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Queer Eye

Queer Eye

Netflix 2018

An all-new “Fab Five” advise men on fashion, grooming, food, culture and design in this modern reboot of the Emmy Award-winning reality series.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Queer Eye

Queer Eye - S1E4

#1 - To Gay or Not Too Gay


Season 1 - Episode 4

An emotional makeover helps the self-proclaimed "Straightest Gay Guy in Atlanta" come out to his stepmother and make peace with his past.

The episode was rated from 211 votes.

Queer Eye - S3E3

#2 - Jones Bar-B-Q


Season 3 - Episode 3

They've built a business on slow-cooked barbecue -- and a secret sauce. Now these hardworking sisters are finally getting the break they deserve.

The episode was rated from 147 votes.

Queer Eye - S3E5

#3 - Black Girl Magic


Season 3 - Episode 5

A young lesbian struggling with her identity opens her heart to let people in, only to discover she's much stronger than she realized.

The episode was rated from 134 votes.

Queer Eye - S2E1

#4 - God Bless Gay


Season 2 - Episode 1

A devoutly religious woman with a gay son and a giving heart gets a new look - and a makeover for her church's new community center.

The episode was rated from 195 votes.

Queer Eye - S4E2

#5 - Disabled but Not Really


Season 4 - Episode 2

A former bad boy who turned his life around after becoming paralyzed gets a wheelchair-accessible home and a new image to match his positive outlook.

The episode was rated from 128 votes.

Queer Eye - S2E5
#6 - Sky's the Limit
Season 2 - Episode 5

The Fab Five help a transgender man who's recovering from top surgery throw a party to thank his friends who've shown unconditional love and support.

The episode was rated from 139 votes.
Queer Eye - S1E1
#7 - You Can't Fix Ugly
Season 1 - Episode 1

A lonely dump-truck driver with a big ol' heart goes from "ugly" to unbelievable and learns how to reverse years of bad habits.

The episode was rated from 273 votes.
Queer Eye - S2E2
#8 - A Decent Proposal
Season 2 - Episode 2

A scraggly film buff reboots his life - and his non-existent grooming habits - to give his girlfriend an award-worthy marriage proposal.

The episode was rated from 163 votes.
Queer Eye - S4E5
#9 - On Golden Kenny
Season 4 - Episode 5

The Fab Five help a kind but lonely bachelor find unconditional love and get his dusty home ready for visitors, the first guests he's had in years.

The episode was rated from 115 votes.
Queer Eye - S3E6
#10 - Elrod & Sons
Season 3 - Episode 6

A still-grieving single father whose wife died of cancer vows to honor her memory by moving forward with their two young sons.

The episode was rated from 117 votes.

Last updated: jan 24, 2022



This is an incredible show, not at all what I was expecting when I started watching it, I’d hoped for light entertainment and got a super fun but touching experience from watching it, and I learned a lot in the process, so not bad. I cried a little on the train while watching the fourth episode, so the guy next to me probably thought I was crazy, but who cares? It was worth it.


I really expected this show to be very superficial and makeovers focusing on looks alone but no, they actually seem to care about the person and they’re trying to make better people out of their „victims“ - really trying to help them love themselves more. Some of the hosts make me crazy but the stories and at the end happiness of their „clients“ make more than up for it.


I need a second season asap!


I actually had to pause near the very beginning of the first episode and look up whether this series is a parody. This is every cringe-worthy cliché having to do with gays, makeover shows and reality dramas thrown together. Awful.


I have actually fallen in love with this show and the fab 5. Besides giving amazing makeovers to not only their wardrobes, their haircuts and their homes, they also dig deeper into why someone isn't taking care of themselves and their lives. They care so much and boost every guy his confidence. A real feel good kind of show that get's pretty emotional almost every episode. I haven't watched the original, but will definitely be checking that out once I've finished this!


I love this show with all my heart, sometimes I wish the fab tive would come and change my life completely


This show is such a feel-good show full of body and mind positivity. There is a message of tolerance and of course lgbt topics but that's just because the guys stay true to themselves. Their raging self confidence is contagious and we all wish we could meet them and be pampered and coached to become our better self. Every episode is special and unique just as every person they take care of have their own problems and challenges. It made me regain faith in humanity.


I just love them so much! I thought it would be a superficial TV show but they really surprised me. they care so much about each one of those men, even them being straight... They're just looking for love and get life's better so you guys got my 10 stars


I love, love, LOVE Queer Eye! Didn't know what to expect, but never seen a transformation show this good, heartfelt, kind. The Fab 5 is wonderful, all of them excel in what they do, and they are just so lovely and seem so pure. Maybe it's only for the show, but I would like to think that they are indeed as wonderful personalities as they seem to be based on Queer Eye. And the show itself is very well-put-together, I often cry at the stories and transformations. Definitely 10/10 for me.

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