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A missing child causes four families to help each other for answers. What they could not imagine is that this mystery would be connected to innumerable other secrets of the small town.

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The 10 Worst Episodes of Dark

Dark - S1E1

#1 - Secrets


Season 1 - Episode 1

In 2019, a local boy's disappearance stokes fear in the residents of Winden, a small German town with a strange and tragic history.

The episode was rated #1 Worst episode of Dark from 3256 votes.

Dark - S1E2

#2 - Lies


Season 1 - Episode 2

When a grim discovery leaves the police baffled, Ulrich seeks a search warrant for the power plant. A mysterious stranger checks into the hotel.

The episode was rated #2 Worst episode of Dark from 2760 votes.

Dark - S1E4

#3 - Double Lives


Season 1 - Episode 4

Bizarre occurrences give Charlotte a sense of déjà vu, and she suspects Peter is hiding something. Franziska snaps when Magnus confronts her.

The episode was rated #3 Worst episode of Dark from 2388 votes.

Dark - S1E3

#4 - Past and Present


Season 1 - Episode 3

It's 1986, and Ulrich's brother, Mads, has been missing for a month. Confusion reigns as past and present intertwine.

The episode was rated #4 Worst episode of Dark from 2549 votes.

Dark - S2E1

#5 - Beginnings and Endings


Season 2 - Episode 1

Six months after the disappearances, the police form a task force. In 2052, Jonas learns that most of Winden perished in an apocalyptic event.

The episode was rated #5 Worst episode of Dark from 1597 votes.

Dark - S3E3
#6 - Adam and Eva
Season 3 - Episode 3

Charlotte and Ulrich try to piece together what happened in the bunker. In different times and worlds, Jonas and Martha work to gain each other's trust.

The episode was rated #1 Worst episode of Dark from 624 votes.

Dark - S1E7
#7 - Crossroads
Season 1 - Episode 7

Ulrich questions a frail and frightened Helge in the nursing home. Jonas searches for Mikkel, but the stranger warns him about meddling with the past.

The episode was rated #2 Worst episode of Dark from 2255 votes.

Dark - S2E2
#8 - Dark Matter
Season 2 - Episode 2

Clausen and Charlotte interview Regina. The Stranger takes Hannah to 1987, where Claudia has an unnerving encounter and Egon visits an old nemesis.

The episode was rated #3 Worst episode of Dark from 1434 votes.

Dark - S1E9
#9 - Everything Is Now
Season 1 - Episode 9

Ulrich runs afoul of the law, Helge tries to dodge Egon Tiedemann, Claudia harnesses the cave's powers, and Katharina lashes out at Hannah.

The episode was rated #4 Worst episode of Dark from 2219 votes.

Dark - S3E2
#10 - The Survivors
Season 3 - Episode 2

Martha travels to 1888 to warn her friends about the 2020 disaster. Winden residents past and present search for their missing loved ones.

The episode was rated #5 Worst episode of Dark from 681 votes.

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Intelligent, twisting, gripping, well written and well acted. Definitely worth a watch. Netflix gives you options - mine was the original German with English subtitles. That’s my recommendation.


Absolutely fantastic. I will admit that I hesitated at first, but then I thought why not give it a try. Gloomy and eerie, but good at it. The music throughout the series is really well chosen; it fits perfectly well. The writing is also top notch, as is the acting. You can either have it in English sound or in German sound with English subtitles. Honestly I wasn't bothered at all with the English sound, so if that's your thing you will be able to enjoy the series just fine (maybe you'll also be slightly less distracted as opposed to reading subtitles). Personally I chose the German sound, as it felt more natural. Honestly, give it a try. Might very well be the best series I've watched this year. EDIT: Binged season 2 in a sitting. Just wow. This review doesn't do it justice. And the casting...I mean, I totally thought [spoiler]old Ulrich was the result of CGI or something.[/spoiler] Season 2 is best thing I've watched this year and last year included (ever?).


Altough I'm german I rarely check out german TV shows. The last one was Deutschland 83 and that was like two years ago. Germany just hasn't figured TV out yet but that's another discussion. When I heard Netflix was producing a german show I just had to check it out because Netflix has a great track record so far and Germany does have talent infront and behind the camera. But overall I think this show just fell flat. Good, but nothing great. Fantastic visuals that are shot very beatifull, the actors IMO are mostly great and the music/score can be beautiful but often gets obnoxious. But unfortunetly there are too many characters that are hard to keep track off which distracts from the story. The story is already confusing enough even without trying to keep up with the many characters over different decades and it heavily sets up future seasons without answering a lot of questions about this one and just left me unsatisfied at the end. Still worth watching tough IMO and very bingeable similarly to Stranger Things. But if you do watch it then choose the subbed version. I checked out the dub really quick and it sounded horrible. And also don't browse your phone as you might do on other shows. You're going to miss so much important shit. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT after Season 2: I'm not actually sure what just happened and what I think about it. But the one thing I'm sure of is that the casting in this show is absolutely phenomenal. The actors look so much like their younger counterparts that I'm not fully convinced they aren't actually related. Plus the cinematography is still fantastic and the music monatages are really beautiful (and they got rid of those obnoxious sound effects). And altough the story is still very confusing I found it more easier to follow and more engaging than Season 1 because I now know all the charcters and their background. And it seems that the writers had this all planned out and aren't just making shit up as they go. Changed my rating from 8 to 9. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT after my first rewatch just before S3 is released. Changing my rating again. This time to a 10. After S1 I thought it was good but confusing show (8), after S2 I thought it was great and really well thought out one (9). Now after rewatching both seasons for the first time I think the show is fucking masterpiece. (10). Once you can watch it without being confused and actually knowing what is happening your just in awe throughout all of it. If they stick the landing with season 3 it could be up there with the best ever. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT after Season 3 Masterpiece. Simple as that. Writing. Directing. Cinematography. Casting. Acting. Soundtrack. Everything is perfect. I'm going to miss the beautiful music montages at the end.


A German Lost, but way less interesting. A writing so poor that they have to explain everything three times. To hold up this nonsense plot they had to make characters so dumb it takes them 5 episodes to get anything. One more in a long list of Netflix' garbage


Dark Season 1 & 2: “Things can’t get any more complicated than this” Dark Season 3: “Hold my beer”


Damn! Dark, the trilogy as a whole is a very well written show with a captivating story. This only becomes more apparent when you realize how consistent the series has been throughout the three seasons and how everything was so well thought out beforehand. Granted, calling it immensely complicated would be an understatement as it may require careful attention or multiple viewings to grasp and remember everything but once you clear this hurdle and understand this show, its brilliance will readily become apparent. This show may very well go down in history as one of the greatest Sci-Fi content both in terms of films/tv ever made. We will be darn lucky if anything ever comes close to the greatness of this show in future. Or maybe considering how it is a sleeper hit, it inspires studios to order more thought provoking contents, but who knows. [spoiler] I think , once they prevent the deaths and time-travel from being invented, Jonas'(Split Reality 1) and Martha's(Split Reality 2) universes(realities) are annihilated, the Scientist's "Original reality" splits/branches again, to form another "3rd" Split Reality which is the one shown in the end. Since "Endings are beginnings and beginnings are endings or everything is predetermined and past/future can't be changed", this would make the most sense without breaking the show's rule because if the Scientist didn't try to invent time Travel, there wouldn't be 2 split realities and with that no Jonas or Martha coming to change the past, and if they didn't come, he would invent time Travel, a Paradox. So the original reality still exists alongside the new 3rd reality. However Jonas and Martha are erased from existence since their universes no longer exist. Hannah deciding to name the unborn child 'Jonas' was also a nice way to spare us a completely sad ending. But hey who knows! The series is open for multiple interpretations.[/spoiler] Here's something you might find helpful: _**How To Understand Dark**_ 1. Determinism: **I.** Watch Predestination (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2397535 ) to acquaint yourself with the general idea of a closed time loop. Also maybe give Triangle (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1187064 ) a shot. **II.** Arrival is also great. **III.** Watch Devs (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8134186 ) [Ignore the last episode, unfortunately Alex Garland still can't stick a landing] to really get the essence of a deterministic universe on the quantum level. 2. Split/Parallel Realities: **I.** Rick&Morty has several episodes dealing with the concept. However, S02E01 A Rickle In Time(https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4462494 ) and the recent S04E08 The Vat Of Acid ( https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10655692 ) both do the best job of explaining IMO. **II.** Steins Gate is a masterpiece if you are into anime (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1910272 )


Watching the trailer it seemed like a really interesting show. Unfortunately the show itself was not as good in the end. There's too many characters you have to keep track of and you constantly get confused who's who now as people look so alike sometimes. All the scandals, [spoiler]time travel[/spoiler] and so on makes you dizzy. Some parts of the story seem really involving but then they kind of screw up and it's not as amazing anymore. Most annoying was the music… the same "thrilling" sound effect for every single scene… even if it's not even remotely thrilling…


Just masterpiece fucking happens. Probably the **best Netflix production until now**.


An incredible series. Every episode leaves you wanting more. It is the kind of show that needs to be watched in silence and 100% focused. Can't wait for season 2, and I still have to more episodes to watch from the first season. Great job. The music choice is excellent.


Extremely good show, just finished re-watching season 1 and I will probably re-watch again soon. Highly recommended to watch it in original German audio with subtitles. The English-dubbed version is just terrible.

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The Best Series To Binge Watch On Netflix (Including Dark)


This German series will make your brain melt inside your head. It has such a powerful storyline with so many amazing twists, so many characters and time traveling, which is why you will need to be watching it extra carefully, because with one blink of an eye, you might just miss a very important detail for the rest of the story.


Here we have Joe, a really nice and kind librarian, who really loves what he does. That is until he meets Beth and he becomes a real-life stalker, who will stop at nothing to win her heart. Even though the whole series is a complete fiction, you can see how this could actually happen to someone, which is the scariest part of it all.

Rick and Morty

Rick is Morty’s grandpa and with the rest of the family they have normal family problems, like school and going to space to fight aliens. The balance between these two lives is so perfect, it is guaranteed to make you laugh, but be warned, new seasons are still filming and we’re still not sure when they will be coming out.

Money Heist

When a group of thieves decide that they want to rob a bank and there’s number of things that could go wrong, you will be on the edge of your seat to see, if they will succeed or will their plan fall through. They have planned this for years and years, so with every obstacle that comes in their way, the story gets more and more interesting. It is also exciting to see the “bad guys” being the main characters of a series.

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