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Moon Knight

Moon Knight

Disney+ 2022

When Steven Grant, a mild-mannered gift-shop employee, becomes plagued with blackouts and memories of another life, he discovers he has dissociative identity disorder and shares a body with mercenary Marc Spector. As Steven/Marc’s enemies converge upon them, they must navigate their complex identities while thrust into a deadly mystery among the powerful gods of Egypt.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Moon Knight

Moon Knight - S1E5

#1 - Asylum


Season 1 - Episode 5

Marc & Steven search through their memories to find their truth or become left behind.

The episode was rated from 1782 votes.

Moon Knight - S1E1

#2 - The Goldfish Problem


Season 1 - Episode 1

Steven Grant, a mild-mannered man who works a mundane job, begins to suspect that his life may not be his own when an alter living inside him begins to emerge.

The episode was rated from 3259 votes.

Moon Knight - S1E4

#3 - The Tomb


Season 1 - Episode 4

Marc & Steven trek the Siwa Desert with Layla to find Ammit’s tomb, but the threats ahead look to protect the goddess’ resting place.

The episode was rated from 2053 votes.

Moon Knight - S1E2

#4 - Summon the Suit


Season 1 - Episode 2

As Steven reels from the fact that his life may not be his own, a mysterious partner emerges from the past as a war of the gods looms on the horizon.

The episode was rated from 2720 votes.

Moon Knight - S1E3

#5 - The Friendly Type


Season 1 - Episode 3

With Marc in the forefront and Harrow near Ammit’s tomb, Marc needs to navigate Cairo while putting his differences aside with Layla and Steven without jeopardizing their mission.

The episode was rated from 2339 votes.

Moon Knight - S1E6

#6 - Episode 6


Season 1 - Episode 6

The episode was rated from 34 votes.

Last updated: jul 06, 2022



I honestly think this should have been R rated series . But we will see how this plays out with PG-13 rating . I hope this does get gory to some extent to add flavour to the series .


Great start, good casting so far. Another great show from Disney.


Started childish. Probably their target audience is under 15.


absolutely loved the first episode, can't wait for the rest, should definitely watch if you like marvel or basicly anything to do with Sci fi.


It's the best start to a Marvel series, leaving interesting insights throughout its first episode and showing off one of arguably the best villains in the MCU.


GIVE ME MORE!!! FAST! These things should be a 1 hour, double ep premiere


The next chapter in Marvel’s struggle of bringing the MCU formula to television. It sounds simple enough in concept, as they’ve built their brand around making simple, unpretentious, linear, streamlined stories with good characters and big spectacle. I think they consistently check the character box, television shows included, and this thing is no different. It helps a lot that they got Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke, both of whom are phenomenal actors. They’re capable of adding so much life and colour to these characters, some of which probably isn’t even written on the page (could’ve done without the accent, though). However, for as consistent as they are with nailing their characters, they’re becoming about as consistent with messing up in the story and spectacle department for these shows. Marvel’s probably aware that they need to add some bells and whistles to their usual storytelling for a 6 hour miniseries, but so far the results have been mostly convoluted and messy (_Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, Loki_). _Moon Knight_ is no different, because despite some serious attempts at experimentation, most of it doesn’t pan out due to the schlocky execution. As for the spectacle, yeah it’s pretty bad. Scale has nothing to do with how impressive an action sequence is, as even evidenced by even the best moments in the MCU (for my money, the absolute highlight is still the highway shootout in _The Winter Soldier_ ). So, you really don’t need to do a crazy car chase with CGI trucks, trees, George Michael and a plethora of green screen if your show can’t afford it. You don’t need to attempt fancy mirror visuals I’ve seen in countless horror films if they’re too expensive. Scale it down, focus on the choreography and make sure everything looks good. Again, taking a page out of the Marvel Netflix book would work a lot better for this character. Furthermore, the Moon Knight suit has the exact same problem as the MCU Spider-man suits. It looks like animation, not a man in a suit. Add the usual uninspired filmmaking, flat lighting (as well as underlit scenes, I might add), boring shot/reverse shot framing and general lack of colour/style, and I’m seeing nothing but another boring, by the numbers show. Its only appeal are the two main actors, both of whom are way too good for this and deserve a lot better.


I loved the first episode! Can’t wait to see more, highly recommended if you like the Marvel univers :heart:


First of all how Disney can mention the Armenian Genocide? This is not a proven fact or something like that, why not mention something else but this controversial thing? Sorry Disney, totally wrong direction, don't need to mention it. And you can't stream it in Turkey like this. Disney is deleting women for China and editing all stuff, they are focused on PG13 things yet this is way too much controversial!


Excellent start to a series. I look forward to the next one


I'm sorry to say, I was not impressed with the first episode. So far, I interpret this show as, the studio trying obviously VERY hard to produce a show very close to #Venom.


very good show, good casting, also funny.


i dislike it that the (steven) character is so extremely cowardly. this isnt a very good show. i dont see this getting any better, 2 episodes is enough for me...


Ditch the fake accent , better yet ditch the Steven Grant character.


Oscar Isaac is working overtime to hold up a show that sadly ends up drowning in its own potential. Could definitely have benefited from being a few episodes longer.


I can’t fault Oscar Isaac’s performance but everything else was rather safe and poor overall.


Rather boring and well known formula. Maybe hire someone else as show runner and bring some fresh air.


This show just could've been so much more. The potential of the cast and plot was through the roof, but the action was so bad most of the show and I have more questions than answers by the end that it left me a little unsatisfied. Having said all that, I still liked it overall and it was a fun ride with standout performances from Ethan Hawke, Oscar Isaac, and May Calamawy!


I have enjoyed most of the film and TV shows released by Marvel. So it was very disappointing that I have fallen asleep through most of this series. Apart from the pilot episode, I have without fail fallen asleep through episode 2-4. I even tried watching episode 4 & 5 back to back but I could not as I nodded off towards the end of episode 4. I loved the look of the show. I look forward to the mythology and Indiana Jones style adventures. Unfortunately, the choice of portraying communicating with the different personalities through reflective surfaces did not work for me. I could not feel any connections or empathy for these other personalities.


I love me a good superhero show, but this is not it. It seems like I've been giving a lot of bad reviews lately, and I really hate it. But in my opinion, I think this script really sucked. Not every writer and actor, can pull of a duel personality. The hero of the show jumped into a body of a total wimp! It was really annoying to watch. It really felt like a hindrance to the show. Sorry. Respect to the fans, but I didn't think this show deserved a 7.6 IMDB rating.


Easily the worst MCU series to date. A terrible mess where you really need to be familiar with the comics to understand it all. I wasn't so I had to search for it to understand it and it just made the whole annoying experience worse.

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