How It's Made

10 Worst Episodes of How It's Made

Have you ever wondered how the products you use every day are made? How It's Made leads you through the process of how everyday products, such as apple juice, skateboards, engines, contact lenses, and many more objects are manufactured.

Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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How It's Made - S21E13

#1 - Car Tires; Silk; Art Conservation; Scuba Tanks (Season 21 - Episode 13)

Car tires; silk; painting restoration; scuba tanks.

The episode was rated 6.15 from 13 votes.

How It's Made - S20E5

#2 - Tissues; Travel Trailers; Slippers; Motorcycle Helmets (Season 20 - Episode 5)


The episode was rated 6.39 from 18 votes.

How It's Made - S16E13

#3 - Composite Propane Cylinders; Salsa; Water-pumping Windmills; Dragsters (Season 16 - Episode 13)

Composite Propane Cylinders, Salsa, Light Bars, Dragsters

The episode was rated 6.47 from 15 votes.

How It's Made - S24E6

#4 - Scuba Lights; Sandals; Race Car Simulators; Fibreglass Doors (Season 24 - Episode 6)


On this episode see how Scuba Diving Lights,Interchangeable Sandals, Race Car Simulators, and Fibreglass Doors are made.

The episode was rated 6.50 from 14 votes.

How It's Made - S20E8

#5 - Thinning Shears; Wagon Wheels; Toaster Pastries; Violin Bows (Season 20 - Episode 8)

The episode was rated 6.55 from 11 votes.

How It's Made - S21E11

#6 - Cast Iron Stoves; Ultralight Aircraft; Snow Groomers; Rubber Bands (Season 21 - Episode 11)


Cast-iron stoves; ultra-light aircraft; snow groomers; rubber bands.

The episode was rated 6.56 from 16 votes.

How It's Made - S17E4

#7 - Corn Tortillas; Crankshafts & Camshafts; Bush Planes; Aluminum Bike Wheels (Season 17 - Episode 4)

Corn tortillas; crankshafts & camshafts; bush planes; aluminum bike wheels.

The episode was rated 6.57 from 23 votes.

How It's Made - S16E4

#8 - Needles & Pins; Architectural Mouldings; Locomotives; Clothespins (Season 16 - Episode 4)


Discover how Needles & Pins, Architectural Mouldings, Locomotives, and Clothespins are made.

The episode was rated 6.58 from 19 votes.

How It's Made - S20E9

#9 - 1000th Item: Cycling Shoes; Yurts; Marine Plywood; Oil & Encaustic Paint (Season 20 - Episode 9)

Cycling Shoes; Yurts; Marine Plywood; Oil and Encaustic Paint

The episode was rated 6.58 from 12 votes.

How It's Made - S20E12

#10 - Cast Iron Tubs; Hopi Kachina Dolls; Mine Truck Engine; Memory Cards (Season 20 - Episode 12)


The episode was rated 6.58 from 12 votes.

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