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10 Worst Episodes of Clarkson's Farm

Clarkson's Farm, available on Amazon, and first aired in 2021, is a show that follows Jeremy Clarkson as he embarks on his latest adventure, farming. The man who on several occasions claims to be allergic to manual labour takes on the most manually labour intensive job there is. What could possibly go wrong? With two seasons, the show has had its share of ups and downs. In this article, we will be looking at the worst episodes that Clarkson's Farm has offered, ranked from least to most disliked.

So without further ado, let's dive into the world of Clarkson's Farm and take a look at the worst episodes from the show. We'll begin by looking at the least disliked episode, and work our way up to the most disliked episode. Along the way, we'll explore the reasons why the episodes were so poorly received, and how they can be improved upon in the future.

Finally, we'll take a look at the overall ranking of the episodes, and what the show could do to improve its ranking in the future. So let's get started and explore the worst episodes of Clarkson's Farm!

Written by Sophie and last updated on jun 02, 2024.

PS: The following content contains spoilers!

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Clarkson's Farm - S2E2

#10 - Cowering (Season 2 - Episode 2)

In Clarkson's Farm, the episode "Cowering" follows Jeremy's new herd of cows as they settle into their new home. Unfortunately, the cows quickly reject the fence that was meant to keep them in. To make matters worse, Jeremy and his team of farmhands are forced to come up with a creative solution that will keep the cows secure. One of these solutions includes cooking chili with the help of some Polish man. This comedic moment leads to one of the farmhands asking, "How many Polish man you use a year?" This lighthearted exchange leads to much hilarity and amusement.

The audience is also treated to a funny and unexpected moment when Jeremy and the others start to cook with some chillies. As soon as the scene began, one audience member exclaimed, "Oh boy!" and started laughing. This comedic relief provides a much-needed break from the serious situation at hand and has the audience laughing along with the characters.

The episode was rated 7.90 from 485 votes.

Clarkson's Farm - S2E1

#9 - Surviving (Season 2 - Episode 1)


Jeremy Clarkson is back on the air with the return of his show, Clarkson's Farm. In this particular episode, he sets out to diversify in hopes of increasing his annual profit from the mere £144 he earned last year. Fans were delighted to see the show on the air again and viewers were particularly amused by the scene with Gerald, who had the audience in stitches with his ability to make no sense. Despite the news that this could be the final season, Jeremy was determined to find a successful plan to make sure he was part of the 20 percent of farms who don't fail.

Jeremy was obviously quite passionate about his farm and determined to make it a success. He created a plan, despite the 80 percent failure rate, to make sure he was one of the 20 percent of farms who survive. He worked hard on his farm and made sure he was doing all the right things to make sure his farm was profitable. He even took the advice from his experienced farmhand, Gerald, who had a lot of knowledge about farming, despite his hilarious lack of sense.

The episode was rated 7.87 from 544 votes.

Clarkson's Farm - S1E5

#8 - Pan (dem) icking (Season 1 - Episode 5)

Jeremy Clarkson is facing one of his biggest challenges yet, as the country goes into lockdown due to Covid-19. With the lambing season quickly approaching, he must find a way to manage his farm while also dealing with the restrictions of the pandemic. In this episode, Clarkson is faced with a number of difficult situations, testing his ability to keep his farm running and his family safe.

Clarkson soon finds out that panicking is not the answer to his problem, and must use his resources to find solutions. He is forced to come up with new strategies in order to navigate the situation, while also attempting to maintain a sense of normalcy for his family. With his characteristic humor and wit, Clarkson finds a way to balance the daunting task of managing his farm during a pandemic.

The episode was rated 7.86 from 602 votes.

Clarkson's Farm - S1E4

#7 - Wilding (Season 1 - Episode 4)


In the episode of Clarkson's Farm, titled "Wilding", Jeremy Clarkson decides to become a naturalist. He uses his new farm to explore different natural habitats and ecosystems, and to observe and document the wildlife. He takes a hands-on approach to learning about the local flora and fauna, and is eager to learn as much as possible. Along the way, Jeremy discovers some of the struggles that come with wilding a farm, such as dealing with pests and animals that may be destructive, as well as the potential benefits that come with such an endeavor.

Jeremy's enthusiasm for learning about the local wildlife brings him into close contact with some of the more dangerous animals that inhabit the area. He is forced to confront his own fears, as well as the dangers that come with being a naturalist, in order to get a better understanding of the environment around him. As he learns more, Jeremy discovers that wilding a farm comes with its own unique set of rewards. He finds himself connected to the environment in a way he never expected, and discovers the joys of living close to nature.

The episode was rated 7.86 from 601 votes.

Clarkson's Farm - S2E3

#6 - Schmoozing (Season 2 - Episode 3)

In the episode "Schmoozing" from the show Clarkson's Farm, Jeremy is put to the test by the Council powers that be. His diplomatic skills and attention to red tape are put to the ultimate test. Jeremy must find a way to navigate the bureaucratic system and keep his farm running. As the episode progresses, a deadly trap is set for Jeremy's cows every night. Jeremy must find a way to protect his beloved animals while keeping the Council happy.

In this episode, Jeremy is put in a difficult situation. He must find a way to keep the farm running while also keeping the Council happy. He must use his diplomatic skills to navigate the bureaucracy and make sure the farm is safe. His respect for red tape and regulations help him to find a way to protect his animals. However, the Council has set a deadly trap for Jeremy's cows every night. Jeremy must find a way to keep his cows safe while also satisfying the Council.

The episode was rated 7.85 from 470 votes.

Clarkson's Farm - S1E3

#5 - Shopping (Season 1 - Episode 3)


In the episode of Clarkson's Farm titled "Shopping," Jeremy Clarkson decides to open a farm shop to sell his own produce. He believes it should be easy, but quickly finds out that he has vastly underestimated the amount of work it will take. His deadline is coming up and he has to rush to get everything ready. He even goes as far as to create a mini-engine called the "James May," which has a single-cylinder engine of 0.16 litres and a top speed of three.

Despite the fact that he has no produce and the building is only just planned, the farm shop still manages to attract crowds of customers. This is mainly due to Jeremy's fame, rather than the quality of the produce. Nevertheless, it is still an amusing sight to see him try to rush to get everything ready in time. Despite all the chaos, the episode is definitely worth watching to experience the comedic moments that Jeremy creates.

The episode was rated 7.80 from 656 votes.

Clarkson's Farm - S1E2

#4 - Sheeping (Season 1 - Episode 2)

In Clarkson's Farm's Sheeping episode, Jeremy Clarkson decides to get a flock of sheep, not realizing all the extra work that would come along with it. Little did he know that these high-maintenance animals would bring about a whole new set of complications.

The episode was a hit with viewers, who laughed at Jeremy's misadventures. As one viewer commented, the National Sheep Association will now be known as the NSA. Others praised Jeremy for being the perfect person to produce a show like this, although some were taken aback when after all the "feels", he ended up eating the sheep. Overall, this episode was gold!

The episode was rated 7.78 from 670 votes.

Clarkson's Farm - S1E7

#3 - Fluffing (Season 1 - Episode 7)


In the episode Fluffing of Jeremy Clarkson's Farm, Jeremy and his team face a daunting task as they brace themselves for a long and dry summer. With the harvest time quickly approaching, they have to complete a challenging list of tasks before the end of the season.

The episode follows the team as they work diligently to get everything done in time. They must work hard to balance the workload and make sure that every job is completed. Throughout the episode, viewers will get to see the team's hard work and dedication as they tackle various tasks such as crop planting and harvesting, livestock care, and maintenance of the farm.

Jeremy and his team must use all their skills and knowledge to make sure that everything is completed on time. It is a race against the clock as they work hard to prepare for the harvest season. Fluffing is sure to leave viewers inspired and eager to see what other challenges the team will have to endure as they continue on their journey.

The episode was rated 7.76 from 557 votes.

Clarkson's Farm - S1E6

#2 - Melting (Season 1 - Episode 6)

In the episode "Melting," Jeremy Clarkson discovers why British farmers are always so unhappy with the weather. He travels to a farm to witness the effects of the erratic weather patterns that have been plaguing the country. From snow and hail to droughts and floods, Jeremy finds out why the farmers never seem to get the weather they need for their crops.

Jeremy's journey to the farm brings him up close and personal with the effects of weather on the land. He sees the damage that the floods have caused and the lack of water from the droughts. He meets with farmers who have been hit hard by the weather and listens to their stories of how the weather has disrupted their livelihoods. By the end of the episode, Jeremy has a better understanding of the struggles that farmers face and how the unpredictable weather affects their lives.

The episode was rated 7.76 from 587 votes.

Clarkson's Farm - S1E1

#1 - Tractoring (Season 1 - Episode 1)


Jeremy Clarkson is back, this time embarking on a new adventure - running his own farm. This episode of Clarkson's Farm, titled 'Tractoring', perfectly encapsulates the humour and entertainment that Clarkson is known for. Viewers were both laughing and engaged as Clarkson experienced the muddy misery of farm life and the potential for ruin, all with his trademark wit and sarcasm.

The show was a hit with viewers, with many praising the humour and entertainment of the episode. Kaleb was highlighted for his comedic timing, and Clarkson's unique brand of humour was given a resounding thumbs up. Those who watched the episode were left with a smile on their faces, and looking forward to the next episode of Clarkson's Farm.

The episode was rated 7.69 from 793 votes.

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