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I Dream of Jeannie

I Dream of Jeannie

NBC 1965

While on a mission, American astronaut Captain Tony Nelson is forced to make an emergency landing that will forever change his life. On a deserted South Pacific island, Captain Nelson happens upon a bottle containing a beautiful two-thousand-year-old female genie named Jeannie. Rescuing her from the bottle nets Tony the requisite three wishes, and then some, when Jeannie pledges total devotion to her new "master".

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The 10 Best Episodes of I Dream of Jeannie

I Dream of Jeannie - S5E24

#1 - Hurricane Jeannie


Season 5 - Episode 24

A hurricane traps Tony, Jeannie, Roger and Dr. Bellows overnight in the Nelson's house. Tony dreams Dr. Bellows figures out the real truth about Jeannie and her powers.

The episode was rated from 22 votes.

I Dream of Jeannie - S5E4

#2 - Guess Who's Going to Be a Bride? (2)


Season 5 - Episode 4

Roger and Tony serve three weeks in the Arctic as punishment. When Tony learns Jeannie is to be married just as he and Roger are about to be retrieved he goes straight to Basenji. As he risks his life for love of Jeannie, Jeannie refuses to be queen and leaves. Jeannie and Tony go to NASA where he introduces Jeannie as his fiancée. Even though stunned from the announcement, Jeannie blinks Roger back as he is about to be executed and as Tony and Roger get a day off as celebration, all three go home.

The episode was rated from 23 votes.

I Dream of Jeannie - S5E25

#3 - One Jeannie Beats Four of a Kind


Season 5 - Episode 25

After Tony and Roger win at poker, thanks to Jeannie, they are under suspicion of being card sharks. Worse still, the mobsters who are the real card sharks believe that Roger is a card shark too, and give him an ultimatum; win for them or take a swim in the river wearing cement shoes.

The episode was rated from 16 votes.

I Dream of Jeannie - S5E17

#4 - The Solid Gold Jeannie


Season 5 - Episode 17

3 astronauts who have come back from the moon (one of them being Tony) have to stay in a decontamination chamber for 21 days. Jeannie blinks herself into the chamber to hug Tony goodbye only to find out that she cannot leave risking contamination of the outside world. She then blinks on a gold astronaut suit and shrinks herself to be one of the other astronaut's trophys in order to conceal herself.

The episode was rated from 22 votes.

I Dream of Jeannie - S3E12

#5 - Jeannie and the Great Bank Robbery


Season 3 - Episode 12

When Tony needs to write a report for Dr Bellows, he tells Jeannie not to help him and sends her to the park, where she accidentally helps some strangers rob a bank in Tony's car.

The episode was rated from 18 votes.

I Dream of Jeannie - S3E11
#6 - Tony's Wife
Season 3 - Episode 11

Jeannie's sister convinces her that she was born under the sign of the Jinx and only disaster will come to her master. When Tony complains of the bad luck he's been having, Jeannie is certain her sister is right.

The episode was rated from 24 votes.
I Dream of Jeannie - S4E1
#7 - U.F.Oh Jeannie
Season 4 - Episode 1

While Tony and Roger testing a top secret flying saucer like craft for NASA, Jeannie pops on board and her extra weight causes them to go off course. The two land in the middle of hillbilly country and are mistaken for Martians by a family who plans on turning them in for a reward.

The episode was rated from 25 votes.
I Dream of Jeannie - S5E19
#8 - Jeannie and the Curious Kid
Season 5 - Episode 19

The Bellows' troublesome nephew stays at the Nelson house for a couple days and figures out the truth about Jeannie when he sees her smoke into her bottle.

The episode was rated from 16 votes.
I Dream of Jeannie - S4E20
#9 - The Case of the Porcelain Puppy
Season 4 - Episode 20

Jeannie; reading a genie's magazine; has found a new spell that turns ordinary objects into porcelain. this causes Dr. Bellows and his wife to think Tony is a real artist and Tony then asks jeannie to blink up amateur works of art in his garage. Things go wrong when Djinn Djinn the dog shows up and Jeannie accidentally turns him into porcelain and now she has to find a counter spell or risk losing her dog.

The episode was rated from 18 votes.
I Dream of Jeannie - S3E4
#10 - My Turned-On Master
Season 3 - Episode 4

In order to prove that she can live without her powers, Jeannie transfers them to someone else for twenty-four hours. Unfortunately, the person she transfers them to is Tony.

The episode was rated from 25 votes.

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The only thing I want to mention is: If you need to watch shows that reach some sort of conclusion, you'll be pretty sad in 5 seasons. Knowing it doesn't end anyway, I would suggest skipping season 5 entirely. It's quite sub par. [spoiler]All you need to know before watching the movies is Jeannie and Tony get married and her existence is revealed to the other characters (but not her powers)[/spoiler] The second TV movie in 1991 does try to end the series in a sane way. (I Dream of Jeannie... Fifteen Years Later (1985); I Still Dream of Jeannie (1991)


How do you make a fair assessment for a TV show that premiered more than half a century ago? From todays point of view you could easily say it´s naive, the scripts are repetitive and you could also say the show is antagonistic to women. You would be right on all this. But those were the times and those were the shows. You have to accept this and then enjoy one of TVs all time classics


**** Classic escape entertainment.**** For an escape to classic light hearted entertainment, I Dream of Jeannie, is the way to go. Great comedy series for the whole family. [spoiler] Good way to end... Finally they get married. They picked a good way to end this show on a high not instead of dragging out another season [/spoiler] My Score: 7/10.

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