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Black Clover

Black Clover

TV Tokyo 2017

Asta and Yuno are two orphans who want the same thing: to become the Wizard King. Locked in a friendly rivalry, they work hard towards their goal. While Yuno excels at magic, Asta has a problem uncommon in this world: he has no powers! But, on the day they receive their grimoires, they surprise everyone. To reach their goal, they’ll each find their own path to greatness—with or without magic.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Black Clover

Black Clover - S1E167

#1 - Black Oath


Season 1 - Episode 167

As the battles in the Heart Kingdom begin to come to an end, Asta and Yami decide to work together as they continue in their fight against Dante Zogratis of the Dark Triad.

The episode was rated from 105 votes.

Black Clover - S1E170

#2 - The Faraway Future


Season 1 - Episode 170

Due to Nacht's spell, the Devil who has been granting Asta power since the beginning has appeared physically. To master his Devil powers, Asta must battle and defeat his Devil, and force him to submit. But Asta has other plans... Meanwhile, Yuno, Noelle, and the others grow stronger in order to take their revenge against the Dark Triad.

The episode was rated from 92 votes.

Black Clover - S1E100

#3 - We Won’t Lose to You


Season 1 - Episode 100

Asta confronts his rival, Yuno, one of many Golden Dawn members to have been taken over by elves. Licht is spurred to action, as are Yami and Finral.

The episode was rated from 163 votes.

Black Clover - S1E93

#4 - Julius Novachrono


Season 1 - Episode 93

The battle rages on between the Wizard King and Licht, who holds a kingdom’s worth of innocent people hostage. Julius recalls his greatest motivation.

The episode was rated from 132 votes.

Black Clover - S1E166

#5 - Captain: Yami Sukehiro


Season 1 - Episode 166

As the situation in the Heart Kingdom deteriorates beyond belief, Captain Yami Sukehiro pushes past his limits.

The episode was rated from 93 votes.

Black Clover - S1E119
#6 - The Final Attack
Season 1 - Episode 119

Licht and Lumiere fight against the devil using incredibly powerful magic. But the devil has incredible regeneration powers and quickly heals himself, making him difficult to defeat. Asta witnesses the two powerful mages fighting and tries to figure out if he can use his anti-magic in a more useful way. He’s able to use a new power, but it’s so powerful that he’s having a hard time controlling it. Meanwhile, Yuno also awakens to a new power… Asta and Yuno, who both aspire to be the future Wizard King, pull off an impressive attack in front of the first Wizard King!

The episode was rated from 138 votes.
Black Clover - S1E162
#7 - The Great War Breaks Out
Season 1 - Episode 162

The War against the Spade Kingdom begins in earnest as the Heart Kingdom and Black Bulls come under attack by Dante and Vanica of the Dark Triad.

The episode was rated from 88 votes.
Black Clover - S1E108
#8 - Battlefield Dancer
Season 1 - Episode 108

Noelle must think outside the box to gain the upper hand in the pitched battle at House Silva. Thoughts of her mother help her push past her limits.

The episode was rated from 126 votes.
Black Clover - S1E80
#9 - Special Little Brother vs. Failed Big Brother
Season 1 - Episode 80

The long-awaited showdown between Finral and Langris has come around at last, and gentle Finral must prove himself to his cutthroat little brother.

The episode was rated from 141 votes.
Black Clover - S1E115
#10 - Mastermind
Season 1 - Episode 115

Yuno manages to enter the Shadow Palace with his pendant and runs into Patry and the others. However, his pendant is immediately stolen. Now, all of the necessary magic stones have been collected and the elves’ wish was supposed to come true. However, an uninvited guest appears before them: A devil from another world. They find out everything that happened between the elves and humans were actually a part of his plan all along. Yuno can’t hide is astonishment at how powerful the devil is as he tries to fight it, and then Asta and Mimosa also arrive!

The episode was rated from 135 votes.

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I just can't get past that endless screaming from Asta


I stuck around past the 3 episode rule, and I'm happy I did. For those that are bothered by Asta at first, just know that he gets better. The show is worth pushing past the first 10 or so episodes.


the anime have a good potential and the events are very intense


Very solid Anime. The beginning is a little rough but it does get better. It provides a neat style of magic "dueling" and the magic of the world has some interesting variety. Edit: Coming back to say that this has turned into one of my favorite Animes. The action rarely ceases up and when it does, I still find myself fairly engrossed in the episode. I wasn't the biggest fan of the characters at the beginning, but I really do root for them now that they have trained so hard to become stronger. Second Edit: This show really was quite good at many points and the fast paced, magical action is awesome to watch. However, the pacing can be all over the place and 20% of the episodes are pointless recap/filler. I think this show could easily reach a 9/10 if they edited the series to remove all the pointless filler and focus on the action and main story. Because of the sheer number of derailing recap episodes my rating has dropped steadily.


This show is so good you dont even notice Asta yelling anymore if you gave up after the 3rd episode you aren't a real anime fan.


I love this anime more episode pls


I feel really bad for the voice actor...He's damaging his own vocal cords throughout the whole anime...


Why is Black Clover name spelled wrong like a Spanish name?


Such a proud moment for Asta and Yuno! So happy for them


It's a great anime. It has a lot of highs and lows. There are some really awesome moments, but the pacing feels off.


It's a fast paced Naruto.


The budget must be low since the drawing quality is dropping continually for the last 20 eps!

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