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In the Dark

In the Dark

The CW 2019

Murphy is a flawed and irreverent woman who just happens to be blind and is the only “witness” to the murder of her drug-dealing friend, Tyson. When the police dismiss her story, she sets out with her dog, Pretzel, to find the killer while also managing her colorful dating life and the job she hates at Breaking Blind — the guide-dog school owned by her overprotective parents.

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The 10 Best Episodes of In the Dark

In the Dark - S2E10

#1 - The Last Dance


Season 2 - Episode 10

Murphy and Felix swing for the fences when they attempt to execute the plan to end their arrangement with Nia. Finding himself in dire circumstances, Dean seeks the help of a former colleague. Max does the unthinkable.

The episode was rated from 148 votes.

In the Dark - S1E13

#2 - It's Always Been You


Season 1 - Episode 13

Things begin to take an interesting turn between Murphy and Dean. Season finale.

The episode was rated from 167 votes.

In the Dark - S3E1

#3 - Hanging by a Thread


Season 3 - Episode 1

With Nia dead and Josh aware of their involvement in the biggest case of his career, Murphy, Jess, Felix and Max are forced to make some life-changing decisions. Meanwhile, Officer Gene Clemens suspects something is awry within the department and forms an unlikely partnership with Josh.

The episode was rated from 125 votes.

In the Dark - S1E6

#4 - Tyson


Season 1 - Episode 6

Murphy, unable to deal with things, begins to push everyone away, including Max. Meanwhile, Murphy and Jess have a heart-to-heart.

The episode was rated from 194 votes.

In the Dark - S3E5

#5 - Planes, Trains & Automobiles


Season 3 - Episode 5

Murphy reaches out to an unlikely source for help in getting to Jess but when Trey makes other plans, the whole thing blows up in their faces.

The episode was rated from 117 votes.

In the Dark - S3E6

#6 - Arcade Fire


Season 3 - Episode 6

Murphy’s desperate attempt to save Jess lands her in deeper trouble. A disagreement between Gene and Josh is not without its consequences.

The episode was rated from 111 votes.

In the Dark - S2E6

#7 - The Truth Hurts


Season 2 - Episode 6

While Murphy and Felix juggle their personal extracurricular activities with the demands of drug dealing, Jess finds herself inextricably in Nia’s crosshairs. Trey has Darnell’s back, and Max finds himself at the end of a rope. Josh continues to seek Murphy’s assistance with his challenging circumstances, while Dean contends with Chloe’s newfound rebelliousness.

The episode was rated from 165 votes.

In the Dark - S2E13

#8 - My Pride and Joy


Season 2 - Episode 13

A deep betrayal leads to severe consequences, which causes devastating outcomes for the people involved.

The episode was rated from 155 votes.

In the Dark - S3E9

#9 - Excess Baggage


Season 3 - Episode 9

When Murphy starts to spin out, Felix takes matters into his own hands.

The episode was rated from 91 votes.

In the Dark - S3E3

#10 - Somewhere Over the Border


Season 3 - Episode 3

Murphy experiences being truly alone in an unfamiliar place and begins to realize how helpless she is without her friends.

The episode was rated from 108 votes.

In the Dark - S3E2
#11 - I Know What You Did Last Night
Season 3 - Episode 2

Murphy, Jess, Felix and Max begin a long and arduous journey as they attempt to stay one step ahead of Josh and Clemens.

The episode was rated from 116 votes.
In the Dark - S3E7
#12 - Pretty In Pink
Season 3 - Episode 7

Murphy, Felix and Max look to Josiah for answers about Jess.

The episode was rated from 104 votes.
In the Dark - S3E12
#13 - Do You Hear What I Hear?
Season 3 - Episode 12

As Murphy closes in on finding out what happened to Jess, Clemens and Josh move one step closer to finding Murphy.

The episode was rated from 91 votes.
In the Dark - S3E10
#14 - Home Run
Season 3 - Episode 10

Feeling isolated and alone, Murphy seeks comfort in the familiar but sometimes things do change, and she is forced to fend for herself.

The episode was rated from 90 votes.
In the Dark - S1E7
#15 - The One That Got Away
Season 1 - Episode 7

While hanging out with Max in his food truck, Murphy is shocked to hear a familiar voice screaming outside; Murphy offers to watch Chloe so Dean can go on a date, but things get a little crazy after she does the one thing he asks her not to do. Lastly, Murphy's worlds of Max and Darnell and Guiding Hope begin to collide.

The episode was rated from 182 votes.
In the Dark - S2E11
#16 - Bad People
Season 2 - Episode 11

With stakes high for everyone, Murphy, Jess, Felix, Max and Dean must each contend with the fallout following an attempt to cut off Nia's supply and take her down.

The episode was rated from 146 votes.
In the Dark - S2E12
#17 - Where Have You Ben?
Season 2 - Episode 12

with Nia's entire shipment missing and the Guiding Hope crew under the gun to deliver it, Murphy, Jess Felix and Max will stop at nothing to sniff out the stash. In the meantime, Dean as his own plans for the misplaced goods, while Gene visits Darnell and uncovers some shocking information

The episode was rated from 142 votes.
In the Dark - S1E10
#18 - Bait and Switch
Season 1 - Episode 10

Murphy and Jess are both going through similar situations, but they are handling things very differently. Meanwhile, Felix and Jess share a beautiful moment together.

The episode was rated from 176 votes.
In the Dark - S1E9
#19 - Deal or No Deal
Season 1 - Episode 9

With Jess focusing all of her attention on Vanessa, Murphy begins to feel neglected. To make matters worse, tensions begin to rise between her and Max. Meanwhile, Jules is forced to make a quick decision.

The episode was rated from 172 votes.
In the Dark - S3E13
#20 - Expectation is the Root of All Heartache
Season 3 - Episode 13

Murphy finally learns the truth about what happened to Jess and it forces her to take a closer look at who she herself has become. Season Finale.

The episode was rated from 90 votes.

Last updated: may 16, 2022



A bit like the show Stumptown. Except Murph is blind and not a bounty hunter. She’s about as tomboyish, drinks as much, solves mysteries and likes sex just as much. I might like this more than Stumptown though. Although it is full of CW cliches. Gay besfriends, everything about sex and relationships. All that is too expected at this point in a CW show.


Quickly became one of my favorite shows. I don't need perfection just a show that pulls me in and leave me wanting more. This show was all of that and more. Disfunctional people and relationships, drama and suspense, etc... I binged two seasons and can't wait for the next. Max being crazy hot doesn't hurt either.


_**Goddamn it!**_ I'm generally not in the habit of getting into a show I can't binge to completion. Somehow I missed the fact this one is still ongoing and now I have to actually _**wait**_ to know what happens next, like back in the olden days! So maybe I'll update this with some proper rambling review in the hopefully not too distant future? _**Fuck!!**_


I'm only on the first season and only four episodes in but I like this show. It's different and you can't help but to both route for and against the main character and all of her flaws. Unrealistic "blind acting" in my opinion, having known plenty of blind people in my life, but still not too bad. From the comments it sounds like seasons 2 & 3 are pretty bad but I'll reserve opinions on that when I get to those seasons. I hope this isn't the case, so many other shows were fantastic first seasons followed by total dogsh*t subsequent seasons (I'm talking to you The Rookie). UPDATE 11/2021 Everyone was right, season two is horrible. I understand they cast a sighted woman as the blind lead because she fit what they wanted, but she doesn't even try to "act" blind now, I've seen her lock eyes with people so often that it's laughable, while she goes out of her way to bump into things and "seem" blind otherwise. On one hand she stopped caring if she was convincing while on the other she tries to hard to sell her blindness. Deleted.


Season 1: Looks interesting. 7/10 Season 2: Nope. poor character development and plot development. Central character Murph is too much a walking disaster to root for her. 3/10 Season 3: Doesn't get any better continues the train wreck that is season 2. Will not watch the following seasons. They had something special in first season. But ruined the show when they tried to incorporate multiple conflicting elements on the show. I would suggest you watch the first season and skip the rest.


Really love this show since episode one and binged up until a point where I have to wait now for an episode weekly! We want more :black_heart::metal_tone1:


After finishing season 1 of 'The OA' series, i am here. I watch series season by season. So, after one season. I will move to another series probably. I have been watching series from recent years in last weeks. It is unusual for me. I will go back to older series. I will copy this also to season 1 and episode 1 review also. I hope i can enjoy.


Poor writing and the plot makes no sense. Becomes repetitive very quick. Please no 3rd season. Donate the money for the production to WWF instead. Might not be much money but still better.

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