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ER explores the inner workings of an urban teaching hospital and the critical issues faced by the dedicated physicians and staff of its overburdened emergency room.

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The 10 Worst Episodes of ER

ER - S15E11

#1 - Separation Anxiety


Season 15 - Episode 11

Alex is set to be released from the hospital. Doctors treat African-American brothers Curtis Bennet, 17, who has abdominal pain and 10-year-old Quincy Bennet who has a knee injury. Both were injured during a drug deal that went terribly wrong. There's still some residual tension between Gates and Sam. A female patient in police custody doesn't want to be examed by Morris. A 13-year-old patient named Anastasia messes with Neela's love life.

The episode was rated #1 Worst episode of ER from 64 votes.

ER - S15E6

#2 - Oh, Brother


Season 15 - Episode 6

Dr. Banfield is irritated when Morris takes Chaz under his wing and teaches him risky medical procedures; Neela is unhappy when Dr. Banfield undermines her authority with an intern.

The episode was rated #2 Worst episode of ER from 63 votes.

ER - S12E4

#3 - Blame It on the Rain


Season 12 - Episode 4

In the wake of heavy rains, the ER is flooded with diverse patients, including a baby involved in a suspicious car crash with her mother and a heart-attack victim visited by his sex therapist. Sam confronts Eve about her strict ways. Abby learns the details of Dubenko's condition and tactfully refuses his advances. Kovač protests when nursing home workers drop off Blaire Collins, who has been comatose for six years, for routine care, but later in the day, she unexpectedly regains consciousness.

The episode was rated #3 Worst episode of ER from 81 votes.

ER - S12E1

#4 - Cañon City


Season 12 - Episode 1

A frantic Sam and Luka report diabetic Alex missing after he runs away to find his father. Acting on information from the police, they follow a lead to Iowa, then eventually head for Colorado. As they travel, they discuss their relationship, Sam tells Luka she doesn't want anymore kids. After finding Alex safe, Sam tells him the truth and takes him to see his father. In the ER, Susan, Pratt, and the nurses evaluate Ray, Neela, and Abby’s first days as R2s, while each of them struggle to manage patients, new interns, and their first attempts at teaching.

The episode was rated #4 Worst episode of ER from 79 votes.

ER - S8E19

#5 - Brothers and Sisters (1)


Season 8 - Episode 19

Susan receives a message from her niece on her answering machine, saying that Chloe's "sick." The call is traced to New York City, putting Susan on a plane. Officers Boscarelli and Yokas are assigned to chaperone Susan in the search for her sister. Chloe is found in "Urinetown," suffering a broken heart, but Little Suzie is not with her. Pratt hits on Chen several times throughout the day, and also performs an unauthorized procedure with Gallant on a dying man. Abby returns to her apartment, where Carter catches her drinking a beer. He confronts Luka about her relapse, and Abby herself later. She tells Carter not to worry about her. Romano signs Weaver up to meet with the Women's Health Coalition. Corday requests immediate time off from Romano to join Mark and Rachel in Hawaii. (Unleashed (2) aired on Third Watch, season 3, episode 19.)

The episode was rated #5 Worst episode of ER from 99 votes.

ER - S11E16

#6 - Here and There


Season 11 - Episode 16

Gallant and Neela have been exchanging letters regularly. Gallant struggles with the war he sees every day, while Neela is searching for her life's purpose. Gallant enlists Neela's help in getting a critically burned Iraqi girl lined up for surgery in Chicago and heads for the U.S. with 72 hours leave.

The episode was rated #6 Worst episode of ER from 76 votes.

ER - S15E13

#7 - Love Is a Battlefield


Season 15 - Episode 13

Morris tries to help a girl who was hit while riding her bike; Gates can't get over his feelings for Sam; Neela is flustered when Dr. Brenner returns from Australia.

The episode was rated #7 Worst episode of ER from 65 votes.

ER - S15E12

#8 - Dream Runner


Season 15 - Episode 12

Neela has a recurring dream; Gates tries to save a patient who jumped out of a window while sleeping; Neela is surprised to see Dr. Corday.

The episode was rated #8 Worst episode of ER from 69 votes.

ER - S11E5

#9 - An Intern's Guide to the Galaxy


Season 11 - Episode 5

It is Neela's first day back at the ER and Pratt orders each intern to discharge 25 patients by the end of their shift, tracking their output. Neela struggles with frustration as she trails in the competition and is asked rude personal questions by a medical student Jane Figler while trying to help a patient with severe leukemia. Ray leads by a landslide, but makes a major mistake by green-lighting organ donation against the family's wishes after he sped through the paperwork. Not interested in the competition, Abby fakes a needle prick in order to get HIV-protective medication for a worried patient- and deals with a med student who is smitten for her. Dubenko looks out for Abby when Ray rides all over her in a trauma. Dubenko is also a little obsessed with physics.

The episode was rated #9 Worst episode of ER from 78 votes.

ER - S11E18

#10 - Refusal of Care


Season 11 - Episode 18

Lewis, Neela, and Sam are legally blocked from treating a woman dying from the effects of a hunger strike designed to prevent her son from being deported. Pratt struggles to find a way to convince a woman with breast cancer to seek treatment. Abby treats two elderly sisters involved in a mugging. To Weaver's delight, Carter donates $150 million to the hospital's new venture, in exchange for naming rights. Carter calls Kem and asks her opinion on The Joshua Carter Center, named after their stillborn son.

The episode was rated #10 Worst episode of ER from 72 votes.

ER - S11E21
#11 - Carter Est Amoureux
Season 11 - Episode 21

After hearing that Kem's mother is sick, Carter flies to Paris to see Kem. While there, Carter offers to move back to Africa to start all over. Birdie and Rebecca are back; Rebecca was strangled by their niece Shelley, so Birdie stabbed Shelley. Neela, Abby and Ray all make rookie mistakes with various patients. While in counseling, Sam reveals that she thinks that she and Kovač should not be together. Abby makes it clear that she and Jake do not have a future together.

The episode was rated #1 Worst episode of ER from 72 votes.

ER - S10E14
#12 - Impulse Control
Season 10 - Episode 14

Sam treats a mother whose family was in a car accident and a 16-year-old pregnant girl whose boyfriend loaned her out to his friends. With Alex at a sleepover, she gets lonely and heads over to Luka's, where they end up sleeping together. Carter shows Kem the city and proposes they move into a townhouse he bought for them, but she leaves to go back to Africa for a while. A Human Resources consultant sent to the ER observes the staff.

The episode was rated #2 Worst episode of ER from 78 votes.

ER - S13E19
#13 - Family Business
Season 13 - Episode 19

When father-and-son (guest stars Robert and Andy Prosky) come to the ER, Luka must treat the son’s failing heart while he takes on responsibility for the father. Language presents a challenge when Neela and Abby treat a good Samaritan. Meanwhile, Pratt tries to help Chaz make a new career choice, Gates has troubles with his own father, and Sam’s got her hands full with a seminar on handling aggressive patients. And who’s the John Doe Abby’s treating, and hiding from Luka?

The episode was rated #3 Worst episode of ER from 70 votes.

ER - S13E23
#14 - The Honeymoon Is Over
Season 13 - Episode 23

Luka postpones his honeymoon, leaving Abby, Joe and the ER behind to begin a different journey. Meanwhile, it's Moretti's first day as Chief of Emergency Medicine, and everyone feels the effects of his style, especially Pratt and Morris. Neela learns of Ray's fate, then joins an anti-war rally and finds herself in a dangerous situation. Gates faces a crisis on the home front.

The episode was rated #4 Worst episode of ER from 71 votes.

ER - S15E2
#15 - Another Thursday at County
Season 15 - Episode 2

Everyone in the ER is trying to cope with the loss of their colleague. The staff feels defensive toward the new Chief and her tough disposition. Gates and the new interns treat a bio terrorist, who has a lethal secret that endangers them all. Neela makes a great effort to get Dubenko back on the surgery staff, and gets help from an unexpected souce.

The episode was rated #5 Worst episode of ER from 66 votes.

ER - S11E20
#16 - You Are Here
Season 11 - Episode 20

Carter receives early tenure at Susan's expense. Luka finds Sam's pregnancy test, and asks her the result. They argue all day, Lewis suggests if they can't sort it out they may need therapy. Pratt's friend convinces him to attend an old friend's 30th birthday party. Ray thinks a 14-year-old is a drug seeker, but he's really the victim of molestation. Abby meets Jake's extended family at his niece's baptism. Morris is the new chief resident.

The episode was rated #6 Worst episode of ER from 67 votes.

ER - S14E16
#17 - Truth Will Out
Season 14 - Episode 16

Kovac is in Chicago looking for hospice-care work. Neela's aorta surgery has caused an infection in her patient. Abby treats a teen who has been beaten up. Brenner continues to cause problems for the ER staff.

The episode was rated #7 Worst episode of ER from 64 votes.

ER - S9E10
#18 - Hindsight
Season 9 - Episode 10

The past 24 hours play in reverse after Luka gets into a car accident with Erin. Luka was forced into working hungover after a staff Christmas party, leading to a patient being brain dead. At the party, he confesses to Abby that he misses her before an oblivious Carter interrupts.

The episode was rated #8 Worst episode of ER from 89 votes.

ER - S12E5
#19 - Wake Up
Season 12 - Episode 5

Kovač bonds with Blaire, who has no memory of the carjacking and rape-murder incident that caused her coma, while her drug therapy becomes an issue. In the wake of Lewis' abrupt departure, new attending physician Victor Clemente arrives to help make the ER more efficient, but the residents are not too fond of him, despite his wide-ranging knowledge. Abby's breast cancer patient convinces her to take a long-delayed exam. Ray begins a sexual relationship with a young woman named Zoe Butler.

The episode was rated #9 Worst episode of ER from 75 votes.

ER - S15E4
#20 - Parental Guidance
Season 15 - Episode 4

Banfield is caught off guard when a man tries to steal her wallet; Dr. Dubenko returns to the surgery team; a family member is suspected of hurting a young gymnast; Sarah gets her tongue pierced.

The episode was rated #10 Worst episode of ER from 65 votes.

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i miss Abby Lockhart!


The first truly excellent medical show on TV.


A show I have loved from beginning to end.


Pas seulement LA série médicale, c'est aussi celle qui aura lancé la "mode des séries" en France, grave au prime time de France 2 du dimanche. Avec ses personnages en 3 dimensions et leurs mésaventures...tout y est !

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