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A small Norwegian town experiencing warm winters and violent downpours seems to be headed for another Ragnarök -- unless someone intervenes in time.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Ragnarok

Ragnarok - S2E1

#1 - Brothers in Arms


Season 2 - Episode 1

A battle ends with a bang — and an ominous promise of violence. After visiting another realm, Magne hunts for allies while Vidar marshals his forces.

The episode was rated from 35 votes.

Ragnarok - S1E6

#2 - Yes, We Love This Country


Season 1 - Episode 6

While attempting to expose the truth, Magne gets another shock. Hope seems lost, but have the Jutuls underestimated their foe — and the power of good?

The episode was rated from 364 votes.

Ragnarok - S1E4

#3 - Ginnungagap


Season 1 - Episode 4

A search for answers brings Magne back to a mysterious woman — and a meaningful mountain. Turid confronts Ran, and former BFFs Gry and Saxa get heated.

The episode was rated from 360 votes.

Ragnarok - S1E3

#4 - Jutulheim


Season 1 - Episode 3

The break-in confirms what Magne suspects: He must take matters into his own hands. After tying up loose ends, the Jutuls put the teen to the test.

The episode was rated from 359 votes.

Ragnarok - S2E4

#5 - God Is God, Though All Men Death Had Tasted


Season 2 - Episode 4

A patriarch passes — and a strange new creature is born. Magne tries to change, Laurits lashes out and Fjor charts a new path. Saxa and Iman step up.

The episode was rated from 8 votes.

Ragnarok - S1E5
#6 - Atomic Number 48
Season 1 - Episode 5

As Fjor holds Vidar back, Magne takes the blame, then tries a new tack. Threats abound, and the greatest is the explosive find that Isolde left behind.

The episode was rated from 354 votes.
#7 - What Happened to the Nice, Old Lady?
Season 2 - Episode 2

The truth hurts, and a fight for hearts and minds kicks off. Vidar gets under Magne's skin, Iman feels her power, and Laurits discovers his dark side.

The episode was rated from 16 votes.
Ragnarok - S1E2
#8 - 541 Meters
Season 1 - Episode 2

Magne and his classmates try to regroup after a tragic loss, while the police seem uninterested in getting to the truth. Gry stumbles on Vidar unmasked.

The episode was rated from 378 votes.
#9 - Power to the People
Season 2 - Episode 3

Edda rises: Magne confronts Ran, and Laurits proves a point. As protests gather momentum, a king walks again, and a master manipulator gets played.

The episode was rated from 12 votes.
#10 - All You Need Is Love
Season 2 - Episode 6

Desperate times fire up Magne and his crew as they go on a risky mission. The Jutuls face an unforeseen enemy while a formidable ancient force awakens.

The episode was rated from 5 votes.

Last updated: aug 04, 2021



Absolutely brilliant! Netflix trailer showed this spoken in Norwegian with subtitles, when in fact it’s actually dubbed. Which of course makes it more appealing to watch. The trailer was also poor, it really didn’t show a glimpse of how great the show was. I actually put it on by accident and truly glad it did. What a brilliant depiction of the myths. It’s a dark and down to earth show, with a great storyline which builds up with suspense. It’s very different to anything else and so well done. My only minor complaint is it’s not the best dubbing. Which slightly takes away from the enjoyment. But, I like Netflix because they do bring fantastic new series to our screens that are dubbed. Unfortunately, not many people want to watch a show with subtitles, which is fair as it’s difficult to concentrate on the show if you’re reading subtitles. Some shows are dubbed brilliantly and some not, but I don’t be put off by this. I think some of my favourite shows are dubbed; such as ‘Black Spot’, ‘Dark’ and ‘Kingdom’ to name a few. Really looking forward to the next season and more shows from other countries. Sadly only 6 episodes, I was really getting deeply involved. A huge thumbs up from me :)


I know the main character isn't smart. They beat you over the head with his learning disabilities and inability to connect with his peers. But do they need to make him a complete idiot? it's frustrating to watch everyone he trusts one by one betray him...yet he just goes ahead and continues trusting others not realizing they are all a part of the same system. it's frustrating to watch. How does he not see this stuff coming from a mile away? The show telegraph's almost every move. Zero surprises, zero twists. It's so predictable. Further, the other important characters are either good or evil. No real complexity you're clearly delineated in the colors of black or white. However, despite all these flaws, you root for the hero. Why? because the show works so hard at not giving you an option. There is no one else to have any sympathy for but the hapless, strong kid.


Really enjoyed this. Wasn't sure at first if it was just going to be another mediocre high school supernatural show but it was much more than that. Intelligent, thought provoking, well made, good performances. Only 6 episodes so easy to watch in one night.


It's not excellent, but fun to watch.


What did I think? ... Wow. I think i'm glad i came across this hidden gem that is, Ragnarok!


I watched the first couple episodes. I'm surprisingly actually enjoying it. I have to watch it with English subs unfortunately for me I don't understand Norwegian. So that personally takes away from the enjoyment of the show having to read everything. But I am trying to not let that be a factor in influencing if I like the show or not. I was expecting the show on first glance to be English, and was a bit disappointed it wasn't. However, I do think it has interesting potential as a series. As a story line its intriguing. In other words. I'm trying to give it a chance. I wonder if there is a dubbed version around. On a side note, the location it was filmed was absolutely stunning and beautiful. The whole climate spin on things turns me off, comes off a a bit preachy. But that's a personal reaction to it, trying not to let it affect my enjoyment of the series.


Great show based on the "Norse mythology" which discusses climate change and also environmental issue. Who doesnt want the mighty Thor fighting for our world environment? I dig that!! Show started off really well but last few episodes was draggy. I know this show was not meant to showcase good guys vs bad guys fighting scene, but some addition to each episode would have made this very interesting.. And I was dissapointed to only see the God of Thunder use his lightning once! 7/10

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