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The assorted humiliations, disasters and rare triumphs of four very different twenty-something girls: Hannah, an aspiring writer; Marnie, an art gallery assistant and cousins Jessa and Shoshanna.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Girls

Girls - S3E12

#1 - Two Plane Rides


Season 3 - Episode 12

Hannah receives some news; Marnie divulges a secret to Shoshanna; Jessa's boss asks her for a favor.

The episode was rated #1 Best episode of Girls from 589 votes.

Girls - S5E10

#2 - I Love You Baby


Season 5 - Episode 10

Elijah and Loreen help Hannah with her plan to participate in the Moth Story Slam. Marnie prepares to go on tour with Desi. Shoshanna's idea for an "anti-hipster" Ray's takes off. After helping take care of the baby, Jessa and Adam have an epic fight.

The episode was rated #2 Best episode of Girls from 771 votes.

Girls - S6E9

#3 - Goodbye Tour


Season 6 - Episode 9

After an important meeting, Hannah reaches out to friends for advice, but has trouble reaching Marnie.

The episode was rated #3 Best episode of Girls from 905 votes.

Girls - S2E4

#4 - It's a Shame About Ray


Season 2 - Episode 4

Hannah concentrates on preparing to host her first dinner party and Marnie confronts her ex-boss, Audrey. Meanwhile, Jessa meets her new in-laws and Shoshanna takes her relationship with Ray to the next phase.

The episode was rated #4 Best episode of Girls from 515 votes.

Girls - S1E7

#5 - Welcome to Bushwick a.k.a. The Crackcident


Season 1 - Episode 7

At a raging party, Hannah sees a different side of Adam. Jessa lures the sender of an anonymous text message. Marnie finds out what Charlie's been up to recently. Shoshanna gets a hand from Ray when she needs it most.

The episode was rated #5 Best episode of Girls from 628 votes.

Girls - S1E4

#6 - Hannah's Diary


Season 1 - Episode 4

Adam's risqué text message sends Hannah over the edge. Jessa gets distracted while babysitting. Shoshanna reunites with a guy she knew at camp. Ray and Charlie stick their noses where they don't belong.

The episode was rated #6 Best episode of Girls from 672 votes.

Girls - S3E7

#7 - Beach House


Season 3 - Episode 7

Hannah and her friends go on a weekend getaway; Hannah runs into Elijah and invites him to the beach house.

The episode was rated #7 Best episode of Girls from 648 votes.

Girls - S2E10

#8 - Together


Season 2 - Episode 10

In the Season 2 finale, Hannah attempts to write her book in one day so her publisher doesn't sue her. Meanwhile, Ray tries to impress Shoshanna with a bold career move; and Marnie gets the wrong idea about Charlie.

The episode was rated #8 Best episode of Girls from 557 votes.

Girls - S1E8

#9 - Weirdos Need Girlfriends Too


Season 1 - Episode 8

While Hannah delves deeper into Adam's life, an unemployed Jessa and a down-and-out Marnie end up forming an unexpected bond before coming face to face with an eligible bachelor who is pretending to be something he is not.

The episode was rated #9 Best episode of Girls from 598 votes.

Girls - S6E8

#10 - What Will We Do This Time About Adam?


Season 6 - Episode 8

Adam comes to Hannah with surprising news. Jessa spends a day off on her own. Shoshanna slogs through helping Ray with his oral-history project, until a fortuitous run-in with Abigail, her old boss, infuses the venture with new energy.

The episode was rated #10 Best episode of Girls from 905 votes.

Girls - S5E6
#11 - The Panic in Central Park
Season 5 - Episode 6

Needing space after a fight with Desi, Marnie goes for a walk and has an unexpected run-in with someone from her past.

The episode was rated #1 Best episode of Girls from 745 votes.

Girls - S2E3
#12 - Bad Friend
Season 2 - Episode 3

On a freelance writing assignment to get out of her comfort zone, Hannah befriends the junkie downstairs and parties hard with Elijah, who reveals an explosive secret. Meanwhile, Marnie has a long awaited run-in with artist Booth Jonathan.

The episode was rated #2 Best episode of Girls from 532 votes.

Girls - S1E10
#13 - She Did
Season 1 - Episode 10

Hannah begins questioning her romantic relationship with Adam. Marnie decides to embrace her free-spirited nature during a mystery party that Jessa is hosting. Shoshanna benefits from her unique personality and characteristics.

The episode was rated #3 Best episode of Girls from 533 votes.

Girls - S3E9
#14 - Flo
Season 3 - Episode 9

Hannah gets a strange request from her mother while visiting her grandmother in the hospital; Hannah has a drink with her cousin.

The episode was rated #4 Best episode of Girls from 602 votes.

Girls - S3E11
#15 - I Saw You
Season 3 - Episode 11

Hannah and Elijah have dinner with Patti LuPone; Jessa looks for a job; Hannah, Shoshanna and Elijah attend Marnie's performance.

The episode was rated #5 Best episode of Girls from 593 votes.

Girls - S1E3
#16 - All Adventurous Women Do
Season 1 - Episode 3

Hannah meets up with her erstwhile college flame to find out how she contracted HPV, uncovering much more in the process. Marnie's art-gallery boss introduces her to a cocky artist who piques her interest. Jessa gets a babysitting gig.

The episode was rated #6 Best episode of Girls from 730 votes.

Girls - S6E7
#17 - The Bounce
Season 6 - Episode 7

Elijah prepares for an open-call audition for a new Broadway musical, but is thrown off his game by an unexpected visitor. In need of cash, Marnie tries to pawn a family heirloom and gets a wakeup call from an unlikely source. Hannah reconnects with Paul-Louis.

The episode was rated #7 Best episode of Girls from 919 votes.

Girls - S2E5
#18 - One Man's Trash
Season 2 - Episode 5

Even Hannah is surprised when she's attracted to a fortysomething doctor and his life of unspectacular stability.

The episode was rated #8 Best episode of Girls from 518 votes.

Girls - S6E4
#19 - Painful Evacuation
Season 6 - Episode 4

Hannah interviews influential writer Ode Montgomery, who offers eye-opening advice on being a woman and a writer. When Adam storms off the set of his latest acting job, Jessa suggests they embark on a creative endeavor of their own. Ray considers the course of his life after a regular at the coffee shop dies suddenly. Marnie is confronted with her narcissism.

The episode was rated #9 Best episode of Girls from 968 votes.

Girls - S3E1
#20 - Females Only
Season 3 - Episode 1

Shoshanna tries to balance her time at college between sex and studying, while Marnie must accept she and Charlie are through. Also, Adam and Hannah and host a dinner party.

The episode was rated #10 Best episode of Girls from 718 votes.

Last updated: mar 28, 2021



The thing about Girls is that you shouldn't come to it expecting to laugh out loud. It's raunchy, there's awkward nudity, and some pseudo-funny moments, but most of all there's a strong realism in the scripting, acting and directing that almost makes it feel like a reality show. Basically, it's not comedy, it's not drama, it's not bad, it's not good. It's just mediocre reality. And that is why I stopped watching at the end of season 1.


One of the most overrated shows I have ever watched. There is so much problematic stuff going on and I literally hate every character, but rapey (and yet glorified) Adam was the worst. He made me finally stop watching. Total waste of time.


im torn about this show. im way out of my 20s and so i wonder if this show "really gets" being 20 in the modern era or if its just a way for lena dunham to work out her personal issues/fantasies. i remember doing so many of the stupid things relationship-wise that these girls are doing. i think thats just part of being young and stupid and "in love". not knowing who or what you want in a relationship. being selfish (youre not breaking up with me im breaking up with you). trying to be adult and careful about your next relationship, trying not making the same mistakes and finding incredible new ones to make. the way they are so frivolous with their jobs is just incredible. 0 work ethic. really frustrating. i hope that part is not representative of the reality of 20somethings. i think my main reason for watching this is just schadenfreude. all the characters are so incredibly broken that i just cant look away. during marnie's karaoke scene at the work party i literally was watching through my fingers like a horror movie. and adam. i really dig him. funnily enough i think hes got his shit together more than any others. i mean hes crazy and broken like all of them but at least he realizes his faults most of the time while everyone else is just so self involved. i sometimes get the feeling that the scenes are set up just a little skits almost. there is definitely an over-arching plot of each episode but they dont flow all that well. im not sure if its just immature writing or if it meant to be that way; to feel the discord in these peoples lives. its almost as if i can hear the director calling action, see the actors hitting their marks, and then the scene unfolds. i applaud lena for the amount of time she spends half dressed. its great to see an average body type for a change. you could probably write an essay on each episode with its faults and highlights, moral and ethical questions it raises, and the dysfunctional relationships amongst the characters. this is either one of the most brilliant shows ever or a pretentious piece of crap. i think its worth a try though for most people.


Laird's hat is more fascinating than Hannah's character.


Am I the only one who thinks that the one-dimensional characters in this dramedy are super unrealistic? All four of the "girls" are spoiled, entitled, bratty, immature, narcissistic, and stupid. Sure, millennials can be all of these things from time to time, but are we really _that_ bad? I kept watching in hopes that Hannah/Marnie/Shoshanna/Jessa would become better people, but NOPE. Nobody grows an inch. There are a few funny bits, and their shenanigans are somewhat entertaining at least, but mostly this show is just frustrating.


this show was one of the most horrible shows i ever watched if i want to name one great mistake in my life watching 1 season of the girls would be one of them.


Season 3 Ep 1 is hilarious. Best thing about this series is the dialogue, it's extremely well written.


Girls just got stronger as the series went on. Lena Dunham who created, wrote, directed and starred is extremely talented. Pretty sure I'm not the target demographic (37 year old Australian male. We are fairly niche), but the writing and honesty in Dunham's performance is really something. The 10 episodes of season 1 felt very organic, they all fit together very well. By the end it feels quite tidy, but open for a second season. They make a nice nod to SatC in the first episode, but dismiss it. On paper comparisons on premise could be made, but it clearly isn't and they tell you up front. I found the character of Adam fascinating with an amazing performance.


Girls really turned out great during the season :-) Don't listen to the people who diminish it as a SatC copy/successor; it really is different.


Consistent, easily investible, completely average. It is a good show that stays rather consistent throughout its short six season runtime. With that being said, this show is your typical well written Judd Apatow show, with quality HBO production, but without the consistent Judd Apatow humor of Love, This is 40, or Knocked Up. It is a show that many people will enjoy, but the ones that love it will be incredibly niche. It is worth of checking out if you enjoy the realness of Judd Apatow content, or love a good coming of age story. With that being said, I would recommend Love over Girls. Average Season Review: 7.5/10 Recommendation: Watch if You Need Content (For Coming of Age Comedy / Drama Fans)

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