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After finding out he has an STI, Dylan must get back in touch with every girl he has ever had sex with to let them know the bad news.

Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

The 10 Best Episodes of Lovesick

Lovesick - S1E6

#1 - Phoebe (Season 1 - Episode 6)

Dylan sets about tracking down Phoebe who hasn't returned any of his messages. This prompts a flashback to six years ago when the gang are at a pub quiz.

The episode was rated 8.21 from 179 votes.

Lovesick - S2E8

#2 - Abigail (Part 2) (Season 2 - Episode 8)

The day after Angus's divorce party, Abigail won't answer Dylan's calls. He, Luke and Evie try to piece together what happened the night before.

The episode was rated 8.21 from 146 votes.

Lovesick - S3E3

#3 - Abigail (Part 3) (Season 3 - Episode 3)

The episode was rated 7.70 from 114 votes.

Lovesick - S3E4

#4 - Evie (Season 3 - Episode 4)

The episode was rated 7.62 from 110 votes.

Lovesick - S3E8

#5 - Evie (Part Two) (Season 3 - Episode 8)

The episode was rated 7.56 from 116 votes.

Lovesick - S1E3

#6 - Cressida (Season 1 - Episode 3)

In a flashback to 10 months earlier, Luke drags Dylan and Evie to a posh party in the country. Luke is desperate to sleep with his childhood crush Ilona, who's on his 'things to do before I die' list.

The episode was rated 7.56 from 184 votes.

Lovesick - S2E1

#7 - Frankie (Season 2 - Episode 1)

After confessing his feelings to Evie, Dylan flashes back to an ill-fated weekend in the country with the gang and his hippie girlfriend, Frankie.

The episode was rated 7.53 from 148 votes.

Lovesick - S2E4

#8 - Liv (Season 2 - Episode 4)

Dylan looks at a flat with Abigail, and Luke goes to therapy. Three and a half years ago, Angus and Helen are engaged -- and at each other's throats.

The episode was rated 7.52 from 127 votes.

Lovesick - S1E4

#9 - Jane (Season 1 - Episode 4)

In a flashback to three years earlier, it's Evie's birthday and she plans to tell Dylan about her feelings for him over a quiet dinner, but the evening gets hijacked by their friends.

The episode was rated 7.51 from 168 votes.

Lovesick - S2E5

#10 - Isabel (Season 2 - Episode 5)

At a whiskey tasting, Evie, Dylan and Luke think back on a drunken awards ceremony, where things didn't quite go as planned for any of them.

The episode was rated 7.51 from 127 votes.

Lovesick - S2E7
#11 - Jonesy
Season 2 - Episode 7

Dylan reconnects with Jonesy, a friend who doesn't recall sleeping with him. Three months earlier, the guys try to cheer him up with a wild night out.

The episode was rated from 120 votes.
Lovesick - S1E5
#12 - Bethany
Season 1 - Episode 5

In a flashback to four years earlier, Dylan panics that he's in a serious relationship with Bethany, while Luke has trouble with his new boss Diana.

The episode was rated from 163 votes.
Lovesick - S2E3
#13 - Amy
Season 2 - Episode 3

Angus's friends encourage him to start dating after his divorce. Dylan hears back from Amy and remembers a fling that put him in an awkward position.

The episode was rated from 128 votes.
Lovesick - S2E6
#14 - Emma
Season 2 - Episode 6

Dylan meets up with his old girlfriend Emma. In a flashback, Evie and Dylan feel pressured on Valentine's Day, while Luke woos an ex.

The episode was rated from 125 votes.
Lovesick - S2E2
#15 - Agata
Season 2 - Episode 2

Dylan starts seeing Abigail, the hotel clerk from Angus's wedding. Six years earlier, he meets Evie for the first time at a house party.

The episode was rated from 130 votes.
Lovesick - S1E2
#16 - Anna
Season 1 - Episode 2

In a flashback to 18 months ago, Luke is enjoying the best sex of his life with psychology student Cleo, but he's keen to avoid deep conversation in case she realises that he's actually quite shallow.

The episode was rated from 201 votes.
Lovesick - S1E1
#17 - Abigail
Season 1 - Episode 1

Dylan must contact all the girls he has slept with to inform them he has chlamydia. He casts his mind back to Abigail and a flashback reveals a defining moment he'd tried to forget...

The episode was rated from 256 votes.
Lovesick - S3E2
#18 - Bonnie
Season 3 - Episode 2

The episode was rated from 102 votes.
Lovesick - S3E1
#19 - Andi and Olivia
Season 3 - Episode 1

The episode was rated from 116 votes.
Lovesick - S3E5
#20 - Martha
Season 3 - Episode 5

The episode was rated from 107 votes.

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Such a cool show, so nice, so romantic. Main character was quite hard to understand at first but after a few episodes you can't help but love all three of them. It's too heartfelt, I love :)


Just bingewatched the first season on Netflix. I really liked it. It's funny and I've never seen anything like it. I also liked that the flashbacks were all over the place, and not in, like, "chronological order".


season one was an amazingly fun experience, and I love the continuation with season two! the entire cast is hilarious, i'm looking forward to season three


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