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10 Best Episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has become a beloved TV show since its debut in 2013. This single-camera ensemble comedy takes us into the lives of a hilarious group of detectives in a New York precinct. The show's witty writing and lovable characters have captivated audiences worldwide, making it a must-watch for any comedy lover. With its unique blend of humor, heart, and crime-solving, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has earned its place as one of the most popular shows on FOX.

Since its premiere, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has consistently delivered entertaining and memorable episodes across its ten seasons. From solving quirky cases to navigating office politics, the show never fails to keep us engaged and entertained. Each episode brings a fresh dose of laughter, thanks to its talented cast and clever writing. Whether you're a die-hard fan or new to the series, there's no shortage of standout moments and hilarious antics to enjoy.

If you're looking to dive into the world of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, we've got you covered. In this article, we'll be highlighting some of the best episodes that showcase the show's comedic brilliance and heartwarming moments. From fan-favorite storylines to standout performances, these episodes are a testament to why Brooklyn Nine-Nine has become a staple in the TV comedy landscape. So sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh your way through the top episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine - S6E18

#15 - Suicide Squad (2) (Season 6 - Episode 18)

In the Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode "Suicide Squad (2)," our favorite squad finds themselves in desperate circumstances, leading them to make some unexpected alliances. Jake, Holt, Amy, Terry, Rosa, and Charles are forced to team up with old enemies to navigate their way out of trouble. It's a high-stakes situation that tests their loyalty and resourcefulness.

Throughout the episode, the twists keep coming, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. But it's not just the thrilling plot that shines in this season finale. We also get to witness Holt's unwavering professionalism, even in the face of adversity. Despite the challenges, he proves that he can handle anything that comes his way.

The episode leaves us craving more as we eagerly anticipate the next season. Brooklyn Nine-Nine never fails to keep the laughs coming with its quick-witted humor and lovable characters. It's no wonder that fans can't get enough of this hilarious and fast-paced show.

The episode was rated 7.99 from 1675 votes.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - S3E10

#14 - Yippie Kayak (Season 3 - Episode 10)


In the Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode "Yippie Kayak," Jake, Charles, and Gina find themselves in a thrilling real-life "Die Hard" situation on Christmas Eve. While off-duty, the trio must use their wits and skills to navigate through the chaos and protect themselves. Will they be able to handle this unexpected challenge?

Meanwhile, Terry is faced with a difficult decision as he must leave his family's Christmas celebration to come to the aid of his squad. Will Terry be able to save the day and ensure everyone's safety?

In the midst of the action, Amy is determined to prove herself just as tough as Holt and Rosa. Will she be able to assert her strength and show her colleagues that she's capable of handling any situation?

With hilarious moments and unexpected twists, "Yippie Kayak" is an episode that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Boyle's catchphrase, "Yippie Kayak Other Buckets!" adds an extra touch of humor to an already entertaining storyline. Fans of the show will not be disappointed as they immerse themselves in this action-packed Christmas episode. Don't miss out on the laughter and excitement that awaits in "Yippie Kayak"!

The episode was rated 7.99 from 3244 votes.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - S2E4

#13 - Halloween II (Season 2 - Episode 4)

In the highly anticipated episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, titled "Halloween II," the annual Peralta/Holt Halloween bet takes center stage once again. Jake, always up for a challenge, decides to go head-to-head with Captain Holt in a race against time. His mission? To steal Holt's watch before midnight strikes. Will Jake's wit and cunning be enough to outsmart the Captain, or will Holt prove once again why he is the ultimate mastermind?

Meanwhile, Gina finds herself in a predicament when her beloved dance team, Floorgasm, unexpectedly kicks her off the squad. Frustrated and hurt, Gina's bad attitude comes to the forefront, prompting Terry to confront her. Will Terry be able to help Gina see the error of her ways and find a way to mend her relationship with the dance team?

As the episode unfolds, viewers can expect the signature comedic genius of Brooklyn Nine-Nine to shine through. From hilarious one-liners like "Make urines in de toilet" to unforgettable moments like the iconic "What? No! What? No! What? Nooo!" this Halloween-themed episode promises to deliver laughs and surprises in equal measure. Brooklyn Nine-Nine has always excelled at capturing the essence of trick or treat, and "Halloween II" is no exception. Prepare for a wild ride that will leave you wanting more.

The episode was rated 8.01 from 2890 votes.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - S1E16

#12 - The Party (Season 1 - Episode 16)


In the hilarious episode "The Party" of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the precinct officers gather at Captain Holt's house to celebrate his birthday. However, things take an unexpected turn when they unintentionally leave a less than favorable impression on his husband.

Fans of the show were in for a treat with this episode, as it is widely regarded as one of the best so far. With its perfect blend of comedy and heartwarming moments, it had viewers laughing out loud from start to finish.

One particular highlight of "The Party" was the surprise appearance of Shawn from The Good Place as Captain Holt's husband. Fans couldn't contain their excitement, reveling in the crossover between two beloved sitcoms. And if that wasn't enough, the episode leaves a lasting impact with an unforgettable ending, where Holt's husband showcases his hidden talent as a great singer.

This episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a must-watch for fans and newcomers alike, offering a delightful mix of laughter, surprise, and heartwarming moments that will leave you wanting more. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and get ready for an unforgettable celebration with the precinct officers at Holt's birthday party.

The episode was rated 8.01 from 2908 votes.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - S3E5

#11 - Halloween III (Season 3 - Episode 5)

In the latest episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Captain Holt and Jake are back for their third Halloween heist, and this time it's bigger and better than ever. The competition reaches its climax as they battle it out to be crowned the "amazing detective slash genius." But this year, there's a twist – Jake and Holt split the squad into two teams, creating an intense showdown for the ultimate victory.

Fans are raving about this episode, and it's clear why. Amy Santiago steals the show, proving once again why she's the true queen of the Nine-Nine. Viewers can't get enough of her incredible performance, making this their new favorite episode.

From start to finish, this episode had audiences in stitches. The comedic genius of the show shines through, with moments that had viewers laughing out loud. One unforgettable scene that had everyone on the edge of their seats was when Rosa pulled out a knife and scared Terry. The whole episode was filled with hilarious moments like these, making it an absolute delight to watch.

Don't miss out on this amazing episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It's a must-watch for fans of the show, offering laughter, excitement, and an unforgettable Halloween heist. Get ready to join the Nine-Nine in this brilliant and fun-filled adventure.

The episode was rated 8.03 from 3283 votes.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - S6E16

#10 - Cinco de Mayo (Season 6 - Episode 16)


In the latest episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, titled "Cinco de Mayo," the squad comes up with a brilliant plan to distract Terry from the stress of his upcoming lieutenant's exam. Jake, Holt, and the rest of the team decide to break tradition and hold their annual Halloween Heist on a new date - Cinco de Mayo.

Fans of the show are raving about this episode, with one viewer dubbing it the "best heist episode... so far." The Halloween Heist episodes are always a fan favorite, filled with insane twists and turns, and this one did not disappoint. Even though it's not Halloween, the writers managed to keep things original, unexpected, and fresh.

And let's not forget about Terry - the cool and lovable character that fans can't get enough of. Terry's victory in this episode was a moment of triumph for viewers, who have seen him be dismissed as a threat time and time again. As one fan put it, "Terry sure deserves his cummerbund!"

With six seasons under its belt, Brooklyn Nine-Nine continues to impress and entertain. The show's relaxing vibe and lovable characters keep fans coming back for more. Plus, who wouldn't want a dog like Cheddar? This show knows how to capture hearts and keep viewers hooked.

The episode was rated 8.07 from 1738 votes.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - S1E13

#9 - The Bet (Season 1 - Episode 13)

In the hilarious yet heartwarming episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine titled "The Bet," Jake and Amy's long-standing competition reaches its thrilling climax. Throughout the series, these two detectives have been locked in a friendly rivalry, constantly trying to outdo each other in making arrests. But in this episode, the stakes are higher than ever as they go head-to-head to determine who truly reigns supreme in the precinct.

While the episode is filled with laugh-out-loud moments, it also delves into the deeper emotions of the characters. Charles, a beloved member of the squad, receives the prestigious Medal of Valor for his incredible bravery during a dangerous mission. However, as he struggles with the side effects of his pain medication, his filter disappears, leading him to reveal his true thoughts and opinions about his colleagues. This unexpected twist adds a layer of vulnerability to the episode, showcasing the complexities of the characters beyond their comedic personas.

"The Bet" is not only a fan-favorite episode but also a significant turning point in the series. It is during this episode that Jake and Amy's genuine connection and affection for each other become undeniable. Their love story unfolds in a pure and healthy manner, captivating the audience and making this episode a standout among the many memorable moments of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. With a perfect blend of humor and character growth, "The Bet" is an episode that showcases the best of what this beloved show has to offer.

The episode was rated 8.08 from 3036 votes.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - S3E23

#8 - Greg and Larry (Season 3 - Episode 23)


In the season finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine titled "Greg and Larry," the Nine-Nine finds themselves in a surprising turn of events. Just as they were closing in on Adrian Pimento's hitman, a new threat emerges. The precinct quickly shifts their focus when they suspect that Captain Holt's safety is at risk. The episode promises to be a thrilling and action-packed conclusion to the season, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next one.

Fans are raving about "Greg and Larry," calling it one of the funniest episodes in the entire series. Gina's hilarious portrayal of a crazy person had viewers in tears of laughter once again. The episode is a perfect blend of comedy, excitement, and intrigue, showcasing the show's ability to keep fans hooked with its well-rounded and entertaining storyline.

The finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine has left fans with mixed emotions. On one hand, they are thrilled with the episode's amazing ending and Rosa's captivating storyline. The dynamic duo of Hitchcock and Scully continues to impress, and Gina and the sergeant's antics never fail to entertain. However, there is a sense of sadness as the season comes to a close, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next season's release. Nonetheless, the laughter and enjoyment provided by this episode are undeniable, making it a memorable end to a fantastic season.

The episode was rated 8.10 from 3549 votes.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - S5E14

#7 - The Box (Season 5 - Episode 14)

In the episode "The Box" of the hit show Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jake takes on an intense all-night interrogation to extract a confession from a suspect. However, things take an unexpected turn when Captain Holt decides to skip a night at the opera to lend a hand. This leads to a clash between the two cops as they struggle to find the best approach to make the suspect talk.

With comments like "It's under my name. H-O-L" and "this episode deserves an award," it's clear that "The Box" delivers top-notch entertainment. In fact, many viewers consider it to be some of the best the medium has ever seen, with its sublime storytelling and impeccable comedic timing.

It's no wonder that fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine can't help but rave about the show. One viewer expressed their surprise, saying, "I still can't figure out how this show, this show that I only started watching because I was out of sitcoms, became one of my favorite shows, one of those shows you just can't help but binge." This particular episode left a lasting impression, with its gripping storyline and brilliant execution. This season has been hailed as the best yet, leaving fans ecstatic that the show wasn't canceled. Brooklyn Nine-Nine truly proves why it is considered to be a damn good show.

The episode was rated 8.14 from 2492 votes.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - S2E23

#6 - Johnny and Dora (Season 2 - Episode 23)


In the Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode "Johnny and Dora," Jake and Amy find themselves going undercover to catch Brooklyn's most notorious identity thief. As they work together, their bond grows stronger, bringing them closer than ever before. The chemistry between Jake and Amy is undeniable, and fans are left eagerly anticipating what's to come for this dynamic duo.

While Jake and Amy are focused on the case, the entire Nine-Nine precinct is hit with a surprise when one of their own decides to say goodbye. This unexpected departure catches everyone off-guard and leaves viewers wondering about the future of the precinct and the impact it will have on the team dynamic.

"Johnny and Dora" not only delivers an exciting and engaging storyline, but it also showcases the incredible talents of Holt and Wuntch. Their interactions in this episode are nothing short of fantastic, further adding to the overall enjoyment of the show. With Dean Holland at the helm as director, this episode is filled with emotional moments that leave a lasting impact. Fans can't help but have faith in the show's future if it continues to deliver episodes like this one.

And of course, we can't forget that shocking moment when Jake and Amy share a kiss. Fans were left feeling just as surprised and giddy as Boyle himself. With this unexpected turn of events, viewers are left with burning questions, such as how Charles knows so much about Rosa and how he managed to survive. This episode leaves audiences craving more, eager to see what twists and turns lie ahead for the beloved characters of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The episode was rated 8.15 from 2654 votes.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - S5E4

#5 - HalloVeen (Season 5 - Episode 4)

In the latest episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, titled "HalloVeen," the Nine-Nine gang dives headfirst into their fifth annual Halloween Heist. And let me tell you, this is the best Halloween episode EVER! With everyone vying for the coveted title of "Amazing Human Slash Genius," tensions run high and friendships are tested. Who will come out on top? You won't believe the twists and turns this episode takes!

Seriously, I can't even begin to describe how amazing this episode is. The writers and cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine have truly outdone themselves. From start to finish, "HalloVeen" had me on the edge of my seat. And just when I thought I had it all figured out, BAM! The ending took me completely by surprise. I didn't see that coming at all!

I have to admit, this episode had me in tears (happy tears, of course). It's safe to say that this is the best Halloween episode of any show ever. Brooklyn Nine-Nine has once again proven why it's one of the most beloved comedies on television. OH MY GOD, I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH! The laughs, the heart, the incredible storytelling - it all comes together in "HalloVeen." Don't miss out on this absolute gem of an episode. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

The episode was rated 8.16 from 3360 votes.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - S7E13

#4 - Lights Out (Season 7 - Episode 13)


In the Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode titled "Lights Out," the entire squad finds themselves on high alert as a massive blackout hits Brooklyn. With darkness engulfing the city, chaos ensues, and the team must navigate through the darkness to keep the peace.

Fans of the show have praised this episode, considering it a perfect addition to their favorite season. One viewer even compares its ending to that of Parks and Recreation, suggesting that the next season will be just as excellent.

One standout moment in "Lights Out" is when Jake finds himself riding a horse during the blackout while Amy takes charge and commands the unit. This thrilling scenario has resonated with many fans, making it one of their top five episodes of the entire show.

Overall, "Lights Out" serves as a wonderful capper to a remarkable season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This season has been hailed as the most consistently excellent since the third, and this episode only adds to its allure. While some viewers have pointed out minor details, such as the baby's age and appearance, the episode remains a fan favorite and a testament to the show's ongoing popularity.

The episode was rated 8.21 from 1375 votes.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - S1E22

#3 - Charges and Specs (Season 1 - Episode 22)

In the Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode "Charges and Specs," Jake finds himself facing a roadblock in his investigation of Lucas Wint, a prominent civic leader. Commissioner Podalski shuts down Jake's efforts, but that doesn't stop him. Determined to crack the case, Jake recruits Amy and an initially hesitant Captain Holt to help him gather more evidence, even if it means risking suspension. The stakes are high, and the team must navigate a fine line between justice and the consequences they may face.

While Jake fights to uncover the truth, Charles is dealing with his own personal turmoil. He is devastated by pre-marital problems with Vivian, and the strain is taking its toll. Thankfully, Gina steps in with her unique ability to bring joy and laughter into any situation. As Charles grapples with his emotions, Gina's support proves to be just what he needs to lift his spirits.

For fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, this episode is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. With a mix of intense investigative work and heartfelt personal struggles, "Charges and Specs" is a prime example of why this show has captured the hearts of many viewers. So grab your popcorn and get ready to binge-watch more seasons, because this addictive series will keep you coming back for more.

The episode was rated 8.23 from 2896 votes.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - S5E22

#2 - Jake & Amy (Season 5 - Episode 22)


In the "Jake & Amy" episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, love is in the air as Jake and Amy's wedding day is in jeopardy. The whole squad, led by Charles, springs into action to save the day. But amidst the chaos, Holt finds himself hesitating to open an email that could determine his future as Commissioner. Will he take the leap?

Meanwhile, Terry takes on the role of cupid as he gently nudges Rosa towards a potential love interest. Will sparks fly, or will Rosa remain her usual tough and guarded self?

Fans of the show couldn't contain their excitement and emotions during this episode. From Jake's loving gaze towards Amy that tugs at the heartstrings to the hilarious moments that had viewers laughing hysterically, this episode truly delivered. And with a cliffhanger ending, fans can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that another season is on the horizon.

Whether you found yourself shedding happy tears during Amy and Jake's wedding or simply couldn't stop laughing, Brooklyn Nine-Nine continues to captivate audiences with its unique blend of humor and heart. And with another season in the works, fans can rest easy knowing that their favorite show will keep delivering the laughs and heartfelt moments that make it so beloved. Peraltiago forever!

The episode was rated 8.26 from 2211 votes.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - S8E9

#1 - The Last Day (Season 8 - Episode 9)

In the heartfelt episode titled "The Last Day," the beloved squad of Brooklyn Nine-Nine takes a moment to reflect on their incredible eight-year journey together. As they reminisce about the highs and lows, laughter and tears, they also look towards the future with hope and excitement. It's a bittersweet farewell that leaves fans feeling a mix of emotions.

Fans have been buzzing about the series finale, expressing their love and appreciation for the show. Many have commented on the perfect goodbye it delivers, with endless callbacks and the return of beloved characters. The Holt and Jake moment at the end especially tugs at the heartstrings, reminding viewers why they fell in love with the show in the first place. It's the ultimate fan service that leaves fans saying, "NINE NINE!"

The final episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine have been filled with unexpected twists and turns, leaving fans on the edge of their seats. While it's sad to see the show come to an end, fans agree that it has been the best comedy series to date. Terry, in particular, will be missed by many. As the curtain closes on this chapter, fans can't help but feel grateful for the laughter and joy this show has brought into their lives. Farewell, Nine-Nine. You will be missed.

The episode was rated 8.35 from 2158 votes.

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