Mr Inbetween

10 Best Episodes of Mr Inbetween

Ray Shoesmith is a father, ex-husband, boyfriend and best friend: tough roles to juggle in the modern age. Even harder when you’re a criminal for hire.

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Mr Inbetween - S2E9

#1 - Socks Are Important (Season 2 - Episode 9)

When exiting a department store, make sure you don’t leave with less than you came with.

The episode was rated 8.38 from 231 votes.

Mr Inbetween - S2E11

#2 - There Rust, and Let Me Die (Season 2 - Episode 11)


We live, no doubt, but does anybody really die?

The episode was rated 8.31 from 194 votes.

Mr Inbetween - S2E4

#3 - Monsters (Season 2 - Episode 4)

Is there really any such thing as monsters?

The episode was rated 8.17 from 259 votes.

Mr Inbetween - S1E6

#4 - Your Mum's Got a Strongbox (Season 1 - Episode 6)


A nutritious breakfast is the key to good health. As is looking in the trunk before you steal a car. People say they do but does anybody really like surprises?

The episode was rated 8.13 from 286 votes.

Mr Inbetween - S2E2

#5 - Don’t Be a Dickhead (Season 2 - Episode 2)

Ray solves problems but under no circumstances does he answer questions.

The episode was rated 8.03 from 273 votes.

Mr Inbetween - S2E10

#6 - Nice Face (Season 2 - Episode 10)


Enemies may come and go and so, alas do friends.

The episode was rated 8.02 from 189 votes.

Mr Inbetween - S2E8

#7 - See You in Your Dreams (Season 2 - Episode 8)

An old friend takes the fall and an associate pays for past misdeeds.

The episode was rated 7.98 from 224 votes.

Mr Inbetween - S2E3

#8 - I Came from Your Balls? (Season 2 - Episode 3)


Ray and Ally get caught out and good dental hygiene is as important as paying your debts.

The episode was rated 7.97 from 255 votes.

Mr Inbetween - S2E1

#9 - Shoulda Tapped (Season 2 - Episode 1)

Ray don’t tap but he gives good advice. Sometimes you have to take the scenic route.

The episode was rated 7.95 from 269 votes.

Mr Inbetween - S1E4

#10 - On Behalf of Society (Season 1 - Episode 4)


Ray doesn’t like surprises, sit downs, sandwiches or assholes. Brittany asks tough questions. Ray hands out trouble to those that seek it.

The episode was rated 7.81 from 315 votes.

Mr Inbetween - S2E5

#11 - Can't Save You (Season 2 - Episode 5)

All things must end, even Christmas.

The episode was rated 7.81 from 239 votes.

Mr Inbetween - S2E7

#12 - Watch Out for Snakes (Season 2 - Episode 7)


Ray does favors but doesn't forgive.

The episode was rated 7.71 from 229 votes.

Mr Inbetween - S2E6

#13 - Let Me Stop You There (Season 2 - Episode 6)

Lady troubles, old friends and hearts on trees.

The episode was rated 7.70 from 241 votes.

Mr Inbetween - S1E3

#14 - Captain Obvious (Season 1 - Episode 3)


Anger mismanagement and no such thing as Jesus. If you can’t kill your own brother-in-law, who can?

The episode was rated 7.63 from 350 votes.

Mr Inbetween - S1E5

#15 - Hard Worker (Season 1 - Episode 5)

People are not always what they appear to be and a good strong name is important. It’s also important to lock your car when you leave it.

The episode was rated 7.61 from 297 votes.

Mr Inbetween - S1E2

#16 - Unicorns Know Everybody's Name (Season 1 - Episode 2)


The wrong guy gets the good news and Unicorns do exist. The first of a thousand kisses and good ol' revenge.

The episode was rated 7.50 from 407 votes.

Mr Inbetween - S1E1

#17 - The Pee Pee Guy (Season 1 - Episode 1)

A business associate falls from grace. Ray takes the fall for a mate. A chance meeting in the park. A new apprentice.

The episode was rated 7.37 from 531 votes.


Last updated: feb 04, 2023

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