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Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You

NTV 2009

Sawako Kuronuma, called Sadako by her classmates for her resemblance to the character from The Ring, has always been feared and misunderstood because of her appearance. There are rumors that Sawako can see ghosts and curse people. However, despite her appearances, she is a sweet and timid girl who longs to be able to make friends with everyone and be like everyone else. When her idol, popular boy Kazehaya, begins talking with her, everything changes. She finds herself in a new world, trying to make friends and talking to different people and she can't thank Kazehaya enough for giving her these opportunities. Slowly, but surely, a sweet love is blossoming between the two as they will overtake any circumstance or clear obstacles in their way.

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The 10 Worst Episodes of Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You - S1E16

#1 - Night Story


Season 1 - Episode 16

his episode is a recap of episodes 1 through 15 narrated by the tiny men Pin sees.

The episode was rated #1 Worst episode of Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You from 18 votes.

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You - S1E10

#2 - Cooperation


Season 1 - Episode 10

Everyone prepares for the sports festival, especially Chizuru, who coaches Sawako enthusiastically. Sawako happily reflects upon her growing friendship with Kurumi and her increasing awkwardness around Kazehaya. Kurumi purposely tells Sawako how she isn't special because Kazehaya always treats everyone kindly, although Sawako misunderstands this as Kurumi telling her about Kazehaya's good points. Sawako aspires to be outgoing and friendly like Kurumi, but Chizuru tells the story of how she dislikes Kurumi because Kurumi made her help the girls confess to Kazehaya in middle school. Kazehaya and Sawako eventually get to talk alone, but Kurumi interrupts the conversation. Sawako finds out that "Kurumi" is short for "Kurumizawa", so Kazehaya wasn't calling her by her first name after all. Later, Kurumi makes Sawako walk with her confesses that she likes Kazehaya, asking for Sawako's help.

The episode was rated #2 Worst episode of Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You from 22 votes.

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You - S1E9

#3 - New Friend


Season 1 - Episode 9

Sawako learns to play soccer and enjoys seeing Kazehaya play sports. She meets Kurumi, who wants to her friend. As she sees how close Kazehaya and Kurumi appear to be, Sawako wants to be as cute as Kurumi.

The episode was rated #3 Worst episode of Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You from 27 votes.

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You - S1E14

#4 - Kurumi


Season 1 - Episode 14

After Sawako finds out that Kurumi was the one who spread the rumors, Kurumi admits it. Ayane threatens to tell Kazehaya, although Kurumi claims that she doesn't care. Sawako asks Ayane and Chizuru not to tell, realizing that Kurumi is probably hurting a lot. Sawako realizes that Kurumi must have needed a lot of courage to tell Sawako how she felt about Kazehaya. She realizes that she must return the favor, so she returns and tells Kurumi that she, too, loves Kazehaya.

The episode was rated #4 Worst episode of Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You from 22 votes.

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You - S1E3

#5 - After School


Season 1 - Episode 3

Sawako meets Kazehaya after school to see Maru-chan, the puppy he has adopted. The day after Kazehaya has her helping the class with their homework. Yano and Yoshida overhear some false rumours about themselves and are told that it is Sawako who's spreading them.

The episode was rated #5 Worst episode of Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You from 24 votes.

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You - S1E1

#6 - Prologue


Season 1 - Episode 1

Being an outsider in her class, Sawako meets the popular Kazehaya, who she has admired since the first day of school. He encourages her to try open up and make new friends. Sawako then volunteers to play as the ghost during a class event, the test of courage. That night, Kazehaya comes to keep her company. Sawako is also becomses a little closer to two classmates, Yoshida Chizuru and Yano Ayane.

The episode was rated #6 Worst episode of Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You from 34 votes.

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You - S2E1

#7 - Valentine


Season 2 - Episode 1

It is now the third semester, and after another seating change, Sawako makes friends with the new people sitting close to her, but can't help but feel lonely that Kazehaya is sitting further away from her. The day before Valentine's Day, she makes handmade chocolate for her friends. When it comes to Kazehaya's chocolate, she notices that she has unknowingly favored him among everyone else and becomes very self-conscious. She manages to give everyone their chocolate the next day but still hesitates when it comes to giving Kazehaya his. Various events throughout the day prevent her from giving it to him, such as his acceptance of "Gratitude" chocolate and his rejection of "Love" chocolate. Sawako finally makes up her mind to give it to him after school, but is interrupted by Kurumi, who gives him his "first and last" chocolate from her. Kurumi notices Sawako eavesdropping and tells her that Kazehaya doesn't accept 'love' chocolate, but if it was a 'gratitude' chocolate, he would probably accept it gladly. She calls herself 'a special circumstance' because she had already been rejected by him. Sawako ends up not being able to give Kazehaya the chocolate, as she thinks that her chocolates are too serious to be considered 'love' chocolates. As Kazehaya walks out of school, thinking that he had really hoped on getting something from Sawako. At the end of the episode, a new character, Miura Kento, makes his appearance.

The episode was rated #7 Worst episode of Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You from 28 votes.

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You - S1E11

#8 - Special?


Season 1 - Episode 11

Sawako admits that she cannot help Kurumi confess to Kazehaya. Kurumi yells at Sawako, telling her she did nothing to get Kazehaya's attention while "cute and popular girls" like herself need to work a lot harder. Sawako begins considering whether she only likes Kazehaya because he is nice to her, and whether she would like any guy who did the same. The Sports Day competitions begin. The girls in Sawako's class win their first soccer match, and Sawako convinces Kurumi to watch Kazehaya play in the boys' match together. As they talk, Sawako mentions that she has always thought of Kazehaya as special. Kurumi tells her that this is just because she doesn't talk to many guys, so she ought to try talking to others. Just then, Ryuu (Sanada) saves Sawako from a rogue pitch. Kurumi suggests that Sawako should talk to Ryuu more.

The episode was rated #8 Worst episode of Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You from 21 votes.

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You - S1E8

#9 - Voluntary Practice


Season 1 - Episode 8

Instead of being cursed, the class now believes that when Sawako smiles it brings good luck for everyone. Sawako is encouraged to call the girls by their first name, but she fails to address Kazehaya that way. Kazehaya is drafted by Pin to sit in the sports festival committee. Kurumi also takes a place in the committee. Sawako is taking up soccer practice as she is on the class team.

The episode was rated #9 Worst episode of Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You from 26 votes.

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You - S2E2

#10 - Sophomore


Season 2 - Episode 2

April brings Sawako into her second year of high school, and she is happy that she gets to be in the same class as Kazehaya, Ayane and Chizu again. Things have become strained between Sawako and Kazehaya ever since the Valentine's Day incident. In class, a new classmate, Miura Kento takes his seat next to Sawako. He is flamboyant and very open with her, which stirs up jealousy on Kazehaya's part. Kazehaya decides to wait for Sawako to finish tending the flowerbeds. He watches her work from the classroom window. Then, he encounters Ayane who offers to help him in his pursue of love (for Sawako, although it isn't explicitly stated). However, he tells her that he would prefer to tell the person themselves about his feelings for them, instead of involving a third party. Ayane notes that Kazehaya is the type of person who does not like others interfering with his affairs. Sawako finds Kazehaya waiting for her, and he asks her if he was too conceited to consider himself as her closest male friend (due to Kento's previous display of closeness towards her). She panics, not knowing how to reply and Kazehaya notices this. He apologizes for troubling her, and leaves. Kento sees Kazehaya leaving the classroom, and notices Sawako still inside at a loss for words. He makes the connection between them, calling the two 'an interesting combination'.

The episode was rated #10 Worst episode of Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You from 19 votes.

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You - S1E15
#11 - Rival
Season 1 - Episode 15

Kurumi reflects on how she met and fell in love with Kazehaya in middle school. In the meantime, rumors about how she was rejected by Pin spread around the school. She realizes that she hates being misunderstood by Kazehaya, so ends up confessing to him. He apologizes, saying he has someone else he loves. She plays it off as "his loss" and says that he has bad taste in women. Meanwhile, Sawako confesses her love for Kazehaya to Yano and Chizu. Later, Sawako and Kurumi meet and Sawako asks if they can be friends. Kurumi responds by saying she isn't Sawako's friend, but her rival. Later, during the after-festival party, Sawako wonders when she fell in love with Kazehaya and ends up falling asleep on his shoulder.

The episode was rated #1 Worst episode of Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You from 19 votes.

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You - S1E4
#12 - Rumour
Season 1 - Episode 4

Yano and Yoshida become the talk of the school as everyone starts spreading rumors about them. An interrupted conversation leads them to believe that Sawako doesn't think they are friends. Sawako believes she's ruining Kazahaya's reputation by hanging out with him.

The episode was rated #2 Worst episode of Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You from 26 votes.

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You - S1E2
#13 - Switching Seats
Season 1 - Episode 2

The class has a seat changing day, but everyone dreads drawing the seat next to Sawako. Until Kazahaya picks the seat himself and Chizuru and Yano take the seats in front of her. Kazahaya adopts a puppy that Sawako has encountered in the street.

The episode was rated #3 Worst episode of Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You from 24 votes.

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You - S2E3
#14 - Forget About It
Season 2 - Episode 3

Sawako is still troubled over what Kazehaya said to her in the previous episode and wonders how she should have responded to him. In class, Kento tries to help Sawako smile "refreshingly" but fails. Kazehaya is visibly jealous over how close the two are. Kazehaya and Ryu talk during gym class, and Kazehaya expresses worry over how he had troubled Sawako over what he had said about being the closest to her. He feels that, even though it may trouble her further, he has to stop beating around the bush and act soon; otherwise, she may be snatched away by someone else (namely Kento). Ayane confronts Kento, telling him to stop making passes at Sawako, as it is a critical time for her (to pursue Kazehaya). Kento brushes her off, telling her that he has good intentions. The teacher talks about the upcoming exams and Kento announces to the class that Sawako is holding a crash course after school. Kazehaya helps spread the word and brings a lot of people to the study group. During the session, everyone praises Sawako for being such a great teacher. She genuinely smiles, making Kazehaya feel lonely as she is now fitting in the class without his help, and surprises Kento that she is able to smile normally. After everyone leaves, Sawako thanks Kazehaya for helping her. Kazehaya tells her to forget about what he had said earlier. He leaves, with a dejected expression on his face. Outside, Kazehaya finds Kento waiting for him.

The episode was rated #4 Worst episode of Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You from 19 votes.

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You - S2E12
#15 - Important Person
Season 2 - Episode 12

The show starts with many students crowding up the locker area in the morning just as Sawako reaches school with Ayane & Chizuru. News about her current girlfriend-boyfriend relationship with Kazehaya has gotten out. Kazehaya is later made to announce and clearly state his and Sawako's relationship so as to avoid further misunderstandings. Sawako then goes to confront Kurumi after overhearing Ayane saying to Chizuru that 'there's one girl who's definitely crying' The same group of girls who harassed Sawako in the bathroom in season one gossips and badmouth Sawako near the windowsills and is heard by Kurumi who interefered with the conversation. They throw accusations at each other not long before Sawako appears standing in a distance, just listening to their talk. The group of girls go up against Sawako to tell her off and starts insulting her before Kurumi defended Sawako by simply saying 'Kazehaya will not forgive you if you hurt her' which the girls then threatened to tell Kazehaya Kurumi's illdoings. Kurumi simply urged them to and said that 'let him think of you for what you told him' as Kazehaya greatly dislike tattlers. Kurumi walk off. The girls try to follow after only to be stopped by Sawako who determinedly said to let her as she was Kurumi's true rival. The girls irritated with Sawako tried to follow only to be stopped again by Chizuru and Ayane who somewhat tell them off while comforting them by stating the harsh reality that 'you only hate Sawako because Kazehaya is in love with her now' At the rooftop, Sawako tells Kurumi that she has confessed and they're dating even thought Kurumi already knows from the many gossips. Just as Sawako was about to leave, Kurumi stops Sawako and confesses that the only reason she had the courage and confidence to profess her love for Kazehaya back then was because of Sawako. Sawako stares in surprise as Kurumi walks off without a word. Later near the locker area, just as Kurumi was about to leave, Miura approaches Kurum

The episode was rated #5 Worst episode of Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You from 20 votes.

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You - S1E18
#16 - Chizuru's Love
Season 1 - Episode 18

Sawako is happy about her growing relationships with her friends and Kazehaya. Ayane, however, complains about her clingy boyfriend, while Chizuru is in a good mood because she anticipates something at New Year's, which is more than a month away. Chizuru and Sawako go out to pick a present for Ryuu's birthday, and Sawako is sure by the affection Chizuru shows for him that Chizuru loves Ryuu. However, she finds out that Chizuru actually loves Ryuu's older brother. The next time everyone is in school together, it is found out that Ayane dumped her boyfriend. Amid the talk about broken hearts, Ryuu leaves the room and is encouraged by Kazehaya. Later, at Chizuru's house, Ryuu comes into her room unexpectedly. He appears to be about to confess to Chizuru when she notices that she left his present lying out in plain sight. She therefore forces Ryuu to leave, and he ends up going home in the rain.

The episode was rated #6 Worst episode of Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You from 20 votes.

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You - S2E4
#17 - You Don't Understand
Season 2 - Episode 4

Sawako is still troubled by what Kazehaya told her in the previous episode, to just "forget" about what he had told her earlier. Sawako wonders what Kazehaya meant by that as she walks home. Meanwhile, Kento pulled Kazehaya outside to talk with him about Sawako, and how much of an outcast she was until Kazehaya started talking to her, and also tells Kazehaya that he shouldn't get to close to Sawako anymore or the other girls will get mad and Sawako will become an outcast again. Kazehaya gets mad and tells Kento that he does the things he does for a reason. Kento stands up and tells Kazehaya that Sawako would be hurt by it. As Kazehaya walks away, Kento shouts to him, asking if Kazehaya has a person he likes. When Kazehaya responds "I do!", Kento asks if he could help Kazehaya, and Kazehaya rejects the idea. Chizuru and Kazehaya meet up on the way home, and Kazehaya asks if he is really that different from Sawako, as he thought he was the closest to her. Chizuru takes what he said the wrong way and tells him that he doesn't understand her, thinking "he doesn't even know that Sawako likes him!". Chizuru also says that Kazehaya is the most different from Sawako, because of the experiences with rumors that she went through. They part ways, Chizuru wondering what is up with Kazehaya all of a sudden. The next day, Sawako tries to greet Kazehaya, but stutters, and Kazehaya almost ignores her, briefly whispering "good morning", and then runs to catch up with his friends. Ayane and Chizuru see this and pull Sawako aside to find out what happened. After Sawako explains to Ayane and Chizuru about what Kazehaya said the two days, Ayane looks upon the situation and tries to explain things to Sawako. After Sawako leaves for classroom duty, Ayane and Chiruzu find Kazehaya and Ryu in the hallway, and Ayane kicks Kazehyaya and tells him to stop avoiding Sawako. Chizuru asks Ayane what that was all about, and Ayane says "well, the girl Kazehaya likes acts like she's terrified of him.

The episode was rated #7 Worst episode of Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You from 20 votes.

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You - S1E5
#18 - Determination
Season 1 - Episode 5

After Sawako hears the rumors she avoids Kazehaya, Yano and Yoshida. Kazehaya is upset about this and confronts Sawako, while Yoshida and Yano make her realise that they are already friends. Sawako stands up against some girls badmouthing Yoshida and Yano.

The episode was rated #8 Worst episode of Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You from 25 votes.

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You - S1E13
#19 - Love
Season 1 - Episode 13

After seeing Sawako and Ryuu together, Kazehaya rushes up to Sawako and pulls her away, leaving Kurumi behind. Kazehaya then confirms with Sawako that she doesn't like Ryuu, while Sawako has just realized that she really likes Kazehaya. Kazehaya asks her what she thinks about people going out as girlfriend and boyfriend, which shocks her so much that she cannot answer properly. Later, Ayane finds out that Kurumi was the one who spread the rumours. Ryuu then shows them the note written by Kurumi, which confirms that she set Sawako up. Ayane and Chizuru go to find more evidence against Kurumi, who is in the meantime waiting for Kazehaya to return. Pin arrives at the equipment room and comes to the conclusion that Kurumi has a crush on him, and rejects her just as Kazehaya arrives. Ayane and Chizuru confront Kurumi, who will not admit to wrongdoing, but when Sawako arrives, Ayane tells her outright that Kurumi was the one who spread the rumors.

The episode was rated #9 Worst episode of Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You from 23 votes.

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You - S1E19
#20 - Dream
Season 1 - Episode 19

Ryuu tries to confront Chizuru again, but fails to do so, and only tells her not to come to his house this weekend. Chizuru throws a sleep over with the intention of cheer Ayane up from her breakup, but it ends up to be boring because Chizuru planned on getting video games from Ryuu. Ayane convinces Chizuru to go over to his house since it is only Friday, and not yet the weekend. At Ryuu's house they meet Kazehaya and other classmates. They are all having fun, until Ryuu leaves and Chizuru follows, Ryuu once again tries to confess his feelings to Chizuru but is interrupted by his older brother's arrival. His older brother then reveals that he is engaged, Ayane and Sawako look on as Chizuru hides her feelings and congratulate the couple. Soon everyone leaves, and the girls go back to Chizuru's house where Chizuru reflects on her past with Ryuu's brother.

The episode was rated #10 Worst episode of Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You from 18 votes.

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I finally got around to finishing this classic shoujo romance. The first season was superb and I loved Sawako's hilarious interactions and realistic growth throughout it. On the other hand, the second season was a bit of a letdown during the first half especially with some of the horrible miscommunication and confusion between Sawako and Shota that just seemed a little too over-the-top. However, the last 4 episodes really end the series on a great note and you feel the "magic" (of love) again. All you need to know is that Sawako/Sadako = love. Watch it. Enjoy it. Love it.


After rewatching this I have to say it is a good romance but nontheless the relationship between the two main characters was so bad in terms of communication that I was ripping out my hair at certain points. Seriously there can't be so many misunderstandings as in this show; it hurt my eyes and filled me somewhat with anger I have to say xD


Good Romance series but the 2 main characters were way to dense to the point it got irritating

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