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Fraggle Rock

Fraggle Rock

HBO 1983

Somewhere in the world, there is a workshop owned by a an inventor named Doc and his Dog, Sprocket. While Doc spends his days coming up with new ideas, Sprocket is peering into a large hole in the baseboard. He knows that something lives behind the wall. Through the hole and down the tunnel, hidden from everyday reality, are brightly lit caves filled with wonderful creatures. This land, bound together by Magic, is called Fraggle Rock. The most notable of the creatures who inhabit this beautiful place are the Fraggles. Fraggles are furry, have tails, and come in all sorts of colors. The Fraggles spend their days laughing, splashing, running, singing, playing games, and telling jokes. They live by a simple care-free code.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Fraggle Rock

Fraggle Rock - S5E11

#1 - The Gorg Who Would Be King


Season 5 - Episode 11

The leaves of the Nirvana tree have fallen, and it's time for Junior Gorg to become king, but not until he has a chance to get a different perspective on the Universe.

The episode was rated from 2 votes.

Fraggle Rock - S4E5

#2 - Junior Faces the Music


Season 4 - Episode 5

Tonight is the night of the Blue Moon, and when Junior Gorg notices this, he begs Pa to let him play the Royal Kazoo to prove that he'll be a great, worthy king. But the moon needs to be full, and one also needs five Fraggle witnesses. But when Pa dismisses the idea in fear of Junior being banished, Junior feels like he'll never be much of anything. Then, when Cantus the Minstrel shows up (as a shadowy figure), he convinces Junior that he needs to believe in himself and that he can do anything he wants to. Cantus makes Junior promise to play the Royal Kazoo, and then Cantus goes to get the five Fraggle witnesses; Gobo, Mokey, Red, Wembley and Boober. Once they show up, it's time for Junior to prove what kind of king he'll be.

The episode was rated from 3 votes.

Fraggle Rock - S3E11

#3 - The Beanbarrow, the Burden, and the Bright Bouquet


Season 3 - Episode 11

Red and Mokey are a team in the All-Day, Cross-Cave Beanbarrow Finals, until an emergency causes a change of plans.

The episode was rated from 3 votes.

Fraggle Rock - S4E13

#4 - Boober Gorg


Season 4 - Episode 13

After being hit on the head by an exploding radish, Boober gets amnesia and thinks he's a Gorg. When he tells Ma and Pa Gorg, they believe him, because they think a sorceror has changed Junior, who is missing, into a Fraggle.

The episode was rated from 4 votes.

Fraggle Rock - S5E12

#5 - The Honk of Honks


Season 5 - Episode 12

Cantus and the Minstrels are back and ready to perform the Song of Songs, but first Gobo must find the Honk of Honks. Along the way, he meets Doc face to face for the first time.

The episode was rated from 1 votes.

#6 - Change of Address
Season 5 - Episode 13

Doc finally knows of the Fraggles, when he and Sprocket have to move. Will Gobo be able to relay the Trash Heap's message ""You cannot leave the magic"" in time?

The episode was rated from 2 votes.
#7 - Marooned
Season 1 - Episode 17

Boober's birthday is interrupted by a disaster (and didn't he just know this was going to happen?!).

The episode was rated from 12 votes.
#8 - The Wizard of Fraggle Rock
Season 2 - Episode 11

The Wizard, the shiftiest Fraggle in the Rock, has an ulterior motive in trading identities with Wembley.

The episode was rated from 6 votes.
#9 - Fraggle Wars
Season 2 - Episode 17

While camping far from home, Mokey and Red discover a band of Fraggles who are humorless and cruel. After Mokey is captured, both sides get ready for war!

The episode was rated from 7 votes.
#10 - Red's Blue Dragon
Season 4 - Episode 10

Red's been playing "Princess Gwenelot and the Evil Dragon" lately, and when Gobo tells her she needs to grow up and stop playing make-believe, she happens upon the T. Matthew Fraggle Room, the cavern with the dozens of tunnels that lead to different places in "Outer Space." But when she accidentally spots a huge, blue dragon, it gets lost in Fraggle Rock. She tries to convince Gobo and Uncle Matt about the dragon, but they just think she's played make-believe too much, so it's up to Red to make things right.

The episode was rated from 3 votes.

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