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Curb Your Enthusiasm

Curb Your Enthusiasm

HBO 2000

The off-kilter, unscripted comic vision of Larry David, who plays himself in a parallel universe in which he can't seem to do anything right, and, by his standards, neither can anyone else.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm

Curb Your Enthusiasm - S7E10

#1 - Seinfeld


Season 7 - Episode 10

Not tipping for a favor gets Larry into bad graces with the studio lot's coffee guy, while Julia Louis-Dreyfus accuses him of leaving a ring on an antique table in her house. Meanwhile, he deals with the suspicion that their closeness during production of the Seinfeld reunion has led to Cheryl sleeping with Jason Alexander.

The episode was rated from 381 votes.

Curb Your Enthusiasm - S4E10

#2 - Opening Night


Season 4 - Episode 10

The show travels to New York City as Larry prepares to open on Broadway in "The Producers".

The episode was rated from 367 votes.

Curb Your Enthusiasm - S7E9

#3 - The Table Read


Season 7 - Episode 9

Larry is miffed at both Marty Funkhouser's sudden presence on set during the Seinfeld reunion's table read and text messages from the nine-year-old daughter of a co-worker. Leon poses as a dead doctor to alleviate Michael Richards' concerns over his Groat's Disease diagnosis.

The episode was rated from 406 votes.

Curb Your Enthusiasm - S8E3

#4 - Palestinian Chicken


Season 8 - Episode 3

A Palestinian chicken restaurant is incredibly popular with Larry and his friends despite its open hostility towards Jews and Israel. Meanwhile, Larry's approached to inform people that their habits are agitating by family members too scared to do so.

The episode was rated from 526 votes.

Curb Your Enthusiasm - S10E8

#5 - Elizabeth, Margaret and Larry


Season 10 - Episode 8

A prominent actor shadows Larry to prepare for an upcoming role. Larry meddles in the sale of Cheryl’s sister’s house, helps Leon grow a new business and stirs up trouble at a dinner party hosted by Richard’s girlfriend.

The episode was rated from 458 votes.

Curb Your Enthusiasm - S8E10
#6 - Larry vs. Michael J. Fox
Season 8 - Episode 10

Larry accuses his neighbor, Michael J. Fox of harassment; Jeff takes a bullet for Susie; Larry gives an inappropriate gift to Elizabeth's son.

The episode was rated from 477 votes.
Curb Your Enthusiasm - S10E10
#7 - The Spite Store
Season 10 - Episode 10

Larry runs into a familiar face, causes a rift between expectant parents and seeks a second opinion on his knee injury. His reaction to emergency sirens spells disaster.

The episode was rated from 451 votes.
Curb Your Enthusiasm - S7E2
#8 - Vehicular Fellatio
Season 7 - Episode 2

Against the will of a renowned doctor, Larry tries his best to irritate Loretta. Once again, Larry causes issues in Richard Lewis' new relationship, and, after being unintentionally tipped off by Leon, takes advantage of the wife of a depressed friend.

The episode was rated from 447 votes.
Curb Your Enthusiasm - S8E9
#9 - Mister Softee
Season 8 - Episode 9

An ice cream truck triggers a painful childhood memory for Larry.

The episode was rated from 432 votes.
Curb Your Enthusiasm - S10E1
#10 - Happy New Year
Season 10 - Episode 1

Larry makes a new enemy and gets into hot water at a cocktail party.

The episode was rated from 586 votes.

Last updated: dec 04, 2021



This is pretty much the correct followed up to Seinfeld. Namely by the real, original George Costanza.


Larry David is my social justice warrior.


Unique, and a real comedy gem.


The entire 7th Season is Curb Your Enthusiasm is apparently supposed to be the **"the Seinfeld Reunion / Reboot"** we've all been waiting for, according to Seinfeld writer Larry Charles (https://411mania.com/movies/seinfeld-revival-larry-charles/). This entire season, culminating in the finale titled "Seinfeld" (S07E10), features all the stars of one of my all-time-favorite shows, Seinfeld: **Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, and George.** This season revolves around a fictional Seinfeld reunion show featuring the original Seinfeld cast. Though I haven't seen Curb Your Enthusiasm, I plan on watching this Seinfeld season at least, and may consider seeing the other seasons as well, considering that its writer and star, Seinfeld creator Larry David, is said to be the "real life George Costanza". Though Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) said she'd be game for a real standalone Seinfeld reboot TV show, it doesn't currently seem too likely, unfortunately (http://extratv.com/2018/10/23/julia-louis-dreyfus-talks-cancer-battle-plus-her-take-on-seinfeld-reboot/). So if you're a Seinfeld fan waiting on a reboot, you may want to **watch the "Seinfeld Reunion" Season (S07) of Curb Your Enthusiasm**, while waiting on / hoping that Jerry Seinfeld and the original cast agree to do a full Seinfeld Reboot, along the lines of popular other reboots like "Will & Grace"!


Th Black Swan definitely breaks into my Top 5 Curb episodes of all time...


Its been 2 years with no word on another season. I hope they decide to make one soon.


Funniest ever. Don't normally like american comedy but this is amazing. HBO as normal owning all other TV stations in world.


Seasons 1-7 are great. Lot's of laughs and full of funny material. Seasons 8 and 9 were done for who knows what reasons, but not to make people laugh as they lack in that department.


Season Two: 7.8. Not as good as the first season, especially in the first few episodes (which really kind of suck). I find Larry’s personality kind of changed abruptly from the first season, but he went right back on track as the season went along. Trudge through the first few and you’ll have a pretty well-done season.


Season One: 8.7. Great first season with plenty of laughs and hardly any duds. I’m looking forward to more.


Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season 11 is confirmed for October 2021 premiere. That's 2-4 weeks away—how is it HBO is yet to specify date or have HBO playing previews? -OR- a TMDB season 11 update? #gripe


A show exploring the worst possible situations to give us the best possible comedy.


One of the most peculiar television shows. There's nothing quite like it. It's absolutely sublime and yes, I think it surpasses _Seinfeld_.


I love me some Larry David and JB smooth


Fabulous sarcastic, Real amusing daily occurrences that we all encounter and mostly feel exactly the same As Larry David. You can see who was the REAL writer behind Seinfeld when you watch Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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