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The chaotic and violent struggle to control wealth and power in the North American fur trade in late 18th century Canada. Told from multiple perspectives, Frontier takes place in a world where business negotiations might be resolved with close-quarter hatchet fights, and where delicate relations between native tribes and Europeans can spark bloody conflicts.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Frontier

Frontier - S1E6

#1 - The Gallows


Season 1 - Episode 6

Chaos ensues at Fort James when Michael and Sokanon conspire to free Harp from Benton's grip.

The episode was rated from 828 votes.

Frontier - S2E6

#2 - Keetom Takooteeoo Maheekun (The Return of the Wolf)


Season 2 - Episode 6

Season Finale. Chesterfield reels from the theft of the pelts and searches for Harp. Michael meets with Pond and is faced with a hard choice when Sokanon arrives. Josephette and the Brown Brothers unite against Grant, and Harp must deal with enemies on all sides and make new alliances.

The episode was rated from 345 votes.

Frontier - S1E5

#3 - The Disciple


Season 1 - Episode 5

Captain Johnson closes in on Benton; the fort is reinforced with soldiers as Harp and Benton come face to face; Emberly makes a move to control Chesterfield.

The episode was rated from 834 votes.

Frontier - S2E2

#4 - Wanted


Season 2 - Episode 2

Bounty hunters find Harp in the North. Benton sails to England at the mercy of Everton, but makes a new friend. Michael has a plan to make the Black Wolf more money. Carruthers and Grant vie for the attention of a French Marquis, and Emberly finds herself in danger of losing her independence.

The episode was rated from 447 votes.

Frontier - S1E4

#5 - Wolves


Season 1 - Episode 4

An unexpected arrival to Fort James puts Lord Benton and Chesterfield on edge; Emberly conspires to rid herself of a problem; Michael is shocked when he sees someone from his past.

The episode was rated from 872 votes.

Frontier - S1E3
#6 - Mushkegowuk Esquewu
Season 1 - Episode 3

After an unprovoked attack, Machk leads the Lake Walkers to retaliate against the Brown Brothers; Harp sets out to find the truth while tensions increase.

The episode was rated from 946 votes.
Frontier - S2E5
#7 - Cannonball
Season 2 - Episode 5

Michael digs the tunnel as Chesterfield conducts live drills. Emberly returns to Fort James to discover what Chesterfield has done to her alehouse. Elizabeth Carruthers lets Douglas get close and comes face to face with Grant.

The episode was rated from 370 votes.
Frontier - S3E6
#8 - The Sins of the Father
Season 3 - Episode 6

While the new alliance teeters on collapse, Sokanon's crusade leads to bloodshed. Harp invades Lord Benton's castle and faces a dark temptation.

The episode was rated from 219 votes.
Frontier - S2E4
#9 - Mutiny
Season 2 - Episode 4

Harp travels to Montréal to do business with Elizabeth Carruthers. Michael and Sokanon arrive in Fort James to put in place their part of the plan, but Sokanon gets distracted. With Emberly gone, life has slipped from bad to worse at the alehouse.

The episode was rated from 391 votes.
Frontier - S3E5
#10 - House of the Lord
Season 3 - Episode 5

Lord Benton leverages Grace in his cause with the Hudson's Bay Company. Harp discovers a betrayal. Sokanon faces a perverse imprisonment.

The episode was rated from 216 votes.

Last updated: may 14, 2021



I don't get why people like this show: Momoa does nothing other than scowl and growl the entire show and the character just comes off as an asshole in general, none of the supporting characters are interesting or even likeable, and the show's writers seem to constantly forget what actually was in the scene they were just writing, [spoiler]like e.g. when a high-ranking officer with his cohorts go to arrest one of the traders, the officer and the trader tussle and the trader kills the officer and...none of the officer's troops steps in at this point. They actually just vanish into thin air at this point as if they had never even been there in the first place![/spoiler] The writers just completely forgot the troops were there! And this happens all the frickin' time, too, it's not just a one-off thing.


Amazing. Just amazing. The acting, the costumes and the story, everything fits together which makes the show even more amazing. Love Jason Momoa and this new show of his is definitely one of my favourites.


the acting was amazing but I just didn't enjoy the storyline


I had hoped this would be a good action adventure style show but it's more like a soap opera with all that scheming and backstabbing. Lots of stupid characters making stupid decisions. And the whole plot is so darn forseeable. It looks very good, though. The costumes, the sets, this had potential.


I'm so addicted to this series!!!


it's a very good show.


it's a very good show.


I watched 2 episodes so far but this show looks like writers took Black Sails script and changed pirates to trappers. (minor spoilers from Black Sails and Frontier but nothing that could spoil the fun) In both shows young, an inexperienced boy comes to the new world (different regions), meets the legendary outlaw and after some time gains his trust. The outlaws are grouped in companies/crews and rival with themselves, but there is greater enemy - Hudson Bay Company/The British Navy. On island/in fort there is tavern ruled by a courageous woman. Most important trapper/pirate is played by charismatic actor [spoiler]and has great problems with the government because of the woman. He also wants combine forces of all smaller companies/crews to beat the common enemy, but others don't see the need for it (besides the young boy, who is really smart).[/spoiler] Nevertheless, the show isn't bad and as far as I watched (for two episodes of both shows) I think that Frontier is slightly better. I'm little worried that the moment I don't see as many likable characters as in Black Sails, but maybe after few episodes (I watched 3 seasons of the pirate saga), I will find them more interesting.


(Two episodes in) I like it. It's not quite on the same level as other historic shows like Black Sails. But it is still very entertaining. Jason Momoa is great. Some of the accents are a bit weird/bad. Even I as a non native english speaker noticed it and I usually don't. But I can look over that. Story is interesting enough but nothing jaw dropping, same with the acting. Everyone is pretty good but nobody stands out as really great. The action and the sets and costumes are great tough but not quite as epic as Black Sails or Vikings tough (so far at least). All in all a good start for Discoverys first original scripted show.


For being a period drama, the first episode was really entertaining with history, bloodshed, and slight comedy. I'm really looking forward to watching the upcoming episodes. BTW, Jason Momoa (aka Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones) is in this too and it's already been renewed for a second season! Woohoo!!

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