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FBI: International

FBI: International

CBS 2021

Follow the elite agents of the FBI's International Fly Team as they travel the world with the mission of protecting Americans wherever they may be.

Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

The 10 Best Episodes of FBI: International

FBI: International - S1E21

#1 - Crestfallen (Season 1 - Episode 21)

When a private jet carrying American citizens is shot down outside of a small town in Poland, the Fly Team looks into the man who missed the flight. Also, Forrester is conflicted when he receives information from his mother.

The episode was rated 7.75 from 301 votes.

FBI: International - S1E11

#2 - Chew Toy (Season 1 - Episode 11)

When an NYPD officer is detained in Transnistria for aggravated assault, the fly team investigates his claims of infiltrating a sex trafficking ring being concealed by those in power; Forrester receives an unusual message from an unknown sender.

The episode was rated 7.74 from 333 votes.

FBI: International - S2E2

#3 - Don't Say Her Name Again (Season 2 - Episode 2)

When a local predator begins extorting underage American girls online, the team attempts to bring the offender to justice with on-site help from one of the victims; Kellett decides she should find a roommate.

The episode was rated 7.73 from 230 votes.

FBI: International - S1E9

#4 - One Kind of Madman (Season 1 - Episode 9)

The team jets to Bulgaria when terrorists hold hostage for millions in cryptocurrency a concert hall filled with multinational student performers and their families. Raines is intent on proving his field skills, and Forrester receives news of their dog, Tank.

The episode was rated 7.73 from 371 votes.

FBI: International - S1E15

#5 - Shouldn’t Have Left Her (Season 1 - Episode 15)

When Raines' sister goes missing in Kosovo, he goes rogue to find her, putting his job and his life on the line; Kellett and Forrester face further scrutiny from inside the bureau.

The episode was rated 7.72 from 322 votes.

FBI: International - S1E20

#6 - Red Penguin (Season 1 - Episode 20)

The Fly Team and Jaeger head to Berlin when the 19-year-old son of an American billionaire is found unresponsive in his apartment. As the team works to determine if foul play was involved, they realize there’s a shadowy group on the case as well.

The episode was rated 7.72 from 314 votes.

FBI: International - S1E10

#7 - Close to the Sun (Season 1 - Episode 10)

Kellett and the team reluctantly join an investigation in Northern Ireland, when one of Kellett's informants is arrested for his connection to a robbery and murder, and calls her to help clear his name.

The episode was rated 7.68 from 390 votes.

FBI: International - S1E6

#8 - The Secrets She Knows (Season 1 - Episode 6)

After a U.S. intelligence negotiator goes missing and her ransacked Paris apartment is discovered to be covered in her blood, the team is on the clock to find her before the country's nuclear secrets fall into the wrong hands. Also, Forrester finds himself drawing certain parallels to his mother's disappearance.

The episode was rated 7.67 from 424 votes.

FBI: International - S1E4

#9 - American Optimism (Season 1 - Episode 4)

The team investigates an American citizen who is proclaiming his innocence after seeking sanctuary at Madrid’s U.S. embassy while still covered in the blood of his murdered Spanish boyfriend. Also, Vo and Raines continue to grow their friendship.

The episode was rated 7.66 from 431 votes.

FBI: International - S1E13

#10 - Snakes (Season 1 - Episode 13)

A couple flees to Albania while awaiting sentencing for bilking millions in COVID-19 relief funds from the U.S. government; Kellett works the case from Budapest as she and Forrester try to regain their professional boundaries.

The episode was rated 7.65 from 332 votes.

FBI: International - S1E7
#11 - Trying to Grab Smoke
Season 1 - Episode 7

When an American founder of an illegal adults-only site is killed in Prague, the team is tasked to locate his co-founder, who is still on the run in Czech Republic; Kellett struggles to maintain a relationship with her mother.

The episode was rated from 400 votes.
FBI: International - S1E12
#12 - One Point One Million Followers
Season 1 - Episode 12

When a notorious American tech tycoon becomes involved in a murder in Frankfurt, Germany, the team must chase him down amid the local protesters he's incited with his conspiracy theories on social media.

The episode was rated from 352 votes.
FBI: International - S1E3
#13 - Secrets as Weapons
Season 1 - Episode 3

The team investigates when the hijacking of millions worth of cryptocurrency en route to a safety vault in Switzerland leaves an American transporter dead and another on the run.

The episode was rated from 446 votes.
FBI: International - S1E14
#14 - The Kill List
Season 1 - Episode 14

The team must figure out how to keep the U.S. attorney general safe amid a possible security breach while she's in Hungary for an important meeting.

The episode was rated from 337 votes.
FBI: International - S1E5
#15 - The Soul of Chess
Season 1 - Episode 5

The team investigates an American journalist’s death by poison after his attempt to meet with an anonymous source in Poland. Also, Kellett takes Forrester to task for being overprotective with her during the mission.

The episode was rated from 409 votes.
FBI: International - S2E3
#16 - Money Is Meaningless
Season 2 - Episode 3

The team travels to Mallorca when an American is found brutally murdered on the estate of her powerful father-in-law.

The episode was rated from 96 votes.
FBI: International - S1E8
#17 - Voice of the People
Season 1 - Episode 8

When a group of Americans are among the victims of a bombing at a festival in Budapest, the team is brought in to find the perpetrators before they strike again. Also, when Vo's new beau is injured in the blast, she re-evaluates what dating truly means while in the bureau.

The episode was rated from 389 votes.
FBI: International - S1E1
#18 - Pilot (III)
Season 1 - Episode 1

Special Agent Scott Forrester and his Budapest-based FBI fly team head to Croatia, after Isobel Castille enlists their help to capture an American fugitive who escaped to Zagreb with a 14-year-old girl. OA continues with the mission overseas, intent on bringing the fugitive to justice, while Europol agent Katrin Jaeger attempts to help the team secure the necessary support and access from the less-than-cooperative local authorities. The crossover starts on FBI S04E01 All That Glitters (I) and FBI: Most Wanted S03E01 Exposed (II).

The episode was rated from 553 votes.
FBI: International - S1E16
#19 - Left of Boom
Season 1 - Episode 16

The Fly Team lands in hot water when Vo is found at the scene where a Hungarian gambling regulator was murdered.

The episode was rated from 332 votes.
FBI: International - S1E2
#20 - The Edge
Season 1 - Episode 2

The International Fly Team is called on when a young mother flees to Hungary with her son, after losing partial custody of her son in the U.S. However, after the boy is kidnapped from his mother in broad daylight in Budapest, the team questions which parent is the danger in the child’s life

The episode was rated from 453 votes.

Last updated: oct 06, 2022



I'm not ready to pass any judgement on this one...yet, but there's one thing that annoys me to no end with the first couple of episodes. The behavior of this “FBI team” is atrocious. The arrogance is just freaking unbelievable. I really hope, for international law enforcement cooperations sake, that this is just awful writing, and not even just a little like how these teams work in real life. I get that this is fiction, but if I was on one of these teams in real life, I would be really pissed...that's for sure.


This show is so stupid. Horrible acting where Luke Kleintank is the worst. The characters are just annoying and the plots has been lazy at best. But the writing is the worst. Is it teens writing this shit? I gave it three episodes but now I'm done. I would be very surprised if this show would get a whole season.


How was this show made? It's just awful compared to the other two FBI's. Just can't engage with anything in this show. I don't like the characters, the whole prancing around Europe flashing an FBI badge, lol, that is cute. Also magically, almost everyone speaks English... which is pretty impressive, not so much in my own experience. And as of the last episode apparently, fax machines are still a thing??? I just cannot anymore... horribly ruined show.


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