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10 Best Episodes of Dragon Ball Super - Season 3

With Majin Boo defeated half-a-year prior, peace returns to Earth, where Son Goku (now a radish farmer) and his friends now live peaceful lives. However, a new threat appears in the form of Beerus, the God of Destruction. Considered the most terrifying being in the entire universe, Beerus is eager to fight the legendary warrior seen in a prophecy foretold decades ago known as the Super Saiyan God. The series retells the events from the two Dragon Ball Z films, Battle of Gods and Resurrection 'F' before proceeding to an original story about the exploration of alternate universes.

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Dragon Ball Super - S3E18

#15 - Vegeta Disappears?! Menace of the Duplicate Vegeta! (Season 3 - Episode 18)

A powerless Vegeta is forced to escape with the others from the Vegeta duplicate and Gryll, Potage revealing the two to be extensions of a rogue bio-weapon called Commeson, which established the Superhuman Water legend by assuming the form and personalities of invaders that led to going berserk. The group also learn from Potage that the original will disappear once cloned, as was the case of the real Gryll and his men, unless the duplicate is destroyed in time. Goten and Trunks attempt to destroy the Duplicate Vegeta as Gotenks before Goku senses them in dangers comes to their aid. As the Duplicate Vegeta acquired Vegeta's personality as a side effect, he fights his Commeson nature and dispatches the Duplicate Gryll so he can fight Goku.

The episode was rated 7.55 from 352 votes.

Dragon Ball Super - S3E2

#14 - Combat Matches Are a Go! The Captain is Someone Stronger Than Goku (Season 3 - Episode 2)


The preparations for the Universe Tournament get under way.

The episode was rated 7.62 from 515 votes.

Dragon Ball Super - S3E5

#13 - The Matches Begin! We're All Off to the Planet with No Name! (Season 3 - Episode 5)

On Earth, everyone gathers for the trip to the tournament. Goku and Vegeta arrive after having trained in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for three years. After stopping at Beerus' planet to get both him and Monaka, everyone proceeds to go to the tournament. The group meets their competition who are all somewhat unusual. This includes a Saiyan with a radically different history and a fighter resembling Frieza. After the written test, the Universe Seven team is left one team member down because Majin Buu falls asleep and is disqualified. Beerus decides that Monaka will go last. After a round of rock-paper-scissors, it is decided that Goku will fight first, followed by Piccolo, and then Vegeta. Goku and his competitor, a large bear-like creature named Botamo, enter the tournament ring.

The episode was rated 7.68 from 501 votes.

Dragon Ball Super - S3E1

#12 - The 6th Universe's Destroyer! His Name is Champa! (Season 3 - Episode 1)


The Gods of Destruction Beerus and Champa meet. Champa proposes a match between the fighters of Universe 6 and 7.

The episode was rated 7.69 from 569 votes.

Dragon Ball Super - S3E19

#11 - Goku vs. the Duplicate Vegeta! Which One is Going to Win? (Season 3 - Episode 19)

Goku and Clone Vegeta's battle begins, but Goku only has a few minutes to defeat the clone before Vegeta will disappear and die. Trunks and Goten do their best to weaken the clone at the source.

The episode was rated 7.70 from 393 votes.

Dragon Ball Super - S3E14

#10 - Come Forth, Divine Dragon! And Grant My Wish, Peas and Carrots! (Season 3 - Episode 14)


While appearing because of the Destroyers' conduct, Grand Zeno expressed enough interest in their tournament to organize one for all twelve universes with the other deities unnerved by Goku casually approaching the Omni-King. Champa proceeds to return to his universe to train his team for the upcoming tournament. Beerus asks Bulma to find the seventh Super Dragon Ball with her tracker, with deductive reasoning provided by Android 18 and Monaka revealing that it is the planet they are on. Once Bulma provided the incantation, with the wish made in the Divine Language, Whis summons Super Shenron with Beerus secretly wishing for the restoration of the Sixth Universe's Earth. Vados informs Champa what Beerus wished for. Whis leaves Beerus and Monaka on Beerus' planet and departs for Earth. Monaka is then revealed to be an ordinary mail delivery man and aspiring fighter, Beerus awarding Monaka for his help motivating Goku and Vegeta. Goku, Vegeta, and the others from Earth return home.

The episode was rated 7.71 from 573 votes.

Dragon Ball Super - S3E8

#9 - Turn Your Anger into Strength! Vegeta's Full-Bore Battle (Season 3 - Episode 8)

Vegeta must find the strength in him to defeat the Frieza-like creature, Frost. Champa also introduces a new rule, much to the dislike of Beerus.

The episode was rated 7.75 from 515 votes.

Dragon Ball Super - S3E7

#8 - Piccolo vs Frost! Stake it All on the Special Beam Cannon! (Season 3 - Episode 7)


With Goku removed from the tournament, Piccolo faces Frost next and charges up his Special Beam Cannon while simultaneously evading Frost's attacks. To buy himself time to charge his attack, Piccolo creates clones of himself to distract Frost. Frost quickly disposes of decoys and charges at Piccolo. After a bout of close combat, Frost defeats Piccolo with a power blast. Before the referee could rule in Frost's favor, Jaco chimes in claiming that Frost had been cheating all along. The referee examines Frost and finds that he had been using an illegal item hidden in his gauntlet to drug his opponents into a temporary stupor. Champa is initially outraged to find that Frost had cheated. Vados reveals that Frost actually runs a criminal empire with the latter confessing that he set up the attacks on the planets he saved. Although Piccolo is declared the winner and Frost is disqualified, Vegeta reverses it to fight Frost.

The episode was rated 7.77 from 525 votes.

Dragon Ball Super - S3E6

#7 - Surprise, 6th Universe! This is Super Saiyan Goku! (Season 3 - Episode 6)

The tournament finally begins, and Goku is the first to fight the mysterious fighters of Universe 6.

The episode was rated 7.79 from 521 votes.

Dragon Ball Super - S3E15

#6 - A Chaotic Victory Party! Showdown at Last? Monaka vs. Goku! (Season 3 - Episode 15)


Bulma holds a celebration party at the Capsule Corporation following the tournament, with Beerus lying to her about relaying the invite to Monaka as he and Whis know Goku would want to fight Monaka if he were to attend. But Monaka does attend due to Jaco making an order to the former's delivery company, forcing Beerus to come clean about Monaka while threatening the others to hide this from Goku. When Goku does arrive, Goten and Trunks suggest that Beerus disguise himself in a Monaka costume to fight Goku. Beerus agrees to the plan, the fight eventually ended by Whis and Pu'ar disguised as Beerus. With Goku none the wiser, everyone carries on with the festivities.

The episode was rated 7.82 from 548 votes.

Dragon Ball Super - S3E9

#5 - An Unexpectedly Uphill Battle! Vegeta's Great Blast of Fury! (Season 3 - Episode 9)

Vegeta continues his battle with Magetta, struggling against the rising temperatures in the enclosed arena. Vegeta tries to end it quickly with a Galick Gun, but Magetta's lava spit blast overcomes it, and Magetta follows it with a punch that sends Vegeta flying toward the ground. After nearly being disqualified through a ring-out, Vegeta powers up in anger, destroying the barrier of the arena. He then strikes Magetta with a Final Flash, forcing Magetta to the very edge of the stage. Rushing up to his combatant, Vegeta forces Magetta out of the ring with a quick series of punches.

The episode was rated 7.86 from 546 votes.

Dragon Ball Super - S3E11

#4 - The 6th Universe's Mightiest Warrior! Engage the Assassin Hit! (Season 3 - Episode 11)


Vegeta and Hit start their battle, the former finding himself unable to land a single blow on Hit due to his superior speed. Eventually, Vegeta is struck by a heavy blow and collapses with Hit declared the winner. Suddenly, it is revealed that Hit used a technique called "time-skip", which freezes a tenth of a second for everyone but himself. Goku walks up to battle Hit. Initially, Hit overpowers Goku, which prompts him to ask Goku to surrender. Goku refuses and reveals he's been using the time to figure out how Hit's technique works, predicting and evading his opponent's moves. Hit claims that Goku's foresight was just a fluke and that he will not be able to use it again. But Goku is able to foresee Hit's attacks and defend himself. Goku proposes that both of them fight at their full power. Hit concurs and withdraws. Shortly afterwards, both start preparing for their next fight.

The episode was rated 8.16 from 591 votes.

Dragon Ball Super - S3E13

#3 - A Decision at Last! Is the Winner Beerus? Or is it Champa? (Season 3 - Episode 13)

Goku and Hit reach a stalemate as they resolve not to fight for the Destroyers' whims, Goku requesting that for the rules to be waived so Hit can freely use his assassination techniques. Champa and Beerus argue over this decision before Goku jumps out of the ring in response to Beerus's refusal to remove the rules, revealing that he was at his limit of using Kaiล-ken. Shortly afterwards, a frightened Monaka faces Hit, who takes a dive to repay Goku for enabling him to surpass his limits the Universe Seven team declared the winners. Just as the festivities are about to conclude while Champa gives his team death threats, Grand Zenล, a mysterious "King of Universes", appears in the ring.

The episode was rated 8.19 from 599 votes.

Dragon Ball Super - S3E10

#2 - Don't Forget Your Saiyan Pride! Vegeta vs. The 6th Universe's Saiyan! (Season 3 - Episode 10)


Vegeta squares off against Cabba in an intense battle. Vegeta goes to extreme lengths to grant a request that Cabba makes during their bout.

The episode was rated 8.21 from 553 votes.

Dragon Ball Super - S3E12

#1 - A Developed "Time Skip" Counterstrike? Here Comes Goku's New Move! (Season 3 - Episode 12)

While Goku manages to counter Hit's time-skip attacks, the displeased Hit fakes a power up while revealing that Goku inspired him to increase the duration of his time-skip to a second to inflict enough blows to force Goku on ground. Champa tells Hit to finish off Goku, but Hit refuses to obey his order out of respect for Goku. Goku manages to get back on his feet, and the two resume their fight. Goku is soon backed into a corner and resorts to using a move he intended to use on Beerus: using the Kaiล-ken technique while in Super Saiyan Blue form to greatly increase his strength and speed. Having powered up, Goku begins pummeling and blasting Hit, who manages to evade most of the attacks with ease.

The episode was rated 8.60 from 627 votes.

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