10 Best Episodes of Elite - Season 1

When three working class kids enroll in the most exclusive school in Spain, the clash between the wealthy and the poor students leads to tragedy.

Written by Sophie and last updated on feb 08, 2023.

PS: The following content contains spoilers!

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Elite - S1E1

#8 - Welcome (Season 1 - Episode 1)

After a public high school collapses, the builder tries to repair its image by paying for three impacted students to attend an exclusive private school.

The episode was rated 7.55 from 760 votes.

Elite - S1E5

#7 - Everyone Lies (Season 1 - Episode 5)


Marina gives Nano a way to pay his debt. Lu intentionally leaks a secret in front of Nadia. Omar learns Ander told his friends about the two of them.

The episode was rated 7.71 from 518 votes.

Elite - S1E2

#6 - Desire (Season 1 - Episode 2)

A school project brings Marina and Samuel closer, and inspires Guzmán to try and win over Nadia. Meanwhile, Christian is shocked by a revelation.

The episode was rated 7.77 from 602 votes.

Elite - S1E6

#5 - Everything Will Be Okay (Season 1 - Episode 6)


Nano learns one watch holds a secret. Marina's pot stash is found. News of a pregnancy raises suspicions. Christian is offered fame if he does a favor.

The episode was rated 7.81 from 507 votes.

Elite - S1E4

#4 - Love Is a Drug (Season 1 - Episode 4)

Guzmán tries to earn Nadia's forgiveness. Polo and Christian bond at a gala. Lu bribes her teacher. To pay his debt, Nano must complete a dark mission.

The episode was rated 7.87 from 535 votes.

Elite - S1E3

#3 - Saturday Night (Season 1 - Episode 3)


Samuel throws a party, where Nano makes a move on Marina and spiked punch affects more than one couple. Nadia is hurt by what she learns about Guzmán.

The episode was rated 7.92 from 575 votes.

Elite - S1E7

#2 - Everything Explodes (Season 1 - Episode 7)

Carla suspects Marina is involved in the theft. Omar's father makes plans for his son. After learning his sister’s secret, Guzmán seeks revenge.

The episode was rated 8.15 from 503 votes.

Elite - S1E8

#1 - Assilah (Season 1 - Episode 8)


The last moments before the murder unfold. Christian makes a tough decision. The police arrest a suspect. Guzmán becomes reckless with grief.

The episode was rated 8.16 from 526 votes.

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