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Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir

TF1 2015

Normal high school kids by day, protectors of Paris by night! Miraculous follows the heroic adventures of Marinette and Adrien as they transform into Ladybug and Cat Noir and set out to capture akumas, creatures responsible for turning the people of Paris into villains. But neither hero knows the other’s true identity – or that they’re classmates!

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My Review of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir

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It has been more than 2 years since I fell in love with watching the animated TV series “Miraculous Ladybug”. At first glance, I thought it was for children but within minutes of watching it, I realized that it is quite suitable for all ages.

Of course, I did not waste any time hitting Disney+ on my laptop and began watching the earlier episodes. Now I am eagerly waiting for the fifth season which is set to premiere in the summer of 2022.

The plot was just intriguing and captivating. The main central character 14 years old Marinette the superhero, is a brave, funny, and kind girl who answers the calls of Paris whenever the forces of black magic and darkness strike, by becoming Ladybug Miraculous.

I noticed that the series is mildly based on the common Western superhero narrative found in Marvel Comics, however, if you are an old or new fan of animation or someone who is just testing the waters, you will notice that its theme is based on the Japanese mahō shōjo (which means “magical girl”) genre which is mainly characterized with the transformation of an average girl into a superhero in a sequence of transformations (ok, in other words, it is a girl superhero genre). However, Miraculous is unique since it includes a diverse cast of school friends, a collective of secondary heroes, mild innocent romance, dramatic twists, and secrecy; it even tackles the common issues faced by children and young teenagers in our ever-changing and shifting post-modern society.


Marinette is French, and modern Paris is the battleground. The setting of the series is not just another interesting part of the series, it is rather a massive bonus that promotes the beauty of modern Paris and its endless tourist destinations and immense cultural wealth, galleries, museums, art, and literature. It is beautiful how the creators utilized the city of Paris, they have unintentionally yet magically infused a strange underlying combination of “emotional colors and flavors” into the TV series that will trigger random good feelings among the viewers, such as the desire to pack the bags and head to Paris or learn more history.

The creation of Miraculous has an interesting history. You have probably heard of the famous French writer and animator Thomas Astruc. Astruc’s story behind the creation of Miraculous is quite interesting, according to him, he was quite obsessed with reading comics which led him to reach a mental state of constant brainstorming aimed to fulfil his desire to create a one of a kind animation series that would represent a major part of his legacy. His inspiration for the creation of Miraculous manifested from sheer luck and randomness, he was working as an animator on the TV show W.I.T.C.H. (which is a French-American animated television series about a group of 5 girls, each girl possessed a superpower over one of the classical elements of nature), when he met a woman who was wearing a shirt with a ladybug drawn on it, and just like that the writer’s brainstorming became clear chartered waters because he developed a vision that eventually resulted in the Miraculous series.

The plot of Miraculous is an evolutionary process that I frankly find unique and to a great extent way better than similar animation shows such DE Super Heros Girls, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and Avatar: The Last Air Bender. Miraculous simply possess less darkness, and the relationships between the characters along with the style used in the development of the plot are somewhat slow which adds to the excitement (it makes you go: I can not wait to see what will happen). As for the quality and clarity of the animation, they are well detailed very high quality, and honestly just crystal clear.

The cast of Ladybug Miraculous includes the beautiful Cristina Valenzuela as the main character Ladybug/Marinette, Bryce Papenbrook as Cat Noir/Adrien, Keith Silverstein as Hawk Moth (the evil villain), Mela Lee as Tikki, Max Mittelman as Plagg, Carrie Keranen as Alya Césaire, Selah Victor as Chloe Bourgeois/Queen Bee. The relationships between the cast are complex, the Villan Hawk Moth is the father of Cat Noir/Adrien who is Ladybug's partner in fighting evil and darkness.

Marinette and Adrien have feelings for each other yet they do not know, because Marinette is in love with Adrien but not Cat Noir, while Adrien is in love with Ladybug but not Marinette, and of course, they do not know each other’s secret identities. This complex mild romance adds a nice twist to the show. 

The core story of the show rotates around the Miraculous jewels which turn Marinette and Adrien into the good superheroes but are also used by Adrien’s father Gabriel Agreste/Hawk Moth to create negative energy that possesses random citizens of Paris during states of overwhelming anger, confusion, and emotional distress. The goal of Gabriel/Hawk Moth is to steal all of Ladybug's miraculous jewels to bring back his wife Emilie Agreste who died using a negative miraculous jewel. 

Sophie ☕️🍰 - may 24, 2022

The 10 Best Episodes of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir - S3E23

#1 - Ladybug


Season 3 - Episode 23

Lila plants the answers to a test in Marinette's backpack, pretends to have been shoved down a flight of stairs, and claims she stole a necklace from her in order to turn Marinette's friends against her. Principal Damocles falls for her lies and expels Marinette from school. Hawk Moth senses the shock and despair of everyone who trusted her and turns Nathalie back into Catalyst, so he can assume his Scarlet Moth form and akumatize the entire school. Marinette nearly surrenders the Ladybug Miraculous under Scarlet Moth's orders, but Catalyst succumbs to exhaustion caused by the Peacock Miraculous, distracting Scarlet Moth and cancelling the procedure. Alya sets out to prove Marinette's innocence as Marinette is forced to work with her father in the bakery, while Gabriel forbids Nathalie from taking anymore action to protect her health. Nathalie goes behind Gabriel's back, forges a sentimonster in Ladybug's image, and attempts to trick Cat Noir, so she can get his Miraculous, but the real Ladybug shows up just in time. Together, she and Cat Noir resolve the false Ladybug on top of the Arc de Triomphe, but Hawk Moth intervenes and escapes with Mayura before they can unmask her. Afterwards, Adrien threatens Lila into proving Marinette's innocence, and Marinette is allowed to go back to school. But Lila still holds out on having revenge on Marinette in the future.

The episode was rated from 41 votes.

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir - S3E26

#2 - Miracle Queen (The battle of the Miraculous - part. 2)


Season 3 - Episode 26

Hawk Moth akumatizes Chloé into Miracle Queen to put in place a fatal plan. Will Ladybug and Cat Noir escape it?

The episode was rated from 41 votes.

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir - S3E19

#3 - Party Crasher


Season 3 - Episode 19

After Adrien tells his friend Wayhem he's not allowed to have friends over, Wayhem discovers an impromptu party at the Agrestes that makes him jealous.

The episode was rated from 34 votes.

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir - S2E25

#4 - Mayura (Heroes' Day - Part 2)


Season 2 - Episode 25

Hawk Moth puts his terrible plan into action by reakumatizing many of his previous villains with the help of Catalyst. Will Ladybug and her team of super heroes succeed to defeat Hawk Moth and his extraordinary army?

The episode was rated from 53 votes.

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir - S3E25

#5 - Heart Hunter (The battle of the Miraculous - part. 1)


Season 3 - Episode 25

Ladybug and Cat Noir challenge the Bourgeois couple. Now Loveater, a two-headed Cerberus that devours all the love in Paris.

The episode was rated from 43 votes.

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir - S3E9

#6 - Reflekdoll


Season 3 - Episode 9

Luka convinces Juleka to offer herself as a model for some new clothes Marinette created, and Alya takes advantage of the situation to invite Adrien to help out, so he can bond with Marinette. Juleka gets a severe case of nerves, and Alya decides to switch to having Marinette and Adrien model the clothes. The two take off their Miraculouses and head to a park for their photo shoot, leaving Juleka to stew in her self-loathing. Hawk Moth corrupts her back into Reflekta, and Mayura further corrupts her frustration into a sentimonster called "Reflekdoll", a giant mech that can shoot lasers that turn its victims into copies of Reflekta. Marinette and Adrien recover each other's Miraculouses and transform into "Lady Noir" and "Mister Bug", and, despite having their roles switch through comedy and error, they manage to defeat Reflekta and Reflekdoll. After returning each other's Miraculouses, Marinette and Adrien let Juleka model Marinette's outfits, much to her delight.

The episode was rated from 45 votes.

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir - S3E18

#7 - Timetagger


Season 3 - Episode 18

Right after defeating Mr. Pigeon again, Ladybug and Cat Noir are attacked by "Timetagger", a supervillain rapper who has come from the future to seize their Miraculouses and is able to change history by sending people to the past. The two are forced to retreat due to their Miraculouses timing out, and take cover at the museum to recharge. There, they encounter Alix, who reveals that her family watch has suddenly delivered a message asking them to destroy a certain statue in the museum. Cat Noir does so, revealing a future version of Alix who wields the Rabbit Miraculous as the superheroine "Bunnyx". The three heroes work together to defeat Timetagger, who is revealed to be the future Chris Lahiffe. During the fight, Gabriel learned that he'll eventually lose possession of the Butterfly Miraculous and will be succeeded by someone else as Hawk Moth.

The episode was rated from 34 votes.

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir - S3E14

#8 - Startrain


Season 3 - Episode 14

Marinette's class is having a field trip to London, but Marinette believes she cannot attend since doing so would leave Paris vulnerable to Hawk Moth. Master Fu gives her the Horse Miraculous, which grants the power of teleportation, so she can enjoy herself and be able to return to Paris in case of an emergency. Max's mother, a train conductor who directs the Startrain, dreams of being an astronaut and has taken an exam to begin training. However, a rogue akuma gets aboard the train to London in Sabrina's big suitcase after a botched attempt to akumatize Officer Roger. When Max's mother succumbs to nerves waiting for confirmation about whether she passed, the akuma infects her and turns her into "Startrain" itself, and she drives the train into outer space. Since the akuma is outside of Hawk Moth's range of influence, Gabriel is forced to rely on the heroes to rescue Adrien. Ladybug gives Max the Horse Miraculous, turning him into the superhero "Pegasus". With his aid, the heroes teleport the train back to Earth, so Ladybug can safely purify the akuma. Afterwards, Max's mother gets the e-mail confirming she passed her exam, much to her delight.

The episode was rated from 37 votes.

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir - S3E20

#9 - Gamer 2.0


Season 3 - Episode 20

Marinette is overwhelmed with stress by creating Jagged t-shirts for her friends, leading her to swear off video games until she finishes on her work. This forces her to turn down a request from her parents to play with them. Meanwhile, Max wants to find someone to test a new game he created, but all of his friends are busy. Depressed, Max falls victim to Hawk Moth and is once again corrupted into Gamer 2.0. He abducts the citizens of Paris and forces Ladybug and Cat Noir into a fighting game tournament with former akumatized villains as the playable characters. Ladybug gives in after Cat Noir advises her to "have fun" after realizing what stress has done to herself. After defeating him, Marinette takes Max to her parents so they can playtest his game, to the delight of them all.

The episode was rated from 40 votes.

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir - S3E6

#10 - Silencer


Season 3 - Episode 6

Ladybug and Cat Noir challenge Luka, who is akumatized into Silencer. Ready to make your voice heard?

The episode was rated from 47 votes.

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir - S3E13
#11 - Desperada
Season 3 - Episode 13

Marinette and her friends hang out at the Couffaine residence to listen to them play. Jagged Stone approaches them and explains that he is looking for a new guitarist after he fired his old guitarist Vivica. Suddenly, they are attacked by Vivica, who has been akumatized into "Desperada" and can capture victims in her guitar case with her magic trumpet. The group scatters and Ladybug fights Desperada, but is forced to retreat. Lucky Charm directs her to Master Fu, where she takes the Snake Miraculous and gives it to Adrien. Adrien decides to forego his role as Cat Noir in order to woo Ladybug directly and transforms into the snake superhero "Aspik", but after so many "second chances", his role ends up getting Ladybug hit by Desperada's power over and over again in so many ways. Realizing the error in his role, Adrien suggests to Ladybug that Luka should wield the Snake Miraculous instead. This allows Adrien to go back to being Cat Noir in which he's comfortable in. Luka transforms into the snake superhero "Viperion", and with a couple more "second chances", Ladybug, Cat Noir and Viperion are able to defeat Desperada. Afterwards, Jagged apologizes to Vivica and rehires her.

The episode was rated from 44 votes.
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir - S2E11
#12 - Gorizilla
Season 2 - Episode 11

Marinette must rescue Adrien from a group of overzealous fans and from his own bodyguard, who has been akumatized into the hulking Gorizilla.

The episode was rated from 62 votes.
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir - S2E18
#13 - Sandboy
Season 2 - Episode 18

The supervillain Sandboy uses his powers to turn the nightmares of Parisians into reality, forcing a Tikki-less Marinette to intervene.

The episode was rated from 48 votes.
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir - S3E4
#14 - Animaestro
Season 3 - Episode 4

Ladybug and Cat Noir challenge a producer. Now Animaestro, he wants to show the world what an animation producer is made of.

The episode was rated from 38 votes.
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir - S2E10
#15 - Sapotis
Season 2 - Episode 10

During a sleepover with Marinette, Alya punishes her twin sisters, Etta and Ella, who get akumatized into monsters that multiply when they eat.

The episode was rated from 72 votes.
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir - S3E15
#16 - Kwamibuster
Season 3 - Episode 15

Mrs. Mendeleiev gets akumatized into Kwamibuster. She wants to capture Tikki and Plagg to prove to the world that these magic creatures are real. Ladybug and Cat Noir will have to protect their secret at all costs.

The episode was rated from 38 votes.
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir - S3E11
#17 - Miraculer
Season 3 - Episode 11

After defeating an unseen villain called "Destroyer" alongside Rena Rouge and Carapace, Cat Noir tells Ladybug that she has to tell Chloé that her time as Queen Bee has passed since everyone knows about her being the superheroine, including Hawk Moth. Meanwhile, Hawk Moth wants Chloé to lose her trust in Ladybug to make her join him and decides that Lila can help. After Gabriel told her that Chloé is Adrien's childhood friend, Lila lies to Chloé that she has to do a special dance, so Ladybug can come and recruit her. When Ladybug is about to tell Chloé the bad news, she is distracted by a sentimonster created by Mayura. After Ladybug doesn't show up despite the "dance" Lila told her, Chloé, now aware that Lila lied to her, gets so infuriated that she is vulnerable to akumatization and even refuses to dress up as superheroes with Sabrina, hurting her friend. Hawk Moth sends the akuma to Chloé, but she resists the akumatization and the akuma goes to Sabrina who becomes "Miraculer", a villain capable of stealing the heroes' powers. After Ladybug and Cat Noir defeat the sentimonster, Miraculer steals their powers, forcing them to get help from their allies, including Chloé. When Cat Noir is about to give Chloé the Bee Miraculous, it is stolen by Mayura who the heroes meet for first time. After retrieving the Miraculous, Queen Bee goes after Mayura, but she escapes. After defeating Miraculer, Ladybug finally tells Chloé that she can't be Queen Bee anymore for the safety of hers and her loved ones. However, Chloé begins to slowly lose faith in Ladybug. Despite the failure, Hawk Moth is still determined to make Chloé join him.

The episode was rated from 39 votes.
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir - S3E17
#18 - Ikari Gozen
Season 3 - Episode 17

Kagami and Marinette are stuck together in Paris for Friendship Day game to find a hidden celebrity—Adrien with two weather girls. Marinette, who was greatly opposed to this, discovers Kagami is actually lonely and really wants to know her. Her blind mother, Tomoe, phone calls and is displeased that Kagami took part in the game without her consent as Marinette tries to calm her down with Kagami's phone, and Hawk Moth evilizes Tomoe and her car into "Ikari Gozen", a centaur with a lance; she grabs and traps Kagami in her giant armor body. Wanting to save her new friend, Ladybug's Lucky Charm leads her to Master Fu, who loans her the Dragon Miraculous. The kwami Longg appears to Kagami inside Ikari Gozen's belly and she transforms into the dragon superheroine "Ryuko". Ryuko challenges Ikari Gozen to single combat, revealing her secret identity in the process, but is driven back. Working together, Ladybug, Ryuko and Cat Noir defeat Ikari Gozen. Regardless of the fact that Hawk Moth already knows her identity, Ladybug teaches Kagami not to be modest. The two girls go to have juice together even though they lost the game.

The episode was rated from 28 votes.
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir - S2E24
#19 - Catalyst (Heroes' Day - Part 1)
Season 2 - Episode 24

It's the Day of Heroes in Paris and everyone must prepare a good action for others. Bogged by her activities as Ladybug, Marinette did not have time to prepare hers. For fear of disappointing her friends by announcing that she has not prepared anything, Marinette lies to them and finds herself quickly overcome by her own lie. Her nightmare is just beginning... Hawk Moth has akumatized his assistant Nathalie into Catalyst, a supervillain that will allow him to put into action the plan he's been concocting for a long time, that will finally make it possible to defeat Ladybug and Cat Noir.

The episode was rated from 54 votes.
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir - S2E14
#20 - Syren
Season 2 - Episode 14

When her crush, Kim, goes on a movie date with someone else, talented swimmer Ondine gets akumatized into Syren, who tries to submerge Paris.

The episode was rated from 49 votes.

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its a better show than you think! even though it seems like its childish, i really enjoyed it and i think anyone would tbh! it might get a bit cliche but i still recommend it!! #ladynoir


haha I've had this on my watchlist for a while; it's so Sailor Moon! set in France; so _bubbly_ for your Saturday morning. It's also from Toei Animation so that explains it.


Such a great cartoon. Love watching whenever it is on.

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