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Reservation Dogs

Reservation Dogs

Hulu 2021

This comedy follows the exploits of four Indigenous teenagers in rural Oklahoma who steal, rob and save in order to get to the exotic, mysterious and faraway land of California.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Reservation Dogs

Reservation Dogs - S1E7

#1 - California Dreamin'


Season 1 - Episode 7

Elora Danan takes her driver's test.

The episode was rated from 252 votes.

Reservation Dogs - S1E3

#2 - Uncle Brownie


Season 1 - Episode 3

With a new rivalry crew threatening the Rez Dogs, Elora seeks out her Uncle to help them learn how to fight.

The episode was rated from 313 votes.

Reservation Dogs - S1E8

#3 - Satvrday


Season 1 - Episode 8

The Reservation Dogs try their hand at being vigilantes as a tornado rolls into town.

The episode was rated from 239 votes.

Reservation Dogs - S1E5

#4 - Come and Get Your Love


Season 1 - Episode 5

Cheese goes on a ride along with Big.

The episode was rated from 258 votes.

Reservation Dogs - S1E6

#5 - Hunting


Season 1 - Episode 6

Willie Jack and Leon go hunting.

The episode was rated from 244 votes.

Reservation Dogs - S1E2

#6 - NDN Clinic


Season 1 - Episode 2

A new crew threatens the Reservation Dogs while they try and make some money selling meat pies outside the local IHS Clinic.

The episode was rated from 339 votes.

Reservation Dogs - S1E4

#7 - What About Your Dad


Season 1 - Episode 4

The town prepares for Bear's rapper father to come to town and perform at the local IHS conference.

The episode was rated from 271 votes.

Reservation Dogs - S1E1

#8 - F*ckin' Rez Dogs


Season 1 - Episode 1

One year after the death of their friend, four Native teens commit crimes to fund their efforts to leave their home in rural Oklahoma.

The episode was rated from 444 votes.

Last updated: may 22, 2022



SURPRISINGLY *WAY* BETTER THAN WHAT I EXPECTED! So damn good that I feel the episodes are too damn short (around 25 min)! I might wait for the entire season to come out and then binge-watch the whole thing!


In case you were wondering if this is an accurate portrayal of what it's like to live on or close to the rez...We live on the Nisqually... they are nailing their roles lol


From the beginning, the show marks its own style with an intelligent and acid sense of humor. These small stories that are carried out by the main characters, with their own entity, build a vision of race and tradition through a new generation that has been raised with white popular culture, as the reference to Tarantino shows. But above all it's full of unforgettable characters (Uncle Brownie, Big or Spirit).


I appreciate the look into an underrepresented minority. Great characters, so well defined, but perhaps a bit short on the comedy department or too subtle at times for certain tastes. It brought be back to Atlanta and how necessary shows like these are.


This season I've thought more and more about what makes a television series become part of the fabric of frequent conversations. Why do some which become a part of the zeitgeist fail to work for me? And why do some series that hit for me not get noticed by SAG-AFTRA. I’m talking about the series Reservation Dogs on FX. Many in entertainment acknowledged the excellence of this series, just not the SAG-AFTRA nominating committee. The show captured my heart, my imagination, had me bent over laughing, and awash with tears. Created by Sterlin Harjo and Taika Waititi, the series centers around four indigenous teens who are living on a Reservation in Oklahoma - Elora (Devery Jacobs), Bear (D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai), Cheese (Lane Factor), and Willie Jack (Paulina Alexis). We follow the kids as they face adversaries and attempt to save money for their exodus to California. The audience quickly realizes these teens are confounded by the grief from the death of a friend. Illustration of an image still of Reservation Dogs on FX. Four indigenous teens walking in suits. Illustration by Andrea Izzy Anthony of an image still of Reservation Dogs on FX. Four indigenous teens walking in suits. In star-turns, each of these actors breathes heart, authenticity, and comedy into their roles. The episodes explore group dynamics and individual challenges, giving the performers the opportunity to showcase their skills in nuanced storytelling. Notable for many reasons, Reservation Dogs is the first series entirely filmed in Oklahoma. The hour-long dramedy boasts a creative team of all indigenous writers and directors, and an almost all Indigenous North American cast and crew. The exceptional acting carries through to the series and supporting cast with memorable performances from prolific actors like Gary Farmer and Zahn McClarnon. The comedic chops on Dallas Goldtooth as Spirit have infiltrated my psyche. (Gary Farmer and Jana Schmiedling can also be seen on Peacock’s Rutherford Falls.) Bouts of fantasy heighten the comedy in the series, but with each adventure, the audience comes to feel the weight and challenges of the choices in front of these characters. How Reservations Dogs on FX could fail mention at the SAG-AFTRA Awards remains a frustration to me. Ensemble award! Let's chant it here! Ensemble award. Perhaps the “dramedy” genre confused the nominating committee or the length? Should it have competed against the one-hour dramas? Should it have competed against the mostly half-hour comedies? Well, The Great, snuck in a nomination, clocking in at over fifty minutes an episode, so, it can't be about the length. Looking at the list of nominees, I can certainly find room for Reservations Dogs in either category. The supreme excellence of all the work, the writers, the directors, the cast, the crew, makes me, a television fanatic, demand we give it all the awards. I'm not alone in believing this production deserves. Read at the bottom the awards this debut season amassed. But SAG-AFTRA missed the mark. Confession, I feel this way after seeing any movie by Taika Waititi, too. But it really seems a perfect fit for Sterlin Harjo to team up with Taika Waititi. Like Harjo’s Reservation Dogs, Waititi's most moving work examines the edge of adolescence, barreling into a teenage loss of innocence, without losing that sense of awe. I can’t give it any awards except an illustration of adoration. But this series deserved two. Can’t leave Dallas Goldtooth’s Spirit out of the fun. Illustration by Andrea Izzy Anthony of Dallas Goldtooth on horseback as Spirit on Reservation Dogs on FX. AFI Awards, USA Won, AFI Award TV Program of the Year Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards Nominated, Critics Choice Award Best Comedy Series Film Independent Spirit Awards Won, Independent Spirit Award Best Ensemble Cast in a New Scripted Series D'Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai, Devery Jacobs, Zahn McClarnon, Funny Bone, Lil Mike, Lane Factor, Sarah Podemski, Paulina Alexis Nominated, Independent Spirit Award Best New Scripted Series Sterlin Harjo, Garrett Basch, Taika Waititi 2022 Golden Globes, USA Nominated, Golden Globe Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy 2022 Writers Guild of America, USA Nominated, WGA Award (TV) New Series Sterlin Harjo, Tazbah Chavez, Migizi Pensoneau, Bobby Wilson, Sydney Freeland, Tommy Pico, Taika Waititi Nominated, WGA Award (TV) Episodic Comedy Sterlin Harjo, Taika Waititi For episode "F*ckin' Rez Dogs (2021)". 2021 Gotham Awards Nominated, Gotham Independent Film Award Outstanding Performance in a New Series Devery Jacobs Won, Gotham Independent Film Award Breakthrough Series - Shortform Sterlin Harjo, Garrett Basch, Taika Waititi #ReservationDogs, #FX, #DallasGoldtooth, #DeveryJacobs, #Sterlin Harjo, #TaikaWaititi, #D'PharoaohWoon-A-Tai, #LaneFactor, #PaulinaAlexis, #GaryFarmer, #ZahnMcClarnon, #JanaSchmiedling, #SAG-AFTRA, #dramedy, #comedy, #Television, #TV Series, #CharacterStudy, #entertainmentindustry Original post: https://aweinmotion.com/blog/2022/1/26/character-study-reservation-dogs-fx-dallas-goldtooth-devery-jacobs-dphaorah-woon-a-tai-lane-factor-paulina-alexis-and-the-whole-darned-cast-crew-and-creative-team

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