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Childrens Hospital

Childrens Hospital

Adult Swim 2009

A hospital isn't a place for lazy people. It's a place for smart people who take care of people who aren't smart enough to keep themselves healthy. So begins Childrens Hospital, an all-new series that follows the lives, loves and laughs of a hospital staff.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Childrens Hospital

Childrens Hospital - S4E10

#1 - A Year In the Life


Season 4 - Episode 10

The events of a full year at the hospital are chronicled.

The episode was rated from 40 votes.

Childrens Hospital - S4E11

#2 - Attention Staff


Season 4 - Episode 11

The public announcement announcer's identity is revealed.

The episode was rated from 44 votes.

Childrens Hospital - S4E12

#3 - Childrens Lawspital


Season 4 - Episode 12

Lola has no friends or pets so she gets a law degree and defends Owen, who has been accused of slapping a child to death.

The episode was rated from 43 votes.

Childrens Hospital - S3E14

#4 - Newsreaders


Season 3 - Episode 14

Updates on the cast are featured on "Newsreaders" in the Season 3 finale.

The episode was rated from 40 votes.

Childrens Hospital - S2E8

#5 - Hot Enough for You?


Season 2 - Episode 8

When the power goes out on the hottest day of the year, sexual tensions boil over among the staff. Blake is date-raped. Dori fries eggs on her boobs.

The episode was rated from 51 votes.

Childrens Hospital - S4E5
#6 - Behind the Scenes
Season 4 - Episode 5

The actors' bad behavior is caught on camera.

The episode was rated from 39 votes.
Childrens Hospital - S4E6
#7 - The Return of the Young Billionaire
Season 4 - Episode 6

Owen works with a detective to get to the bottom of strange behavior by kids.

The episode was rated from 49 votes.
Childrens Hospital - S4E3
#8 - Chief's Origin
Season 4 - Episode 3

Chief recounts her past, but the doctors aren't interested in her tale.

The episode was rated from 45 votes.
Childrens Hospital - S5E13
#9 - Coming and Going
Season 5 - Episode 13

The doctors' stay in Japan comes to a head in a double-episode season finale.

The episode was rated from 51 votes.
Childrens Hospital - S4E1
#10 - The Boy with the Pancakes Tattoo
Season 4 - Episode 1

An airborne amnesia virus causes panic to spread.

The episode was rated from 54 votes.

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