Matt and C.J. who are swept up in the frenzy.

The episode was rated #8 Worst episode of Baywatch from 12 votes.

Baywatch - S3E8

#9 - Princess of Tides


Season 3 - Episode 8

When Mitch and Newmie are in a boat race in Ben's scarab, C.J. comes into the race orbit and their opponents almost runs her over. Mitch and Newmie are forced to stop and see how she's doing. By that they only finish in fourth place. The winner James Lewiston is very happy and Mitch is angry and wants another race. Lewiston is engaged to a princess named Catherine and she wants a taste of the real world before she gets married. Her father doesn't want her to leave the boat because terrorists have threatened them. Therefore she elope and near the beach she is very tired and almost drowns. Mitch has to rescue her. Mitch and Catherine falls in love and she tells him she can't get in contact with her friends. Later when Hobie is looking in some newspapers, he finds out that Catherine is a princess. When Hobie and Catherine is out on roller-blades, two terrorists try to kidnap her, but Hobie helps her to get away from them. He also tells her that he knows who she really is. Then Catherine c

The episode was rated #9 Worst episode of Baywatch from 20 votes.

Baywatch - S5E21

#10 - The Runaways


Season 5 - Episode 21

Kaye hires a an aspiring English pop singer as a waitress and discovers she's a runaway. A daredevil attempts to set a new world's record waterskiing behind a blimp. Stephanie questions Caroline's ability as a lifeguard.

The episode was rated #10 Worst episode of Baywatch from 8 votes.

Baywatch - S7E22
#11 - Nevermore
Season 7 - Episode 22

One morning when C.J. arrives at her tower, she finds a bouquet of flowers and a poem. She takes for granted that the flowers are from Cody, but it turns out she has a secret admirer. Later when a boy gets into trouble under the pier, a man in a mask rescues him. When he scares the children, he runs away again. One of the boys tells his brother Billy about it. Billy and his friend Brett become obsessed with trying to get this so-called monster on videotape. Therefore they rig a camera under the pier and hope to catch a glimpse of him and then earn money on him. Later in the locker room, Sam and C.J. discuss plans for the upcoming weekend. C.J. feels abandoned by Cody who is going out with the guys, while Sam tells her about the romantic weekend she has planned for her and Mitch in Carmel. When C.J.'s shift ends, she takes a walk under the pier, where she finds pieces of a bandage. Then one of the pilings breaks loose without C.J. noticing it and she is knocked unconscious but rescued b

The episode was rated #1 Worst episode of Baywatch from 9 votes.

Baywatch - S5E2
#12 - Livin' on the Fault Line (Part 2)
Season 5 - Episode 2

The big earthquake was a 7.2 on the Richter scale. While Stephanie is rescuing Max and Tom on the surface, Riley is trapped underwater under some rocks, Jackie is in big trouble as her trailer is about to go off the cliff and Mitch rescues Hobie in the garage just before the big heavy boat engine is about to fall down on him. Hobie is traumatized after the incident and is determined to leave California. Later when Mitch finds out about Jackie, he and Matt go there in the scarab. But in order to help Jackie, they need some help from Debra Snell a TV-reporter who flies a helicopter. While hanging down from the helicopter, Mitch manages to separate the trailer from the car, and by that save Jackie. Meanwhile, Stephanie risks her life by free diving down to Riley. But she manages to get him loose with the help of C.J, Newmie and Logan who has arrived in the scarab. When the lifeguards are rescuing Riley, Logan cuts a deal with Max. He will receive a sum of money if he can retrieve the seis

The episode was rated #2 Worst episode of Baywatch from 16 votes.

Baywatch - S3E9
#13 - Masquerade
Season 3 - Episode 9

When the Baywatch gang has found Beverly Lowry, Gordon Lowry's wife, dead in the water, Stephanie is convinced that they are dealing with pirates, but Mitch and Garner doubt that. Then Mitch and Stephanie get a yacht from one of Stephanie's friends and acts as a newly wed rich couple named Trevor and Lilly van Tress. There is a man in the marina named Fred Adler who meets all the couples and he has the information of who is rich and who isn't. Garner and C.J. follow Mitch and Stephanie in the scarab when they sail off with their yacht Venus. Garner becomes seasick and tells C.J. to slow down. When Mitch and Stephanie are playing the role-play, thy get attracted to each other and almost makes love. But they are interrupted by Fred Adler and the pirates who have just arrived to their yacht. Meanwhile, C.J. is forced to do a rescue and transport the victim to shore. Then Garner takes another boat but boards the wrong yacht. Then Mitch is forced to go to shore and get all their money. Mean

The episode was rated #3 Worst episode of Baywatch from 20 votes.

Baywatch - S4E7
#14 - Tentacles (Part 2)
Season 4 - Episode 7

Caroline Holden, Stephanie's sister comes to Baywatch. She meets Stephanie when she falls off some rocks while watching Stephanie when she is testing a new wave-runner. She tells Stephanie that she is engaged to a man named Frank Randall. He is an environmentalist, and dives looking for pollutions. When he is collecting underwater soil samples, he is attacked by two men. They force him to reach the surface at high speed. Therefore he gets the decompression sickness and ends up in a decompression chamber, clinging for his life. Caroline is devastated and tells Stephanie to go to Frank's house and get her some clothes. When Stephanie is at Frank's house, a man breaks into the house and looks around while Stephanie hide herself on the balcony. Then Stephanie tells Caroline about the break-in, and Caroline tells her to go and visit Frank's partner Jordan Stewart and see if he knows anything about what Frank was doing in the water. But he tells her that Frank worked alone a lot. Later when

The episode was rated #4 Worst episode of Baywatch from 10 votes.

Baywatch - S4E19
#15 - Western Exposure
Season 4 - Episode 19

Famous country-singer Jesse Lee Harris is at the top of his career and because he tours constantly, his wife Crystal left him with their son Jackson. The problem is that she didn't tell him where they went. But one day, Jesse receives a Venice Beach postcard from Jackson and he is determined to find them. Therefore he takes a detour to Los Angeles on his way to Las Vegas and hopes to find his family there and get the marriage back together again. When Jesse walks around on the beach, showing people a picture of Jackson, two girls recognize him and then he is surrounded by 20 girls. When they all end up in the water, C.J. and some other lifeguards have to rescue him. C.J.'s friend Sadie who was on the beach next to C.J.'s tower is a country singer herself, and she recognizes Jesse. When C.J. finds out about it, she escorts him to headquarters. She also convinces him to come to the Denim & Diamonds Dance Hall to hear Sadie sing. Jessie accepts the invitation, and is so impressed by Sadie

The episode was rated #5 Worst episode of Baywatch from 12 votes.

Baywatch - S6E3
#16 - Hot Stuff
Season 6 - Episode 3

Kaye Morgan is volunteering at the Malibu School for the Blind, and Hobie is helping her with the kids. The kids are supposed to boogie-board, but one of the kids Charlie doesn't want that. Instead Mitch gives him a metal detector to play with. Hobie also follows the kids Charlie, Peter, Melissa and Bonnie on a hike in the woods. But disaster is about to strike. A shattered bottle thrown from a passing car has ignited a dry brush, and by that created a huge wall of fire that blows through the canyon threatening hundreds of homes and also the kids on their hike. Especially Charlie who lost his sight in a fire. When they are about to return to the school, Charlie disappears and Hobie is forced to find him before it's too late. By doing so, he is forced to leave the other kids behind, but they are later taken care of by Kaye. When Mitch finds out about the situation, he heads out to rescue Hobie and Charlie. He arrive just in time to do so. Meanwhile, Logan thinks that Caroline and Cody h

The episode was rated #6 Worst episode of Baywatch from 8 votes.

Baywatch - S6E20
#17 - Forbidden Paradise (Part 2)
Season 6 - Episode 20

Mitch and Matt are saved by Hawaiian islanders. Stephanie helps an unlucky camera man find love. Logan proposes to Caroline.

The episode was rated #7 Worst episode of Baywatch from 8 votes.

Baywatch - S6E22
#18 - Go for the Gold
Season 6 - Episode 22

While Stephanie is training Cody in underwater search-and-rescue techniques, Cody finds a Spanish medallion. He has the medallion appraised and the shop owner offers Cody $3500 for it. But he doesn't accept it and is convinced that he will find more gold at the bottom of the ocean. He is convinced that a Spanish galleon is buried somewhere at the bottom of the ocean. He asks Stephanie for permission to go out searching. But Stephanie is concerned that his training will suffer if he does so. Anyway, she agrees to join him and search for the possible gold treasure. Meanwhile, a couple of drug-dealers named Lucas and Naomi has dropped a storage pod full with drugs nearby Cody's and Stephanie's diving area. They find the storage pod first and when Naomi and Lucas arrive, they try to kill Cody and Stephanie with spear guns. But Stephanie and Cody manage to reach the surface again. There they find Lucas who has left Naomi to die underwater. Cody goes down to rescue her even though he knows t

The episode was rated #8 Worst episode of Baywatch from 6 votes.

Baywatch - S7E14
#19 - Talk Show
Season 7 - Episode 14

Mitch rescues the life of a talk show host, who then invites him to appear on her show. C.J. is convinced that a stray dog found by her and Caroline posseses the reincarted soul of the late Stephanie.

The episode was rated #9 Worst episode of Baywatch from 7 votes.

Baywatch - S8E4
#20 - Memorial Day
Season 8 - Episode 4

The episode starts with two men throwing a body into the ocean. The next morning, Mitch goes out on a dive search with the two rookies, April and Skylar. A fishing boat had reported that they had seen two men dumping something into the water last night. It doesn't take long for Mitch, April and Skylar to locate the corpse. April drops her can of air while trying to scream, and Mitch helps her up to the surface. Later, April tells Skylar that when she saw the dead man, she remembered when she was a little child and she saw a dead man under the ice while she was ice-skating. April and Skylar are surprised to find out from the coroner's office that the man was probably already dead when he was dropped into the ocean. Later April has a nightmare about the incident and is convinced that he is calling out to her. In the dream, she sees his silver necklace in the water. She recalls that she saw it during the rescue as well. Therefore, she and Skylar dives down with a metal detector and manage

The episode was rated #10 Worst episode of Baywatch from 9 votes.

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