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Foyle's War

Foyle's War

ITV 2002

Touted as the new Inspector Morse, this ITV detective show stars Michael Kitchen as a police inspector frustrated at being stuck at home investigating provincial crimes during the Second World War. Honeysuckle Weeks is an inspired choice as Foyle's sidekick, a clergyman's daughter posted from the Women's Royal Army Corps to serve as his driver, and she plays the part with an admirable period style. Foyle's War opens in southern England in the year 1940 - which may seem a strangely remote period in which to place a new detective, but the setting turns out to be a means of adding moral and dramatic depth to the storylines.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Foyle's War

Foyle's War - S7E3

#1 - The Hide


Season 7 - Episode 3

DCS Foyle is replaced and is free at last - he's resigned his position and planning to travel to the United States for an extended tour. Before departing however, he's asked to look into the case of James Devereaux, a young man who joined the Nazi British Free Corps during the war.

The episode was rated from 88 votes.

Foyle's War - S4E2

#2 - Bad Blood


Season 4 - Episode 2

Foyle investigates the a mysterious disease affecting local farm animals and looks into the arrest of a pacifist accused of stabbing a war hero.

The episode was rated from 98 votes.

Foyle's War - S5E1

#3 - Bleak Midwinter


Season 5 - Episode 1

The apparently accidental death of a young woman in a munitions factory becomes linked with the murder of Milner's estranged wife as he falls under suspicion.

The episode was rated from 83 votes.

Foyle's War - S6E3

#4 - All Clear


Season 6 - Episode 3

Foyle joins a municipal committee that's preparing for the now imminent V-E Day celebration but soon finds himself investigating the deaths of two of its members.

The episode was rated from 89 votes.

Foyle's War - S6E1

#5 - Plan of Attack


Season 6 - Episode 1

Milner is unhappy with his new DCS and has asked for a transfer, but after he is murdered, Foyle comes out of retirement to replace him.

The episode was rated from 95 votes.

Foyle's War - S8E2
#6 - The Cage
Season 8 - Episode 2

Foyle investigates the death of a Russian and it ends up leading to a mysterious military facility run by a Colonel with an impeccable war record.

The episode was rated from 102 votes.
Foyle's War - S6E2
#7 - Broken Souls
Season 6 - Episode 2

Foyles hones in on two murders: an unpopular psychiatrist in a trauma facility and a low security German POW on work release to a local farm.

The episode was rated from 84 votes.
Foyle's War - S9E3
#8 - Elise
Season 9 - Episode 3

When his colleague Hilda Pierce is nearly killed in an attempted assassination, Foyle must re-examine her top secret role during the war to find out if there was a traitor at the heart of the Special Operations Executive.

The episode was rated from 91 votes.
Foyle's War - S4E1
#9 - Invasion
Season 4 - Episode 1

American troops arrive in Britain and the Corps of Engineers building an airstrip on a Hastings farm is met with resentment.

The episode was rated from 99 votes.
Foyle's War - S3E4
#10 - War of Nerves
Season 3 - Episode 4

A.C. Rose orders Foyle to delegate his investigation of black marketing ring and personally look into the possibly seditious acts of a Socialist activist.

The episode was rated from 95 votes.

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Has been cancelled months ago, so it shouldn't be TBA... One of the greatest crime dramas ever, a true classic.


This is one of my favorite period detective series. If you have an interest in British whodunit and life for WWII-era Britain, you should try this one out. Excellent writing and acting. A good eye for detail in the cultural traditions and styles of the country during the period.


Has been cancelled months ago, so it shouldn't be TBA... One of the greatest crime dramas ever, a true classic.

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