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10 Worst Episodes of Quincy, M.E.

Quincy, M.E, a man who must have been a nightmare to work with! Quincy was a crusading Medical Examiner in Los Angeles, an expert at his job he was always capable of finding something that everyone else missed. A small clue that would go against all the rest of the evidence in a case and would lead to him arguing with his boss, Asten, and/or the investigating detective, nearly always Monahan. Quincy started of as a straight forward crime series with a difference, it was a M.E. investigating not a police officer or private eye.As the series went from strength to strength the writers, probably with a little push from Klugman, started bringing in stories about social injustice rather than criminal. Most of the time this worked, in fact it is sometimes interesting to see that some of the things highlighted still have not changed even now! Sometimes it came over a little preachy but the show can never be faulted for trying to enlighten the eyes of its viewers.

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Quincy, M.E. - S3E12

#10 - Last of the Dinosaurs (Season 3 - Episode 12)

When Will Preston, a western movie star and one of Quincy's idols, is found dead Quincy clashes with Lt. Monahan over what really happened to cause his death.

The episode was rated 7.33 from 15 votes.

Quincy, M.E. - S4E17

#9 - Dark Angel (Season 4 - Episode 17)


Monaghan asks Quincy to push the autopsy of a young car thief to the top of his priority list. The boys' friend is claiming that a police officer chased him down and killed him after they were stopped in their stolen car. When the autopsy is completed it can only confirm that the boy, Billy Harris, died to a bone broken in his neck, and not how it could have occurred. This information is enough to get the press printing stories of police brutality and a Californians for Constitutional Rights lawyer rushing in to defend Billy's friend Steve.

The episode was rated 7.31 from 13 votes.

Quincy, M.E. - S2E11

#8 - Sullied Be Thy Name (Season 2 - Episode 11)

A well-known priest, who is running a crusade against pornography, is found dead in the room of a prostitute. She insists that he had a heart attack while she was 'with' him. Monahan cannot believe that Father Terrell would have betrayed his principles and wants Quincy to look very closely when he autopsies the body. Quincy finds some discrepancies and wants to do a more detailed investigation, starting with Carlo Dicassa, noted pornographer and enemy of the father.

The episode was rated 7.30 from 10 votes.

Quincy, M.E. - S2E12

#7 - Valleyview (Season 2 - Episode 12)


An old man dies in a sanatorium, Valleyview, seemingly of a coronary. His grandson doesn't think that he could have died that way and pays for the Medical Examiners office to do an autopsy. Quincy does the autopsy and tells David, the grandson, that there is nothing unusual about the death. All is done with until a young girl, Anne Freedman, dies at the sanatorium as well. Again the cause of death is not clear and Quincy begins to think that maybe someone is performing Γ’β‚¬Λœmercy killings' on patients that are in pain.

The episode was rated 7.23 from 13 votes.

Quincy, M.E. - S4E2

#6 - Speed Trap (Season 4 - Episode 2)

After a racing car accident proves fatal for a former Grand Prix driver, Quincy's autopsy brands the crash a possible homicide.

The episode was rated 7.20 from 10 votes.

Quincy, M.E. - S2E6

#5 - Hit and Run at Danny's (Season 2 - Episode 6)


Outside Danny's bar a man is the victim of a hit and run. The woman driving, or thought to be driving, the vehicle was Robbi Parker. She was a friend of Quincy's current girlfriend, Jenny. Danny wants Quincy's help because a new Californian law means that if he served Robbi drinks and allowed her to leave drunk he could be closed down. Quincy examines the body and finds out that Robbi had had extensive plastic surgery, it also seems as if she didn't exist up until four months ago!

The episode was rated 7.16 from 19 votes.

Quincy, M.E. - S4E1

#4 - The Last Six Hours (Season 4 - Episode 1)

Finally getting to spend a bit of leave time with his latest flame, Barbara, Quincy heads off away from Los Angeles. They nearly get run off the road and then witness an accident. Quincy then finds himself in a life or death race to isolate a mysterious poison, found in the woman's body, that has already claimed two lives

The episode was rated 7.14 from 14 votes.

Quincy, M.E. - S4E5

#3 - Images (Season 4 - Episode 5)


A fire in a small motel room causes the death of the single woman occupying it. The evidence shows that the identity of the woman is Jessica Ross, the country's top newswoman. As Quincy begins a press conference confirming her death Jessica walks in through the door, declaring that the rumours of her death are unfounded. Quincy and Asten are shocked but soon Quincy doesn't believe that this woman is Ross, and that his original findings were correct. He thinks that the body was Jessica ross and this woman is an imposter.

The episode was rated 7.09 from 11 votes.

Quincy, M.E. - S5E2

#2 - Dead Last (Season 5 - Episode 2)

Quincy and Danny go to the tack and, while there, see a horse go wild in the stables. The horse kills one of the jockeys but, after completing his autopsy, Quincy thinks that it wasn't an accident! That someone murdered the man and tried to make it look as if the horse killed him. The problem Quincy has though is to actually prove his theory, and not even the purchasing of some horse hooves and the unusual step of autopsying a horse can help him. Though Asten has fits about the cost of both these steps to find the truth!

The episode was rated 7.09 from 11 votes.

Quincy, M.E. - S4E12

#1 - A Small Circle of Friends (Season 4 - Episode 12)


A roundup of prostitutes follows the death of an athlete who contracted a drug-resistant strain of gonorrhea.

The episode was rated 7.08 from 12 votes.

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