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Knight Rider

Knight Rider

NBC 2008

On the heels of NBC's hit movie, the iconic 1980s television classic comes roaring back to life as a reinvented, updated and super-charged action series showcasing the new KITT (Knight Industries Three Thousand). Absolutely the coolest car ever created, KITT is equipped with an "AI" (artificial intelligence) that is capable of hacking almost any system. Its weapons systems match that of a jet fighter, and its body is capable of actually transforming into other vehicles and using sophisticated holographic imagery to elude villains.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Knight Rider

Knight Rider - S1E16

#1 - Knight and the City


Season 1 - Episode 16

Mike decides to visit one of his old haunts, Sonny's bar, during his decompression time. When Mike arrives, he notices that the crowd has changed for the worse. After learning of Sonny's death in a car accident, Mike is pleased to hear that his daughter Julie is now running the bar. He offers to lend a hand in order to bring the bar back to its original glory. Meanwhile, Mike gets suspicious when he hears of the recent fires at the bar and discovers that someone has secretly being trying to get Julie to sell the place.

The episode was rated from 104 votes.

Knight Rider - S1E5

#2 - Knight of the Hunter


Season 1 - Episode 5

Mike goes undercover as an AWOL Marine in order to find a rogue military officer. A beautiful undercover agent pairs up with Mike to help him solve the crime. Back at the SSC, Billy undergoes training with the help of Zoe.

The episode was rated from 122 votes.

Knight Rider - S1E8

#3 - Knight of the Zodiac


Season 1 - Episode 8

Billy comes along with Mike on a mission to Vegas to bust a money laundering ring, While on the mission Billy is hoping to find romance. Meanwhile, the KITT cave comes under assessment and also locks horns with Dr. Graiman; an old acquaintance.

The episode was rated from 116 votes.

Knight Rider - S1E12

#4 - Knight to King's Pawn


Season 1 - Episode 12

Sarah is not coping well with her father's death and decides to leave town. Concerned, Mike goes looking for her and in return gets the answers he has been searching for about his past. Meanwhile, the NSA has decided to dismantle the SSC now that Dr. Graiman is dead and they can then move forward with KITT's nemesis KARR. With Torres' permission they take out KITT's chip that contains his personality and memories and place it in KARR. Upset by what has happened, Mike, Sarah, Billy and Zoe devise a plan to find where KITT has been taken and get him up and running and destroy the evil KARR once and for all.

The episode was rated from 130 votes.

Knight Rider - S1E6

#5 - Knight of the Living Dead


Season 1 - Episode 6

When a tech is murdered inside of Knight Inudstries, the team must track down the person that infiltrated headquarters before they strike again. Meanwhile, Mike and Sarah find themselves stuck together during a storm.

The episode was rated from 115 votes.

Knight Rider - S1E11
#6 - Day Turns Into Knight
Season 1 - Episode 11

Mike and KITT are now transporting a bomb in the trunk of the car, but in order for it not to explode they must stay above 100 miles-per-hour. Trying to come up with a plan to disable the bomb, they load KITT onto the plane to buy some time and keep up their speed. Clinging to life, Rivai manages to give a clue to find where the terrorist is hiding. Meanwhile, Sarah receives some upsetting news about her dad. Bruce Davison, Yancey Arias and Paul Campbell star. Smith Cho recurs and Rick Hoffman and Richard Roundtree guest star.

The episode was rated from 116 votes.
Knight Rider - S1E2
#7 - Journey to the End of the Knight
Season 1 - Episode 2

Mike enlists an old Army buddy to help take down a drag racing gang which is also in the business of arms smuggling overseas. Sarah joins Mike and KITT despite her father's disapproval.

The episode was rated from 171 votes.
Knight Rider - S1E10
#8 - Don't Stop the Knight
Season 1 - Episode 10

Mike and KITT are sent on an endless string of mini-missions by a crazy terrorist in exchange to keep Ambassador Olara Kumali alive, but they soon realize that they are part of a bigger plan. Trying to outsmart the terrorist, Rivai and a team of FBI agents find themselves in an explosive situation. Meanwhile, Sarah and Dr. Graiman try to fix a sick robot.

The episode was rated from 114 votes.
Knight Rider - S1E13
#9 - Exit Light, Enter Knight
Season 1 - Episode 13

Mike jumps into the thick of a bank heist and tries to stop it, but instead becomes one of the robbers' hostages. Oddly, the robbers do not seem interested in the bank's money. Apparently, they have a specific plan that includes the safe deposit boxes and the husband of one of their hostages. Unable to communication with KITT and his team, Mike tries to enlist the help of the other hostages to stop the robbers from escaping. Unfortunately, one of the so-called hostages is one of the robbers, which makes Mike's job even more difficult.

The episode was rated from 109 votes.
Knight Rider - S1E9
#10 - Knight Fever
Season 1 - Episode 9

Mike must stop the spread of a computer virus that threatens a total global meltdown. The job gets much harder when KITT is infected. Meanwhile, Mike’s jealousy begins to show when Sarah reconnects with an old flame, who may be the key to solving the latest mission.

The episode was rated from 112 votes.

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idiots. I liked it a lot.


Oldie, but nostalgic, absolute goodie.


Nice take on high-tech spy series.

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