Law & Order

10 Worst Episodes of Law & Order

In cases ripped from the headlines, police investigate serious and often deadly crimes, weighing the evidence and questioning the suspects until someone is taken into custody. The district attorney's office then builds a case to convict the perpetrator by proving the person guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Working together, these expert teams navigate all sides of the complex criminal justice system to make New York a safer place.

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Law & Order - S3E2

#1 - Conspiracy (Season 3 - Episode 2)

The assassination of an African-American leader leads to the arrest of a man whose ex-wife was suspected of having an affair with the victim.

The episode was rated 6.95 from 117 votes.

Law & Order - S20E5

#2 - Dignity (Season 20 - Episode 5)


A doctor who performs late-term abortions is murdered in church. The case falls apart for Cutter when Rubirosa is touched by an abortion nurse's testimony.

The episode was rated 7.04 from 91 votes.

Law & Order - S3E3

#3 - Forgiveness (Season 3 - Episode 3)

A priest-turned-lawyer uses race and class as the basis for his defense of a young Mexican man who murdered his wealthy girlfriend after she broke up with him.

The episode was rated 7.07 from 126 votes.

Law & Order - S21E10

#4 - Black and Blue (Season 21 - Episode 10)


The murder of an off-duty NYPD detective threatens to tear the city apart; Cosgrove mourns the loss of a friend and asks Capt. Benson for help solving the case; McCoy and Price disagree on how to prosecute the culprit.

The episode was rated 7.10 from 143 votes.

Law & Order - S4E10

#5 - The Pursuit of Happiness (Season 4 - Episode 10)

A "green-card" bride from Russia is suspected of murdering her rich, but cold husband, who was threatening to divorce her just weeks before she would qualify to remain in this country.

The episode was rated 7.11 from 111 votes.

Law & Order - S4E12

#6 - Snatched (Season 4 - Episode 12)


A millionaire friend of Schiff's won't cooperate with the police following his son's kidnapping.

The episode was rated 7.11 from 120 votes.

Law & Order - S4E15

#7 - Kids (Season 4 - Episode 15)

A 14-year-old's shooting death involves the son of a former police detective, who's also an old friend of Briscoe's.

The episode was rated 7.11 from 114 votes.

Law & Order - S3E15

#8 - Mother Love (Season 3 - Episode 15)


The absence of a murder weapon complicates the investigation into the murder of a drug addict who stole from her family to support her habit.

The episode was rated 7.12 from 111 votes.

Law & Order - S4E13

#9 - Breeder (Season 4 - Episode 13)

While investigating a woman's claim that she passed out in a taxi and awoke to find her newborn missing, Briscoe and Logan uncover a scam involving private adoptions.

The episode was rated 7.12 from 111 votes.

Law & Order - S4E16

#10 - Big Bang (Season 4 - Episode 16)


A scientist becomes the chief suspect when his estranged wife, who's been delaying divorce proceedings, is the victim of a letter bomb.

The episode was rated 7.12 from 117 votes.

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