CSI: Vegas

10 Worst Episodes of CSI: Vegas

Facing an existential threat that could bring down the Crime Lab, a brilliant team of forensic investigators must welcome back old friends and deploy new techniques to preserve and serve justice in Sin City.

Written by Sophie and last updated on mar 04, 2024.

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CSI: Vegas - S2E14

#10 - Third Time's the Charm (Season 2 - Episode 14)

The CSIs investigate the mysterious death of a competitive eating contestant, and Chavez partners with Allie to prove where the mysterious silver ink notes have been coming from.

The episode was rated 7.57 from 336 votes.

CSI: Vegas - S2E16

#9 - We All Fall Down (Season 2 - Episode 16)


Medical examiner Sonya's life is in jeopardy when she is exposed to a mysterious poison as the CSI team races to find the antidote and the silver ink murderer who appears to be targeting the Crime Lab. Max's ex-husband, Daniel, returns to make sure that she and their son are safe.

The episode was rated 7.54 from 326 votes.

CSI: Vegas - S2E6

#8 - There’s the Rub (Season 2 - Episode 6)

Max leads her team to investigate the death of a prestigious Michelin-starred chef found hanging in his restaurant’s walk-in freezer.

The episode was rated 7.54 from 409 votes.

CSI: Vegas - S2E3

#7 - Story of a Gun (Season 2 - Episode 3)


The CSI team investigates after a group of teens discover a dead woman behind the wheel of an abandoned car in a Nevada ghost town.

The episode was rated 7.54 from 451 votes.

CSI: Vegas - S2E7

#6 - Burned (Season 2 - Episode 7)

A mysterious bigfoot-like footprint found near a crime scene puzzles the CSI team as they work to uncover who - or what - killed a father and son.

The episode was rated 7.53 from 402 votes.

CSI: Vegas - S2E20

#5 - Shell Game (Season 2 - Episode 20)


The CSI team investigates a case where an ambitious investigative reporter is found dead at a peanut factory. Also, everyone in the crime lab buzzes over who Max will promote to day shift supervisor.

The episode was rated 7.49 from 297 votes.

CSI: Vegas - S2E19

#4 - Dead Memories (Season 2 - Episode 19)

When wrongly accused former suspect Gene Farrow enters the Crime Lab covered in blood, wielding a cleaver and looking for Allie Rajan, the CSI team investigates his peculiar story about a macabre party with a fatal ending.

The episode was rated 7.47 from 306 votes.

CSI: Vegas - S2E18

#3 - Fractured (Season 2 - Episode 18)


The CSI team investigates a bomb that detonated during a masquerade party for wealthy investors at the site of a new casino.

The episode was rated 7.45 from 314 votes.

CSI: Vegas - S2E13

#2 - Boned (Season 2 - Episode 13)

The CSI team investigates the death of an archaeologist found near the breakthrough discovery of an ancient civilization. Also, Max locates another cryptic note written in familiar silver ink after a mentally distressed woman kills her attacker.

The episode was rated 7.43 from 338 votes.

CSI: Vegas - S2E12

#1 - When the Dust Settles (Season 2 - Episode 12)


Catherine’s day off with her granddaughter gets interrupted when a woman wakes up from a four-year coma and remembers details from the night her sister died.

The episode was rated 7.39 from 353 votes.

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