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10 Worst Episodes of Ghost Hunters

Paranormal investigators investigate places that are reported to be haunted. Engaging forensic experts, historical records and the most innovative technology available, the squad helps everyday people who are struggling with unexplained supernatural phenomena.

Written by Sophie and last updated on jan 04, 2023.

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Ghost Hunters - S8E21

#10 - Tunnels of Terror (Season 8 - Episode 21)

The team explore an underworld of tunnels in Lockport, N.Y., and uncover stories of a possible murder, numerous deaths and strange goings-on.

The episode was rated 7.09 from 32 votes.

Ghost Hunters - S13E4

#9 - Nightmare Camp (Season 13 - Episode 4)


The Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts Camp deep in northern Colorado forestland is plagued by reports of unsettling paranormal encounters; in the first professional investigation of the site, Grant sends the team ahead to begin without him.

The episode was rated 7.09 from 11 votes.

Ghost Hunters - S13E5

#8 - Alone in Alaska (Season 13 - Episode 5)

The team treks to Haines, Alaska, where paranormal activity is reported at the Hotel Halsingland, a converted former military outpost in a region where many once lost their lives due to extreme weather conditions, starvation and bloody conflicts.

The episode was rated 7.06 from 16 votes.

Ghost Hunters - S5E25

#7 - Hindenburg Crash Site (Season 5 - Episode 25)


In the exciting season finale, TAPS travels to the site where Hindenburg, one of history's most infamous disasters, took place. Because the tragedy occurred on a large naval base, the team is only asked to investigate the Main hanger, which is known as the hub for paranormal activity. And in case you've never heard of Hindenburg, here's a little history lesson for you: The Hindenburg was a German airship filled with hydrogen for buoyancy. In 1937, while trying to dock at the Lakehurst Naval base, it caught fire and killed 36 people. The entire ordeal was caught on film and is still one of the most famous tragedies that has ever been reported. To date, people on the base claim: they've seen shadows, been touched by invisible forces and heard doors slam by themselves. Sounds like paranormals to us, but TAPS heads in to give the official word. After taking a tour of the massive base, the ghost hunters get to work. Jay and Grant begin the hunt on the main floor of Hangar 1. They hear loud humming noises but realize that they are in the middle of a huge building so they attribute the sounds to the size of the space. They have another false alarm when a figure is picked up on the thermal imaging camera that looks like a person under a white sheet. Upon further investigation they see that the "figure" is merely military equipment that looks like a human form from a distance. But later on they do see an actual figure running up the stairwell. Hoping to catch whatever was running from them, each of the investigators walk up the catwalk. Meanwhile hunters Kris and Amy co-investigate the medical facilities area where people claim they've seen paranormals. While there, two lights in the building turn on and off by themselves and neither of the hunters can figure out if the issue is electrical or paranormal. Toward the end of the investigation, Amy and Kris survey the abandoned office area of Hanger one. While the ghost hunters are there, a door closes, the light goe

The episode was rated 7.06 from 18 votes.

Ghost Hunters - S3E16

#6 - Houses of the Holy (Season 3 - Episode 16)

The congregation at St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, in Prosser, WA, has suggested that the Reverend Jennings invite the Ghost Hunters to come in to examine a number of strange sounds, smells, and sights. Back in New England, TAPS then goes to the Sprague Mansion in Rhode Island, a beautiful building with ghost sightings dating back to 1925.

The episode was rated 7.05 from 21 votes.

Ghost Hunters - S9E15

#5 - Shock Island (Season 9 - Episode 15)


The team investigate the Pennsylvania Asylum and Testing Lab in Scott Township, Pa.

The episode was rated 7.03 from 31 votes.

Ghost Hunters - S5E16

#4 - Glimmer Men (Season 5 - Episode 16)

The team travels to Massachusetts to investigate the USS Salem. The heavy cruiser ship was built in 1945 toward the end of WWII. Presently, volunteers and crew-members claim they've seen full-bodied apparitions and heard voices throughout the vessel.

The episode was rated 7.00 from 17 votes.

Ghost Hunters - S3E17

#3 - Salem Witch (Season 3 - Episode 17)


Jason and Grant finally travel to Salem, the place that sparked Donna's interest in the paranormal. There they investigate the Lyceum Bar and Grill, which is built on land once owned by the first victim of the infamous Salem witchcraft trials. Then, when Jason must race back home due to a family emergency, Grant is left to direct the team in their investigation of the Hawthorne Hotel.

The episode was rated 7.00 from 26 votes.

Ghost Hunters - S13E7

#2 - The Last Mission (Season 13 - Episode 7)

Paranormal activity at the Wendover Airfield in Utah causes the staff to fear for its safety; the team investigates reports from a full-bodied apparition of a World War II soldier to a mysterious blinding light.

The episode was rated 6.92 from 13 votes.

Ghost Hunters - S6E21

#1 - Home Is Where the Haunt Is (Season 6 - Episode 21)


Little Falls, NY - Beardslee Castle NOTE: This location was picked as part of the 2008 Great American Ghost Hunt contest, and Savannah, GA - Olsen House

The episode was rated 6.47 from 17 votes.

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