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Naked and Afraid

Naked and Afraid

Discovery 2013

What happens when you put two complete strangers - sans clothes - in some of the most extreme environments on Earth? Each male-female duo is left with no food, no water, no clothes, and only one survival item each as they attempt to survive on their own.

Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

The 10 Best Episodes of Naked and Afraid

Naked and Afraid - S2E1

#1 - Man vs Amazon (Season 2 - Episode 1)

Two survivalists journey to the most hostile environment on the planet to take on the Amazon without modern conveniences or clothing. Battling piranhas, jaguars and mosquitoes, can they survive the unsurvivable?

The episode was rated 8.04 from 341 votes.

Naked and Afraid - S10E21

#2 - Feel The Burn (Season 10 - Episode 21)

Dropped into Guyana's scorching savannah, two Naked and Afraid superfans fight the oppressive heat and constant insect attacks. Scorching temperatures lead to severe dehydration and force a desperate fan to risk illness by drinking unsanitary fluids.

The episode was rated 8.00 from 18 votes.

Naked and Afraid - S11E15

#3 - In Too Deep (Season 11 - Episode 15)

On the edge of the Bermuda Triangle, an Army veteran dive master and a Cajun boat captain take on relentless thunderstorms and battle dehydration as they try navigate more than 20 miles of open ocean in the ultimate test of sink or swim.

The episode was rated 7.86 from 71 votes.

Naked and Afraid - S10E11

#4 - Stalked On All Sides (Season 10 - Episode 11)

Pinned down by Africa’s most dangerous threats elephants, hippos and lions, survivalists “Mama Kel” and Eric work together to avoid becoming prey and endure relentless storms, but a debilitating injury puts them both at risk.

The episode was rated 7.86 from 111 votes.

Naked and Afraid - S10E15

#5 - Don't Let the Jungle Bugs Bite (Season 10 - Episode 15)

Avoiding the dangers of a rushing river, two survivalists brave a vast cave system in the Colombian rainforest; trying to survive 21 days, the jungle tests them with threats including venomous fer-de-lance snakes, piranhas and biting insects.

The episode was rated 7.82 from 106 votes.

Naked and Afraid - S10E7

#6 - Stomping Grounds (Season 10 - Episode 7)

In South Africa’s Limpopo Basin, elite survivalists Matt Wright and Gary Golding must protect novice survivalists and super-fans attorney Molly Jansen and dog sledder Blair Braverman first as separate teams for 10 days then merging on Day 11 while dealing with spitting cobras, territorial elephants and a violent last-minute storm. Being unused to the unyielding heat, Blair was forced to tap out on Day 14.

The episode was rated 7.82 from 93 votes.

Naked and Afraid - S13E2

#7 - Two is a Crowd (Season 13 - Episode 2)

Survivalist Lynsey copes with her lone-wolf partner Darvil in South Africa.

The episode was rated 7.78 from 54 votes.

Naked and Afraid - S11E8

#8 - Alone: Survive or Ky Tryin (Season 11 - Episode 8)

The Amazon rainforest pushed All-star survivalist Ky to the edge with swarms of mosquitos, blood-thirsty piranhas, and aggressive pumas. Hunger and desperation lead to a risky night hunt in caiman-filled waters.

The episode was rated 7.74 from 70 votes.

Naked and Afraid - S13E1

#9 - Baskets and Bullet Ants (Season 13 - Episode 1)

All-stars Fernando and Dani land in a rainforest in Ecuador for their third challenge, where jaguars, caiman, anacondas and bullet ants are on the prowl; their divergent approaches to primitive survival might do them in.

The episode was rated 7.72 from 54 votes.

Naked and Afraid - S10E1

#10 - Naked Gets Weird (Season 10 - Episode 1)

Surviving 21 days Naked in the wilderness leads to weird and awkward moments. From bizarre pre-challenge prep and mortifying naked intros, to night-time cuddling gone wrong and learning wildlife bathroom routines the hard way, Naked and Afraid gets weird.

The episode was rated 7.72 from 200 votes.

Naked and Afraid - S12E6
#11 - A Tangled Web in Texas
Season 12 - Episode 6

Tarantulas and desert heat test an adventurer and archaeologist in Texas.

The episode was rated from 74 votes.
Naked and Afraid - S10E9
#12 - The Spirits Are Angry
Season 10 - Episode 9

A haunted Colombian rain forest punishes the survivalists with threats from deadly jaguars, 300 species of snakes and relentless biting insects. But their challenge is threatened when they don’t heed the curse of the jungle.

The episode was rated from 126 votes.
Naked and Afraid - S10E19
#13 - Stalked on the Savannah (1)
Season 10 - Episode 19

In a punishing Brazilian savannah, survivalists Wes and Jesse deal with searing heat as well as paralyzing wasps, aggressive bees, and poisonous rattlesnakes. But a territorial jaguar family circling their shelter may cost them the 21-day challenge.

The episode was rated from 50 votes.
Naked and Afraid - S3E1
#14 - Primal Fear
Season 3 - Episode 1

Mountain man Luke and homeschooling mom and triathlete Lindsey are dropped into the dry and thorny landscape of Africa’s Namibia. A lack of food, fire and the difficulty of navigating the thorny landscape threaten to keep the intrepid team from completing their 21-day survival challenge.

The episode was rated from 251 votes.
Naked and Afraid - S3E7
#15 - Himalayan Hell
Season 3 - Episode 7

Two more survivalists try to survive 21 days without food, clean water, and their clothes in the Himalayan foothills of northern India. In the face of severe dehydration, one survivalists' debilitating illness threatens to derail both their chances of success.

The episode was rated from 225 votes.
Naked and Afraid - S1E8
#16 - Double Jeopardy
Season 1 - Episode 8

Two pairs of strangers, dropped on opposite ends of the remote Panamanian rainforest, eventually meet and must work together to conquer the Everest of extreme survival challenges.

The episode was rated from 172 votes.
Naked and Afraid - S7E9
#17 - Curse of the Swamp (2)
Season 7 - Episode 9

Jeremy and Melanie continue their challenge in the haunted swamps of Louisiana, enduring threats from predators as they search for food.

The episode was rated from 255 votes.
Naked and Afraid - S10E6
#18 - Baked Alaskan
Season 10 - Episode 6

A deadly spider bite puts Gwen, an Alaskan homesteader at risk of tapping but she works with her partner to get her revenge, in the 130-degree heat of the Mexican jungle.

The episode was rated from 135 votes.
Naked and Afraid - S2E3
#19 - Paradise Lost
Season 2 - Episode 3

Two survivalists are dropped on a deserted Fijian island. They must battle the elements, as well as each others’ annoyances, as they try to survive 21 days together. With blistering heat, minimal water and scarce food, this will be no honeymoon.

The episode was rated from 258 votes.
Naked and Afraid - S9E11
#20 - Trouble in Paradise
Season 9 - Episode 11

Torrential downpours and brutal wind storms push two starving survivalists to their breaking points in the Honduran jungle.

The episode was rated from 129 votes.

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This show is starting to get on my nerves. They seem to be picking more attractive women and less qualified participants and it's becoming clear that this is more naked and starving than naked and afraid. Very few people on this show do anything more than wait out the 21 days.


Naked and Afraid is a surprisingly interesting survivalist show, where a man and woman try to survive in the wild for 21 days. And yes, they are naked... and blurry. While I like the show, it has some flaws. Naked and Afraid often turns out to be Naked and Starving, since 21 days with little or no food is doable. Another problem is that participants are allowed only one survival item each, but really there are three necessary items: a knife, a firestarter, and a pot. So, most pairs go with the knife and firestarter and just hope to find a pot substitute. It adds some spice when someone varies from this, but mother nature punished duct tape boy and magnifying glass girl for their innovations. There is survival information to be learned, but not a lot. You learn that drinking from questionable water sources is punishable by death (or close to it.) You learn that starting fires is a lot harder than it looks, especially in a wet environment. You see these things over and over, when it would be more enjoyable to keep learning new things. Perhaps the most important lesson is that there is just no way in hell you are going to survive in the wild with minimal tools, considering that some of these people have trained their whole lives for this and nearly all of them starved. The spin-off show, Naked and Afraid XL, fixes a lot of the flaws.


I'm soooo hungry...I think I will eat this mushroom....oh noooo I instantly regret that decision hahaha dummy


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