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Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Syndication 1995

This is the story of a time long ago, A time of myth and legend, when the Earth was still young. The ancient gods were petty and cruel, and they plagued mankind with suffering and beseiged them with terrors. For centuries the people had nowhere to turn, no one to look to for help. Until he arrived. He was a man like no other. Born of a beautiful mortal woman, but fathered by Zeus, king of the gods. Hercules possessed a strength the world had never seen, a strength surpassed only by the power of his heart....No matter what obstacle, as long as there were people crying for help, there was one man who would never rest --- Hercules

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The 10 Worst Episodes of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys - S3E17

#1 - Les Contemptibles


Season 3 - Episode 17

The year was 1789, Count Francois Demarigny was not interested in joining the French Revolution, he just wanted the lady Marie deValle's money. He pretended to be the Chartreuse Fox, and his comrades Jean-Pierre and Robert pretended to be highwaymen. But the Lady Marie outsmarted them, for she herself was the Chartreuse Fox. When she was captured by the French police and taken to the guillotine, tales of Hercules - champion of the common man - inspired Robert and his friends to take action. They freed Marie, gave strength to the peasants and vowed to continue fighting injustice.

The episode was rated #1 Worst episode of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys from 14 votes.

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys - S4E15

#2 - Yes, Virginia, There is a Hercules


Season 4 - Episode 15

After an earthquake shook Los Angeles, the writers and producers of Hercules discovered their star, Kevin Sorbo, had disappeared. An emergency staff meeting was called in the show's production offices. Many solutions to the problem were suggested and rejected. Unable to find a suitable replacement to play Hercules, the writers and producers got into a brawl. Then Ares and Strife appeared, pleased at the pandemonium their earthquake had caused. Just before the show could be cancelled, Kevin Sorbo showed up, fresh from rescuing people throughout the area. Sorbo was in fact Hercules, just pretending to be a mortal actor.

The episode was rated #2 Worst episode of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys from 21 votes.

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys - S3E1

#3 - Mercenary


Season 3 - Episode 1

The mercenary Derk had committed murder, and Hercules was bringing him to Sparta to stand trial when a terrible storm wrecked their boat. Stranded on a desolate island, Hercules pursued Derk even as a band of pirates chased them both. Fighting off hideous worm-like creatures while searching for water, Hercules and Derk reached an uneasy truce. In time, Hercules came to appreciate Derk as a man of pride and honor despite his wrongdoings. Finally arriving in Sparta and learning Derk would not get a fair trial, Hercules helped the mercenary escape - on the condition that he would change his ways.

The episode was rated #3 Worst episode of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys from 15 votes.

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys - S2E6

#4 - Under the Broken Sky


Season 2 - Episode 6

Beautiful Lucina was the main attraction at the unsavory pleasure palace in Enola. But she was also the wife of Atticus, the farmer who loved her. Wracked with guilt, Lucina had run off after a deadly fever took the lives of their two young sons. The dangerous Pilot was not inclined to let Lucina leave the palace, even when Hercules and Salmoneus got involved. But Hercules successfully defended himself against the attack by Pilot's thugs, and Lucina vanquished Pilot. Reunited, Atticus and Lucina departed to start a new life together.

The episode was rated #4 Worst episode of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys from 26 votes.

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys - S2E22

#5 - The Power


Season 2 - Episode 22

Deon was surprised to discover he had a magical gift: He could make others do whatever he wanted. First he made attacking bandits drop their weapons and depart. Then he made Salmoneus dance like a chicken. His mother, Aphrodite, who had spent one blissful night with his father, Jacobus, had given the power to Deon. Deon preferred his uncle Karis to his father and had a hard time believing Karis was the secret leader of the bandits. Finally Hercules and Jacobus convinced Deon of the truth. Karis was killed, and father and son were reconciled.

The episode was rated #5 Worst episode of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys from 17 votes.

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys - S4E12
#6 - Men in Pink
Season 4 - Episode 12

When Salmoneus and Autolycus were mistaken for the murderers of King Pholus, they disguised themselves as performers in the widow Twanky's all girl dance troupe. Autolycus promptly fell for the voluptuous Cupcake, while Salmoneus earned the unwanted affections of their pursuer, the late king's greedy brother Gekkus. Things got worse when the two men were forced to perform the Hootchi-Coochie-Jiggle-Wiggle in the buff, although Twanky was thrilled. The final showdown with Gekkus on stage was perceived by the audience as part of the show, Cupcake helped Autolycus and Salmoneus overcome Gekkus, who was hauled away as the king's killer.

The episode was rated #1 Worst episode of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys from 20 votes.

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys - S4E4
#7 - Web of Desire
Season 4 - Episode 4

The pirate captain Nebula tried to bury her stolen trunk of jewels in a seaside cave. But the horrifying Arachne, half spider and half woman attacked her. When Hercules and Iolaus showed up, they joined forces with Nebula to try and destroy Arachne before she could destroy them. Arachne swooped down from the ceiling of the cave and snatched Iolaus. Finding his friend wrapped in a cocoon, Hercules took on the spider-woman. During the fight he held up a reflective shield, and when Arachne saw her own image, she backed away in horror, right into a flaming cocoon.

The episode was rated #2 Worst episode of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys from 18 votes.

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys - S6E4
#8 - Darkness Visible
Season 6 - Episode 4

Hercules and Iolaus answered Vlad's call for help to defend his kingdom against vampires. Arriving in Dacia, they were joined by Galen, whose sister Nadia had gone to Vlad's castle and never returned. Soon they discovered the horrifying truth: Vlad was a vampire, and Nadia had long since joined the undead. Nadia managed to turn both Galen and Iolaus into vampires. In a clever move to save his friends, Hercules ate hemlock and gave his tainted blood to the vampires. Thus weakened, Vlad was no match for Hercules. Upon Vlad's death, the others returned to normal.

The episode was rated #3 Worst episode of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys from 15 votes.

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys - S1E4
#9 - The Festival of Dionysus
Season 1 - Episode 4

A power struggle threatened to send the peaceful kingdom of Meliad into war. Fearing the worst Queen Camilla summoned Hercules to the annual Festival of Dionysus. If Dionysus, the god of wine, did not find King Iphicles worthy to rule another year, ten lovely virgins would become drunk and slaughter the King in a terrible frenzy. Iphicles was a good king, but he was still in danger. Pentheus, the king's elder son, plotted with Ares, the god of war, to overthrow his father. Hercules battled a deadly eel and then overcame Pentheus, saving the king.

The episode was rated #4 Worst episode of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys from 41 votes.

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys - S3E5
#10 - Not Fade Away
Season 3 - Episode 5

When word of a female killing machine on the loose reached Iolaus, he expected to find the Enforcer. Instead he encountered the Enforcer II, a new and improved version of Hera's assassin. She mortally wounded Iolaus, whose last act was to warn Hercules. Hades sent the original Enforcer with Hercules to defeat the new assassin, but the Enforcer II complicated matters by abducting Hercules' mother. The original Enforcer fought an epic battle with her successor and lost, but Hercules managed to incinerate the new Enforcer with one of her own fireballs. Her destruction returned Iolaus to life.

The episode was rated #5 Worst episode of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys from 17 votes.

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