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I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy

CBS 1951

Cuban Bandleader Ricky Ricardo would be happy if his wife Lucy would just be a housewife. Instead she tries constantly to perform at the Tropicana where he works, and make life comically frantic in the apartment building they share with landlords Fred and Ethel Mertz, who also happen to be their best friends.

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The 10 Best Episodes of I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy - S4E28

#1 - Lucy and Harpo Marx


Season 4 - Episode 28

Lucy decides to impersonate some Hollywood notables to impress nearsighted Caroline Appleby, who is visiting from New York. A mixup occurs when Lucy, having introduced her friend to "Gary Cooper," "Clark Gable," "Marlon Brando," and "Jimmy Durante," decides to impersonate Harpo Marx just as the real Harpo arrives at the apartment with Ricky.

The episode was rated from 21 votes.

I Love Lucy - S3E20

#2 - Home Movies


Season 3 - Episode 20

Ricky's home movies move the Mertzes to walk out, and prompt Lucy, Fred and Ethel to make a movie of their own, a "Western musical drama" shot in the Ricardo living room. But that's not to mixed up with a TV pilot Ricky's making, is it?

The episode was rated from 22 votes.

I Love Lucy - S4E14

#3 - First Stop


Season 4 - Episode 14

The Ricardos and Mertzes have a hard time finding accommodations that will please everyone on their trip to California. They finally hit a greasy restaurant where stale cheese sandwiches cost them a dollar apiece. Hoping to find something better elsewhere, Ricky pays the check. The couples leave -- only to return several hours later, fooled by some purposely misleading road signs.

The episode was rated from 28 votes.

I Love Lucy - S3E16

#4 - Sentimental Anniversary


Season 3 - Episode 16

Lucy and Ricky want to spend their 13th wedding anniversary alone, but the Mertzes have another idea: a surprise party.

The episode was rated from 21 votes.

I Love Lucy - S4E23

#5 - Bull Fight Dance


Season 4 - Episode 23

Lucy literally blackmails Ricky into getting her a part in one of his guest appearances on television. He does get her a role -- as a bull. When Lucy is displeased with the turn of events, she transforms the bull's image from that of a snarling beast to a mincing creature resembling Elsie, the Borden Cow. Look for the classic scene where Lucy upstages Ricky in this episode.

The episode was rated from 17 votes.

I Love Lucy - S1E29
#6 - The Freezer
Season 1 - Episode 29

Where's the beef? It's in Lucy and Ethel's new walk-in freezer (according to Lucy, the "human popsicle"). Of course, Ricky and Fred have a beef with their wives, because they paid $483 for it. The meat company won't take it back, and they can't sell it to customers waiting in the local butcher shop, so they're stuck with it. And speaking of stuck, Lucy gets herself locked in the freezer!

The episode was rated from 43 votes.
#7 - Lucy Has Her Eyes Examined
Season 3 - Episode 11

Lucy finally gets her chance to be in show business, when she tricks Ricky into letting her do the "Jitterbug" in one of his shows. She's terrific during rehearsals, but problems occur when Lucy accompanies Ricky (who's been suffering from headaches) to the eye doctor just before the show. There, the doctor decides to examine Lucy's eyes, as well. He puts some eyedrops in Lucy's eyes which "relaxes" them, but Lucy's vision is blurry for the next twenty four hours. Naturally, this causes problems since Lucy has to perform that night.

The episode was rated from 27 votes.
#8 - Tennessee Bound
Season 4 - Episode 15

The Ricardo-Mertz westward trek faces a delay β€” they're all thrown in jail for speeding β€” in Bent Fork, Tenn., home of Lucy's "cousin" Ernest, who'll do all he can to get them out of the pokey, even if it means marrying one of the sheriff's two daughters, Teensy and Weensy.

The episode was rated from 25 votes.
I Love Lucy - S3E15
#9 - The Charm School
Season 3 - Episode 15

It's time for charm school for Lucy and Ethel when their men eye a pretty woman at a party. But Ricky and Fred are anything but charmed by the results.

The episode was rated from 22 votes.
#10 - The Great Train Robbery
Season 5 - Episode 5

Lucy gets mixed up with a jewel thief on a cross-country rail trip that marks the end of the series' Hollywood sojourn. That's not the only reason it's a bumpy ride. Another is that Lucy keeps pulling the emergency-brake cord.

The episode was rated from 27 votes.

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