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10 Worst Episodes of One Piece

Years ago, the fearsome Pirate King, Gol D. Roger was executed leaving a huge pile of treasure and the famous "One Piece" behind. Whoever claims the "One Piece" will be named the new King of the Pirates.Monkey D. Luffy, a boy who consumed a "Devil Fruit," decides to follow in the footsteps of his idol, the pirate Shanks, and find the One Piece. It helps, of course, that his body has the properties of rubber and that he's surrounded by a bevy of skilled fighters and thieves to help him along the way.Luffy will do anything to get the One Piece and become King of the Pirates!

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One Piece - S13E25

#1 - Special Historical Arc - Boss Luffy Appears Again (Season 13 - Episode 25)

In Grand Jipang a race is about to be held where a team carries a portable shrine to the finish line. The prize isthe chance to see a legendary treasure that is said to grant wishes. The deziens of the Kazeguruma restaurant sign up, entrusting the craftsman Franky with the construction of their shrine. Usopp also fishes a talking, amnesiac skeleton named Brook from a river. However, the ghostly Thriller Company is working to sabotage the other race teams, and Brook leaves his new friends when he recovers his memories as a former member of the Company. Also this filler introduces a filler only character Omao, who works with Onami at her restaurant.

The episode was rated 6.16 from 69 votes.

One Piece - S20E881

#2 - Going into Action! The Implacable New Admiral of the Fleet - Sakazuki! (Season 20 - Episode 881)


At New Marineford, Sakazuki, the new Admiral of the Fleet, hears the news about Luffy and recalls the tumultuous Paramount War that haunts the Navy! That game-changing war has repercussions that last into the present!

The episode was rated 6.20 from 113 votes.

One Piece - S12E11

#3 - Chopperman Departs! Protect the TV Station by the Shore (Season 12 - Episode 11)

Chopperman and Namifia are low on money! Dr. Usodabada constructs a plan to bring down Chopperman while collecting fame for himself and a new crew to replace his nonhelpful duo—Sanjilops and Zorogilla. His plan—to take over the TV Station and televise his demands. Not that anyone really cares except Chopperman, who only wants to join for the rare Air Force C-Max Collectors item. After a wrestling match between the two, and even a mecha battle, the evil Doctor is defeated, and Chopperman reaches celebrity status!

The episode was rated 6.29 from 73 votes.

One Piece - S21E907

#4 - Romance Dawn (Season 21 - Episode 907)


An adaptation of the second Romance Dawn one-shot manga, a predecessor to One Piece. The pirate Luffy is sailing in a search of "Piece-mains", pirates that focus on adventure and attack the "Morganeer" pirates who plunder lawlessly, when a Ruku ("monster bird") named Balloon lands in his ship. Luffy hands Balloon over to the nearby sorcerer pirate Speil, but gets imprisoned on Spiel's ship after insulting him. Luffy is trapped with Anne, a close friend of Balloon who explains that Spiel is after his magic blood and has kidnapped her as bait. Luffy in turn mentions that he was inspired by his pirate grandfather, and as a child unknowingly ate the Gum-Gum Devil Fruit belonging to him. Luffy uses his rubber powers to break them both out but is uninteresting in saving Balloon. Spiel shoots Anne after discovering her unlocking Balloon's cage and attacks Luffy when insulted again. Losing the fight and having obtained the Ruku he was after, Spiel destroys his ship with his former crew still aboard and uses Balloon to escape. After Anne saves him from drowning, Luffy successfully fights Spiel and rescues Balloon.

The episode was rated 6.35 from 93 votes.

One Piece - S11E56

#5 - Separation Refines a Man! Sanji and Chopper (Season 11 - Episode 56)

The backstories of Sanji and Chopper are summarized.

The episode was rated 6.40 from 65 votes.

One Piece - S11E66

#6 - The Great Mochimaki Race to the Castle! Conspiracy of the Red Nose (Season 11 - Episode 66)


It is the seventh day of the new year in Grand Jipangu. Nami, Sanji, and Chopper are on their way to the shogun's castle, delivering a large quantity of rice cakes to be thrown from the castle. Most of the townspeople have gathered there, hoping to catch the one cake containing a precious jewel. Buggy and his henchmen have made several plans to seize the cakes, including the one with the jewel, before they reach their destination. Although his plans fail, Buggy manages to take Princess Vivi hostage. However, Detective Luffy shows up in time to thwart his efforts. In the end, the cakes are safe and everyone eats until they are satisfied.

The episode was rated 6.40 from 70 votes.

One Piece - S11E57

#7 - All for my Comrades' Sake! The Darkness Within Robin! (Season 11 - Episode 57)

The reasons for Nico Robin's recent actions as well as her backstory are summarized.

The episode was rated 6.47 from 73 votes.

One Piece - S14E11

#8 - The Strongest Tag-Team! Luffy and Toriko's Hard Struggle! (Season 14 - Episode 11)


After eating the Hungrila Bird that they captured, Luffy and Toriko team up again to save Nami and Komatsu who have been kidnapped by the Cocoalas.

The episode was rated 6.48 from 63 votes.

One Piece - S11E54

#9 - A Man's Way of Life! Zoro's Techniques, Usopp's Dream (Season 11 - Episode 54)

Zoro and Usopp's backstories are summarized.

The episode was rated 6.52 from 69 votes.

One Piece - S13E26

#10 - Special Historical Arc - Destroy! Thriller Company`s Trap (Season 13 - Episode 26)


Brook goes off to try to defeat the Thriller Company himself, but ends up their captive, but Luffy and Zoro rescue him. The next day is the day of the race, with the Kazagaruma restaurant competing against the Thriller Company. After an intense and destructive race, Kazagaruma emerges victorious, and get to see the legendary treasure: a golden pair of women's underwear.

The episode was rated 6.53 from 66 votes.

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